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2009 Volkl Unlimited AC20 Ski


Pros: LIght fun and compliant

Cons: Hope you like gray

Skied them in a 170cm earlier this season,typical eastern day ,frozen hard pack early and softening conditions by noon.  Having skied the AC50 and AC30 earlier I wasn't sure what to expect. The AC20 is a softer flexing ski which made it easier to ski a variety of turn shapes.(the other skis add metal to their construction and made short turns less fun than big sweeping arcs) While still suited for harder snow carving,you can slide the edges around with a little more effort but that's not what this ski is about. I was not a big fan of any of this series but if I was forced to ski it I'd ski this one.  A fairly generic and bland top sheet keeps these from attracting a lot of attention.  I'm not sure what Volkl bills the ski as (probably an intermediate ski) but it's suitable for all the frontside carving you want to do on the groomers and offered a little pop in the terrain park.  I didn't ski any soft snow with it but I can't imagine this is a good choice for powder ,but it handled the beat up crud in the afternoon about like you'd expect from a ski with this waist. On edge it's at it's best but you can push it too hard and wash it out but it's at a surprising fast pace.  


Pros: They worked

Cons: I don't know if I'm good enough

Ok, I own the ac 20, 2007/2008 (red) version of these skis.  Size 177.  I weigh 220 lbs and am 5'11'.  I've been skiing less that 20 days in my life.  15 days before age 10.  2 days before age 24.  Now I'm 33 years old and haven't skied in over 10 years.

The verdict is good, on these skis.  I went to lake tahoe and skied, alpine, homewood, and sierra at tahoe.  I'm a horrible beginner when it comes to carving, but I downloaded a bunch of videos and walked around in my ski boots to get them broken in and the whole deal, I really gave it my all as far as preparation.

Anyway, these skis have a bigger radius and that means that you are going to be pointing down the mountain at full speed longer than you are comfortable with at least for a horrible novice like myself.  Having said that I started to get the hang of these skis by about the 3rd day. 

Larger radus is good because the skis don't catch an edge and cross under each other or take off out from under you.  I tried some atomic skis 168 cm for a day, and I have to say I like my skis better, they felt more stable.

I hope to continue to grow into these skis.


Pros: Great Edge grip, stable

Cons: none so far but see full review

It has been a great ski for the snow and hill conditions in Michigan which is what I bought it for.  They do what I tell them and no surprises.  I haven't had them on a big mountain out west yet so I can not really say for sure how they would handle the powder, off piste, or speed of bigger hills.  Don't really get much of any of that in MI.  Great value for what I paid and no regrets.

2009 Volkl Unlimited AC20 Ski

The AC20 is Völkl's all-conditions system for intermediate to advanced skiers who want something that won't become outdated as they improve, thanks to its full Sensorwood core and 3Motion binding system.

Turn RadiusVaries, 170 lenth = 16.1
Core MaterialWood
Binding SystemMarker Motion 11.0 TC
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Additional Info
Model Year
Binding Type
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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