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2010 Blizzard Magnum 8.1 IQ Max Ski


Pros: Lively, aggressive, with a lot of spring in the tail

Cons: Nothing

Great ski if you like a lively, aggressive, active ski.

The tail has a lot of spring to it and pops you up out of turns.

It's my favorite ski that I've ever owned.

Some may find it too nimble if they prefer a damp, rail-riding ski. But the maneuverability of the ski is awesome and makes for a lot of rewarding turns down the mountain.


If you want more power and stability go to the 88 Magnum.

I liked both of them but felt the liveliness of the 81 was more energetic and engaging all day.

This ski fits my skiing style perfectly, like no other ski has.


Pros: Stability, Great 1-ski quiver, Good for most any conditions, nice graphics!

Cons: None really, maybe a little pricey, but worth it.

I spent a full day on the 2010 Blizzard 8.1 Magnum IQ Max as well as a full day on 2010 Dynastar Legend Sultan 80, 172 cm. Both have similar dimensions, and to me, feel very similar even though they have different construction.  These were my favorite 2 skis that I tried at a local demo day along with several others, and thanks to the local Blizzard and Dynastar factory reps, had the privilege to spend an additional  full day on each of these skis. It was late season spring conditions, very soft, when I tried these skis.  I absolutely loved both of these skis and found them to definitely improve my performance. Unlike many people reviewing the new skis, whether in magazines or blogs, I'm unfortunately not a level 9 skier. I'm 46, and I skied 30 days this past season - that's twice as much as the total days I've skied in the past 45 years.  For someone who is a solid intermediate, but desperately wanting to be considered 'expert' (if only in my mind), I found both of these skis to be very stable, easy to engage, and frankly, quite forgiving. The Legends were a little softer, and slightly more forgiving.  I felt as if I could drive these from the back seat or sitting on the hood. The Magnums were also forgiving, and I felt  - a little more 'precise'.  In the bumps I felt that I could place these skis on edge, precisely where I wanted to.  Both have great stability at speed, and compared to my 'intermediate' level crap skis, I found myself comfortable skiing twice as fast as I normally did - still not fast compared to you level 9's out there. I would strongly recommend either of these skis to an intermediate skier looking for game improvement. I'm planning to plunk down the cash to buy a pair for this next season - most likely I'll get the Blizzard 8.1's, but would be happy with either. Neither of these skis are 'inexpensive'. For someone like me to release my death grip on my hard earned cash - says something about these skis - they're definitely worth the price.  They'll improve your performance and help you enjoy your days on the mountain much more. And this is from someone so cheap that I'll drive 200 miles (and spend $25 in gas) just to save $5 on a purchase. Who knows, by this time next year on these new skis, maybe I can believe that I can be an 'expert' skier.

2010 Blizzard Magnum 8.1 IQ Max Ski

Description by Dawgcatching: This will be a big winner for those looking for a powerhouse frontside carver with zero speed limit, and a bit of versatility. Not the last word in off-piste performance, but OK if you venture off the groomed, and a true thoroughbred on hard snow and groomers. As thrilling of a ski as I have tried in this width. I do think that more of the race-carver style ski does hook up a little quicker, but this is every bit as powerful once on edge, and stable, as the Blizzard GSR IQ. You may notice the narrower skis have the edge on really bulletproof Eastern ice, but for out West, a skier would be wanting very little if they had one of these in their quiver. I do think that some of the race carvers (like a Progressor 9+ or GSR IQ, Elan Waveflex GSX) do give you a bit more GS-like ride; whereas this one is a bit snappier, more carver-like feel to it. This is a really, really exciting ski that will put grins on alot of faces.

Lengths158, 165, 172, 179
Turn Radius17m on the 172 cm.
Core Material
Binding System
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Additional Info
Model Year2010
Binding Included
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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