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2010 Boone Glo Sticks


Pros: Amazing, unique flex. Versatile, Fun.

Cons: Could use early tapered tips and tails in some situations

Most fun I've ever had on a pair of skis.  These things kill the powder.  Light and maneuverable due to the bamboo core and rockered shape.  Smears turns better than any other rockered ski I've been on, yet somehow is able to hold its own on groomers and in the park.  I don't have any problems releasing the tails (or tips if riding switch) in powder, but some people have mentioned that they would like the shape a little more if there was some early taper.  This ski could pretty easily turn into my daily driver, the more I ski it the more I feel like I can do on it.

2010 Boone Glo Sticks

Purebred Powder Ski. SHAPE Rockered Powder Ski AVAILABLE LENGTHS 185cm TIP/WAIST/TAIL 140/118/138 ROCKER 25cm nose/22cm tail CONSTRUCTION Sandwich Super Lightweight Sandwich Construction Technology: Layer 1: High Density PBT with Ultra Print Graphics. Layer 2: Triaxial fiberglass Layer 3: Core: Eco-friendly bamboo/poplar vertical laminates for a damp yet responsive flex. Layer 4: Triaxial fiberglass Layer 5: 360 wrap steel edge with Rockwell 48 edges Layer 6. Epoxy Resin Layer 7. Extruded/Sintered P-Tex 4400

Core MaterialWe build our skis in small quantities and use bamboo as our core material. Bamboo is great, its nature’s carbon fiber! We use bamboo because it is: * Incredibly light * Extremely strong and durable * A green building material * Amazing flex pattern for ski applications
Additional InfoBoone is an independent ski company. We are dedicated to producing high performance skis that our customers love to ride - while remaining focused on our core values of service, quality, and creativity.
Model Year2010 mid-season release
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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Deep Snow & Powder Skis › 2010 Boone Glo Sticks