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2009 Volkl The Grizzly Ski w/ Motion iPT Wide Ride 14.0 Binding


Pros: Versatile, grippy

Cons: Heavy

I bought a pair second hand to replace my volant powerkarve Ti's
I am 1.80 95kg 177grizzly
After a week the conlusions are...

The powerswitch works, the ski behaves different when you use it and in power it is stiff, real stiff.
It is wide, it is heavy, it is a solid chunk under your feet, but somehow it is not difficult to ski it at all, takes some power and energy, but what you put in you get out. Good for short swings and long high speed carving. Never got them nervous on those speeds, like tracks.
Bumps are not there thing and mine neither, but never the less they behaved well.
On hard pack very very grippy...
Relative forgiving.

But the last day with lots of fresh snow they were showing what they can do even better, float and move ground...
Nice crudbusters too.

Compared to the 173 volants powerkarve ti
higher edge grip, higher top speed, better float.
But takes a bit more energy to ski.

Bottom line very nice ski and an addition to the volant if needed a replacement. 


Pros: Very stable , Fast , grip well

Cons: A little heavy in comparison to some skis .

I have read  a lot of reviews on the Volkl Griz...   .Most people probably won't believe me .But I've only been skiing for six weeks.  I'm 40 yrs old , 5'11'', 190lbs, very athletic. I learned to ski on the Volkl Griz 170cm ..Keep in mind . I grew up surfing, skateboarding half pipes and racing bicycles (BMX). I kept doing so through out my life . Until I moved to Colorado last year. .So,speed , balance and fear is nothing new to me .  Also keep in mind . I've been skiing three and four times a week for the past six weeks .


Now... you're probably wondering why would I buy a ski like the Griz. to learn on . Well , I got a good deal on them.... Brand new $550.00 out the door . .Plus I figured since I didn't know any better .Because I've never been on skis before . I wouldn't  notice any differences as well.


 Now ,since learning to ski . I've tried other skis and realize in retrospect. I could have made life a lot  easier on myself  .If I would have picked another ski . But I'm so use to the Griz  now, I keep going back to them . Because they are so fast and stable .


So for all of you out there saying/thinking they are to much ski for you ....I know I'm a newbie, and you may not want to take my advice .


But when you're flying down the side of a mountain ridi ng on top of the Griz. . Just relax ,don't hold back. Lean in on them  , once you do. You will enjoy the ride !!!!!


Have fun out there,






Pros: Stable in all conditions ability to change flex to suit conditions and stamina

Cons: Haven't found any yet

I've been reading some of the reviews on the Grizzly thought I'd add my comments. I'm 5'10'' 180 lbs 54 years male advanced/expert skiier. Ski mainly New Zealand North Island so lots of ice crud and spring snow...mainly heavyish powder occasionally decent but rarely over boot deep.

Last year I bought a pair of 170 cm Grizzlys for a modest price on EBay had been after AC50s bit these came up and with some reservations I went for them. I expected a bit of a stodgy ski but to my surprise they have been lively and fun very easy and quick to turn. Previous skis were Atomic M11B5 and Volkl Allstars. I got bored with the Allstars really enjoyed the Atomics but after skiing Japan wanted wider skis.

The powerswitch does work but not how I expected. I set it to the softest flex on a heavyish powder day and found the skiis to be overturning wanting to send me over the tips...changed them to stiff and they pop up out of the turns with gusto and wanting more please! Same in spring snow...so the more traction the stiffer I set them.

Then on an icy day I set them to stiff and I find them wanting to slide when I load them up in the turns... soften them up and they arc like on rails but lose a bit of pop....good also when getting tired later in the day.

I'm going up to Japan in Feb...expect the Grizzlys will go well in the broken snow and shallower pow...but I'd rather be on powder skis when it dumps. Planning on hiring some to try...been reading up on JJ's S7's Resize of Manganui Sunday 001.JPGand Billy Goats searching for a pow ski that might be versatile enough to have here in NZ...any comments people?


Pros: Incredibly powerful, loves to carve, great floatation

Cons: Heavy

6'2 230lbs

Update 9/4/2011:  Since writing the original review two years ago, I had an opportunity to rent the sister ski... Volkl AC50 / 177cm for 3 days of packed powder at Heavenly Valley.  The AC50s are more fun on front side groomers, the AC50s are better at initiating turns and were more lively than the Grizzlies. IMO they held an edge even better than the Griz and the AC50 seemed to have NO speed limit!   I didn't have an opportunity to ski the AC50s in deep powder or crud, so the Griz may still hold the edge there.  If I were to buy an all-mountain ski today, I'd lean towards the AC50.


Original review: "These skis (Grizzly) are the bomb.  If I had to ski one pair of skis for the rest of my life, the Grizzly would be my one-ski-quiver.  The Holy Grail of skis IMO.  These skis are just as at home skiing the front side as they are skiing powder and crud. 

This is my third pair of Volkls and the best.  A former racer, I love to ski variable conditions, steeps, hard pack, crud, even light windblown crust.  I used to think that the Atomic R:EX set the standard for powering through crud and variable conditions.  Not anymore.  The Grizzly is WAY more stable at speed.  The 177 has plenty of float in deep powder even for a big guy like me.  And on hardpack it holds an edge every bit as good as my Volkl Allstars (175), which I hardly ski anymore.  This is one beefy ski, very torsionally rigid.

I also considered the Mantras, although I can't compare them because I have yet to demo them. I chose the Grizzlies based on reviews,  because I believed that they would have better edge hold on hardpack, which I ski often.  They did not disappoint, although I am still looking forward to trying the Mantra one of these days, hopefully soon.  My friends swear by them.  I do think there would be considerable overlap if you owned both the Mantras and the Grizzlies.

I also have a pair of the original 190 Gotamas that I bought used and ski on big powder days, mostly in BC.  In crud, I am nearly as confident on the Grizzly as the Gotama, even in the shorter length.  It doesn't float like the Gotama, so it wouldn't be my choice for stomping big landings in deep powder.  The tips are comfortable spending time beneath the surface of deep powder, great for getting face shots, and they don't dive, even when applying a lot of forward pressure to the tips.  So when needed, you can take a very aggressive line with these skis in deep powder without the worry of picking up too much speed or going over the tips.. 

I skied the Grizzly in nearly 2' of powder at Copper Mountain (I know that sounds hard to believe because Summit County doesn't get very many big overnight dumps, but we really did have that much snow one time last year) and I could not make the tips dive.  Later in the day when skiing broken crud, the Grizzlies were just as comfortable bombing GS turns at 40mph.  I felt like Superman on skis!  So much fun.

I've read some reviews from folks that were intimidated by these skis.  My hunch is that they were skiing them too long for their body weight.  They are stiff skis, with real beefy wood cores, and lots of rebound energy.  So this might be too much for an intermediate skier especially if the skier is relatively light weight.  I was tempted to go with the 184s because of my body weight, but am very satisfied with the 177s.  If I were to buy another pair, I would get the 177s again.

If you are a strong skier, can put pressure on your tips and love to carve in all conditions, you will love these skis.


Pros: Incredible in the crud

Cons: Expensive

I demoed the Volkl Grizzly skis for a day at Squaw over the weekend and it was an interesting time.  As others have said, it's quite versatile, but also very intimidating.  I'm only an intermediate level skier and it was a bit too much for me handle.  It scared me early in the day and negatively affected my skiing for most of the day.


It does really start to shine once you get the speed up and I couldn't believe how well it handled in crud, but I found myself leaning back in fear far too often.  I just prefer something a bit less agressive and less stiff.


The Power Switch definitely works, it noticably changed the stiffness of the ski for me.


If you have the skills (that I lack), it's probably worth trying.  If you're still learning, I'd suggest trying something else.

2009 Volkl The Grizzly Ski w/ Motion iPT Wide Ride 14.0 Binding

The Volkl Grizzly Alpine Ski uses Power Switch technology to let you manually alter the ski s flex to personalize your skiing experience. The rear adjustment dial allows you to switch between three positions that control the tension on dual carbon fiber rods encased inside full-length tubes in Volkl s Extended Double Grip construction. The result is a ski with three distinct flexes to choose from depending on the conditions and your skiing style. The Grizzly has 89mm underfoot to float through powder and plenty of side cut to carve up groomers. The large 131mm shovel busts through crud, while a thin layer of titanium helps this ski dampen vibrations at high speeds and on choppy snow. The included Motion iPT Wide Ride 14.0 Bindings improve power transmission by putting the ski/binding interface directly inside the ski and provides a wide platform for maximum edge control.

Lengths163cm, 170cm, 177cm, 184cm
Dimensions131 / 89 / 114mm
Turn Radius[163cm] 15.4m; [170cm] 17m; [177cm] 18.7m; [184cm] 20.3m
ConstructionExtended Double Grip
Core MaterialXTD Sensor Wood Core
Binding SystemMotion iPT Wide Ride 14.0 Binding
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseAdvanced – expert all mountain skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Binding
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: GRIZ, Color: Silver, Size: 163cmGRIZ-SLV-163821264353615
Style: GRIZ, Color: Silver, Size: 170cmGRIZ-SLV-170
Style: GRIZ, Color: Silver, Size: 177cmGRIZ-SLV-177821264353639
Style: GRIZ, Color: Silver, Size: 184cmGRIZ-SLV-184821264353646
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