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2009 Volkl Unlimited AC 30 Ski Reviews


All mountain? yes


Pros: bites in and holds

Cons: not much pop out of the turn

Me: 51, 5'-3", 140 pounds. Skiing since late teens, ex-instructor (certified), never raced. Can ski anywhere and have (almost), but now I mostly ski locally in the PNW with my kids. I've skied almost exclusively on racing slalom skis since the late 80's and bought these AC30's because I don't want to be "on" the skis all day anymore.The skis: 163 cm, Marker IPT 12 pistons, mounted 1/2 cm forward. Skied one day so far.On groomers: I was surpised at the amazing edge grip of these all mountain skis - can almost keep up with any slalom race ski on that point, though they did chatter once on a steeper icy run - my fault needing to get used to these skis? I thought they were a little hooky,...
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Cons: NONE

I purchased these to compliment my Line Prophet 100. I have skied for 20 years, 6'1". 210,55years old. Advanced level. I use these for the groomer days here in W. Wa. They excel as an all mountain carver. Very lively with great feedback. Nice pop out of medium and short turns. Busts crud like nobodies business. I was skiing on Atomic Nomad Crimson TI for most of the season, but found them boring compared to the Prophets.The Ac30 has taken care of that. Just as much fun as the Prophet that I take out on the fresh powder days. I am skiing the 177cm,2009/2010 wIPt wde binding 4/12. This ski put a grin on my face the first time we went out on a groomer day. I ski at least 30 times a season....
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Dreaming of the trees


Pros: does everything very well

Cons: this is a joke, correct?

First some information about the reviewer: 61 years old, 5'10", 155 lbs. Aggressive level 9/10 skier. Proud to say a Sugarloafer! Also a very active cyclist, both road and mountain. Not so active for skiing since 2006. I seemed to have lost my passion. I had also suffered a bad accident in Rock Springs Bowl/ Jackson (2000), broken back and 6 levels of fusion. A greed fall for sure, just couldn't say when, I had to have the last snowflake. Back on skis the same year but now I just prefer the bikes.  I had been on Volkl CrossRangers/195 since 1999. The Crossrangers did everything well. They always inspired confidence. Fast forward to the last week of January 2010. I had rediscovered skiing,...
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Great all mountain ski


Pros: Great carvers

Cons: Not for powder

 This ski is a great grommer ski.  As a 54 year old 6' 3" 250 lb. skier who has been skiing for 42 years, I have given up everything except bombing groomers.  I have given up breaking bones and dislocating joints.  I thoroughly enjoy a fast run down a well groomed rolling slope, so my review is purely geared toward that type of skiing.  This ski never becomes unstable, and is yet very nimble in either long or short radius turns.  The bindings have enough lift to end my problem of booting out while really leaning into the turn.

Love the AC30


Pros: Smooth, stable ski, exudes confidence

Cons: None found yet

I am definitely not an "expert" ski reviewer, but can relate my personal experience, which may benefit someone at some point.My "resume" (not too short and sweet)Learned to ski at 15ish in California (Dodge Ridge), continued skiing at Bear Valley, Kirkwood, and Alpine Meadows until I joined the Army at age 19. I was, in my opinion a decent advanced intermediate skier by this point. I could hit the Black D's, but always felt they were the dominate ones of that relationship.  Definitely was in control of the Blues.  Fast Forward to this year...I live in Virginia and decided it had been too long (about 20 years) since I skied.  First day out (Wintergreen) I felt like kicking myself because I...
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These things can rip


Pros: Speed, stability, carving, edge hold

Cons: Not as agile in bumps or glades, bit heavy

I'm 6'1" 190, and like to go fast, these do the job well on wide open, groomed blue runs.  I purchased them on tramdock few years ago and have been using them ever since.  They are my go-to ski for carving and destroy crud like a tank but are not as light and playful as I prefer for trees or glades since they are on the heavy side.
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