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2010 Blizzard Answer IQ-Max Ski w/ Slider Plate

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #37 in Freeride Skis


Pros: Flexible binding system, good edging when tipped, good in trees

Cons: Heavy, difficult to find right fore/aft position, tend to get knocked around in cut-up

Thanks to SierraJim, I demoed these skis (184cm, not 191) in early March 2010.  Day 1 was an afternoon hour in the snain at Alpine Meadows; Day 2 was a powder morning (yay!) at Northstar (sigh...).

My current quiver (fat to skinny): 195 Praxis Powder/Mojo 15; 190 Moment Ruby (2008-09)/Tyrolia d10 FF17; 188 PM Gear Bro midsoft blem/Dukes; 186 Fischer Big Stix 84/Tyrolia d10 FF17; 176 Fischer AMC79/FX12 Railflex; 194 Stockli Stormrider XL/912 Poweraxe.

Similar skis skied:  180-something Icelantic Shaman; 186 Moment Comi.

My first impression is that I don't know whether it's the skis or the Look PX demos mounted on them, but damn, these are heavy.  Getting them out on snow, the swing weight seemed pretty hefty, so I'm pretty sure it's not just the bindings.  They felt significantly more unwieldy and less willing to turn than my Praxis -- and despite the tip rocker on the Answer, more than my Rubies.

Taking them out, I noticed that they edge quite well when tipped -- not quite racer angles, but more technical input than, e.g., the Rubies.  Surprisingly easy to get around on groomers for a rockered ski with a 155mm tip.  But of course, that's not the reason you buy a rockered ski with a 155mm tip.

In uncut stuff, they were a joy -- particularly once I moved the mount back an inch.  Before that, I noticed my quads cramping as I settled into the back seat.  The rocker isn't huge, but the fact that it's tip only left me feeling unstable at the suggested mount.  I never completely felt like I got the mount point dialed, though, and it might be a ski that rewards changes in technique.  (To be fair, I spent my first day on the Praxis in the backseat too, so it may be more a question of pilot error and trust.)

On a busy Saturday at Northstar, though, the uncut stuff lasts about an hour if you're looking in the right place.  In the cut-up that follows, I got bounced around far less than with any ski with a similar tip width I've skied (Shamans and Comis).  But I still felt far less stable than on either my reverse/reverse Praxis or my conventional but wide Rubies.  It may be a personal preference issue, but I think 140mm is about as wide as I like in the tip.

So what did I like?  The powder performance was quite good, as was groomer performance.  The in-between was the problem.  And they were heavy enough that I wouldn't have wanted to hike ridges with them on my shoulder.  For the right skier at the right hill, they might indeed be The Answer.  I guess I just ask a different question.


Pros: Float, stability at speed, versatility

Cons: I don't have more days to ski on it

The best ski in my quiver.  I would not be hesitant to travel with it as my only ski if need be.  Great in pow and chop snow, edgy for its width, stable, surprisingly maneuverable, and a great binding system option.  My previous ski in this category was the Volkl Sanouk.  This beats in almost every category and that was one of my favorites of all time.  Highly recommended.  
2010 Blizzard Answer IQ-Max Ski w/ Slider Plate

The Blizzard Answer IQ-Max is your one-ski, multiple-binding solution to the backcountry/frontside dilemma. The ski itself is a twinned-up, 110mm-waisted, sandwich-sidewall missile with titanium layered into the core, ready to tackle anything from blower pow to booters and late-season leg-breaker mank. IQ Slider technology allows you to mount any binding on the included plate, then switch it out for a touring binding (extra Slider Plates sold separately, not included) without needing a second pair of skis. If you tour out West where the hills are big, and you can't afford a full second setup, the Answer is...well, the Answer.Product FeaturesLengths: 177cm, 184cm, 191cmDimensions: 135 / 110 / 125mm Turn Radius: [184cm] 28mConstruction: Vertical Sidewall, Sandwich LaminateCore Material: Wood, TitaniumTail: TwinBinding System: IQ Rail System Binding Included: NO, Slider Plate includedRecommended Use: Big mountain, powder, advanced to expertManufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

ColorOne Color
List Price$799.00
Product GroupSports
TitleBlizzard Answer IQ-Max Ski w/ Slider Plate One Color, 191cm
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