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2009 Volkl Katana Ski


Pros: nice turn-ability, great crud-runner

Cons: zip, except the 186's would have been better

Free demo days on the Whitefish Mountain Resort (the Big Mountain to us locals) gave me an opportunity to check out the Volkl Katanas for the first time.  Checked out the 190's, and I'm 6'2", 200 pounder.  I've been reading reviews and doing the research, but nothing is like taking them for a drive.  Today was a particularily good day to really test them, as the conditions were dicey at best.  The rain that was falling as we were driving through town was of a concern, but as we ascended the mountain, it turned to snow..heavy, wet snow.  I slapped the Katanas on and jumped on The Glacier Chaser, chair 1.  The temp was about 25F at the summit, with 1" of fresh and snowing (icey, cornish snow).   Poached the North Bowl and found crud, a layer of ice about 5" down, and more crud.  The Katanas handled it with ease.  With these boards on your feet, you don't feel like you need to pick a line, just jump in and commit.  Blasting through the mashed potatoes, the skis make you feel invincible.  Tansitioning into the turn, I was totally surprised at the effortless turnability despite a 0 camber.  Later in the day, I found some untouched powder over off the East Rim, and this is where they really came out of their shell.  They floated and gave me a sensation of (almost) waterskiing on glass.  The only regret I have is that they didn't have any 186's available (they were checked out).  On the groomers, I was impressed with their ability to go edge to edge rather quickly for such wide boards.  I did not have the sensation of skiing on wide boards, they performed as if they were much narrower.  They hold a carve extremely well, and I was grinning from ear to ear.  I love the Katanas. Think I'll try them again tomorrow as it's snowing and we should have some pow to poach.

so last weekend I went to the Portland Skifever ski show and picked up a pair of 2008 volkl katanas for a very nice price.  I obviously havent had the opportunity to ski on them, so this review will be based solely on first impressions. 
The first thing you notice about the ski is the sick, already scratched topsheet.  Nothing too flashy or bright here, but it  looks really cool.  its also practical as well.  The topsheet is highly chip resistant as well as the sidewall.  The ski is made up of two sheets of metal sandwhiching a wood core, so they are very stiff for a twin tip, which really help with the all mountian versatility of the ski. 
The rooster tail is interresting and apparently help to launch the ski out of turns with more precision, so I am told.

So by looking at the stats for this ski, it should be an all mountian tank that can handle anything and everything in its path.  I really look forward to testing them out....early season FTW!


Pros: Could use it everyday if you had to

Cons: Recommended binding mount is too far back

Over the past few years I've been going wider so I bought this 08/09 model as my powder ski with the intention of making my Gotamas as my daily driver.  I bought the 183 cm length (I'm 6'1" 210 lbs) and was really amazed at how versatile the ski was.  The ski will ski everything soft and everything smooth, with only old hard bumps being a problem.  I was so impressed with it a bought the 190 length at the end of the season.  I also started researching binding placement (partly as a result of a great article here on Epicski) and even reached out to Volkl.  Even though this is a powder ski first and foremost, do not be afraid to mount your bindings ahead of the mid sole mark.  The Volkl product manager actually skis this ski 2.5 cm ahead.


Pros: powder, crud

Cons: a bit slow for carving

Got a couple feet of snow this past weekend at Squaw, and needed something a bit fatter to take advantage.  Demoed the Argos Blizzard (187cm) in the morning, and really didn't like them.  Couldn't keep them from sinking, and they were very unresponsive in the turns.


Then I went back to switch to the Katana, and I was blown away.  Obviously these were better suited for the powder, but I was shocked how well the turned in the crud and on the groomers.  I started with the 190s, which screamed down the moutnain, but were a bit tiring, and then switched to the 183s.  I'm 6'1'' 190lbs.

2009 Volkl Katana Ski

The Volkl Katana Alpine Ski gives expert skiers the power, flotation, and performance to slay the steepest powder lines on the planet. The Powder Channel Tail offers many of the advantages of a swallowtail ski (flotation and a powerful, centered stance) while still allowing you to land switch and power through variable conditions. Combine this with no camber, a slight rocker, and a huge platform, and you have a ski that will redefine how you ski the pow. Volkl gave this big-mountain powder specialist two sheets of titanium laminated to a full length wood core so the Katana satiates the most hard-charging rider out there.

Lengths176cm, 183cm, 190cm, 197cm
Dimensions141 / 111 / 131mm
Turn Radius[176cm] 22.8m; [183cm] 25.2m; [190cm] 27.6m; [197] 30.2m
ConstructionPower, titanium sheets
Core MaterialSensorwood
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseBig-mountain skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Recommended BindingNo
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: KTNA, Color: Green, Size: 190cmKTNA-GRN-190
Style: KTNA, Color: Green, Size: 183cmKTNA-GRN-183
Style: KTNA, Color: Green, Size: 197cmKTNA-GRN-197
Style: KTNA, Color: Green, Size: 176cmKTNA-GRN-176


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