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2009 Volkl Gotama Alpine Ski


Pros: Super Fun

Cons: Not hardly

This Buddha "Goat" is the funnest ski I ever owned.  I am an old "powder hound" from Jackson Hole days and specialized in off piste in search of fresh tracks, pow steep and the deep and found the ultimate bottomless many times with over 800 days on my belt.  This ski is so smooth in the powder, like silk, cushions very well and turns anytime you want them to with great accuracy in every carve pow or pack.  What I found to enjoy with them in the deep pow, you can let your upper body freely flex to the flow of the terrain in your turns and over rises and the skis keep their track on coarse and then when you need to tighten up your carve they coil right into place quickly and smoothly.  They have no unexpected faults, One describes this; "Definitely prefers a more advanced, highly angulated technique with constant pressure applied through the turn."  I would agree.  But this is how I trained to use skis and is what one needs to overcome as an all mountain expert skier anyway.  I got to ski up to my elbows in them in the Cali dump last week and they were so wonderfully perfect.  I just enjoy them tremendously.  I am sure there are other great skis some of you are on, but I love this pair and will keep them a long time.  Super fun skis.  They rip in trees!


Pros: Very versatile, maneuverable, easy to turn and forgiving. Great edge grip for a tanker.

Cons: Not quite as floaty as I'd like (requires too much rearward pressure to keep the tip from diving). Does not take well to sloppy technique.

Have skied these about 10 times (the 07/08 gold ones) several times in 2'+ of fresh snow and generally like them.  They handle a variety of turn radius's without much fuss (I ski Steamboat trees so they clearly can turn on a dime) and have enough stability for me when going faster/straighter through open crud areas.  They also maneuver through soft bumps (that be Mary Jane bumps) very well as long as you stay over the ski, angulate and drive them through each turn.


While definitely a very good deeper snow ski, they are not as floaty as the width might indicate (I find myself having to unweight the tips at times to get them from diving, though this is very subtle and only a problem in tight trees - hence my concern).  Also, while very forgiving, they are not necessarily willing to respond to all techniques.  Definitely prefers a more advanced, highly angulated technique (with constant pressure applied through the turn even in deep snow) vs. a more easy-going swiveling/smearing technique.  This could be due to the 176cm length under a 130lb skier (I'd recommend the 168cm size to someone less technicallly proficient), though I prefer the stability and float of this longer length and am willing to apply the technique it prefers.  OTOH the 176cm ski is actually only 171cm long and with it's upturned tail skis closer in length to many other high 160cm skis, so it is not a long ski.


Otherwise, nearly perfect as an in-bounds soft snow ski (deep powder noto really) with an uncanny ability to rail on groomers back to the lift (as long as the snow is soft). 


One of the best skis I have ever owned.


Rails everything on the mountain from hardpack to powder. An amazing all-mountain performer. Great 1 ski-quiver for the west-coaster. (I live on the east and because of its versatility, the Goat is becoming my #1ski in ALL conditions)


Go long and you won't regret it!!!!! I'm 185-190lbs and 6'2". Got the 183 first (HUGE MISTAKE) and later went back for a 190 (07/08) The gold's rock!!!


Durability of the topsheets is a problem on the 08/09's.


Pros: Very versitly ski, does everything well nothing exceptional. Great one ski quiver for west coast

Cons: Top sheets get beatup quick.

Have a bout 26 days on the Gotamas and they are my go to everyday ski.  I love the skis ability to ski most any condition.  They really handle the crud and softsnow conditions well as would be expected with a 105mm waist. 


I purchased these in a 190cm and got an incredible deal.  My only complaint so far with the ski has been the durability of the top sheets.  The top sheets are being cut up pretty bad by my edges and is coming off in strips.  This does not affect the performance of the ski.


I would highly recommend this ski as a one ski quiver.  There are better powder skis out there and better carving skis; however, this is a great ski that will do both well.  I have been able let these skis run and they handle high speed turns great, and they will let you slow it down and make the quick turns in the trees as well. 


Pros: Great float, carves nicely on soft groomers

Cons: its work on hard snow, not for tight moguls

This is really a great every day ski for people who ride out West.  I have the 183 and am 185 lbs.  I could've gone longer b/c it does ski short.  If you ski lots of soft snow and hit groomers of soft bumps on days when there's no freshies to be found...thes are the perfect ski.  I would probably use a wider ski for super deep days but these still do great.  I'm suprised at how nimble they are for a fairly wide ski. 


Pros: Good ski even by today's standards

Cons: cant think of any

Would take these over a variety of modern-day daily drivers, less chatter, light weight, and they rock the pow. Use them with dynafit FT12 as a touring, resort, etc.


Pros: 1st time on fat skis-I am totally impressed, what an unreal ski

Cons: Found them hard to manuever on ice ,they don't want to turn

I'm 57 yrs 6' 1" 230lbs, too old for cliff jumping but good for everything else. I have the 186s, these skis make skiing in crud and on groomed runs with at least an inch of snow an oldsters dream. This was a unbelievable year at whistler blackcomb for deep powder and these where the perfect skis for the steeps and 100's of acres of virgin terrain. The gotamas made me feel like I was in my twentys again. This is a very stable ski wether you are making jump turns off-piste or flying at top speed on the groomers. These are the best thing thats happened to my ski experience and have given me new life. I would also say to buy them long as they seem to ski shorter.

    One con I found was that they were hard on the legs skiing on hard packed ice as they did not want to turn. I think this was because there is not much ski in contact with the snow because of the rocker design. If I could find even 1 inch of snow in these conditions they kicked back into action nad were back carving. Overall I am totally impressed. My other skis are Salomon Enduros which I love also. The Gotamas are built for the deep powder and make it easier for the old body.


Pros: Confidence Inspiring Everywhere

Cons: No Minus'es

Porsche Nimbleness-Tank Force

Craziest sticks I have ever been on. They carve and float and blast through anything/everything.
Whether performing PSIA school skills, NSP toboggan in the bumps, skiing glades, crud, powder, ice, steeps, mixed condition moguls . . . they rock!!!

170 mounted +2 with Schizo's cranked +3 = +5; they are playful on the flat ski and glide over everything; minimal effort to bring on edge to edge and they track like the best of the metal skis.

At 190 pounds and pointing them straight, I could not get the forward mounted skis to chatter or misbehave. They eat everything in their path for breakfast and ask for more.

I have been skiing 43 years and love the craft and nuances of the sport. I have skied many fine boards, but have never, ever, had a pair like this before.

2009 Volkl Gotama Alpine Ski

Big-mountain pilgrims worship the Volkl Gotama Alpine Ski. This all-mountain plank's burly strength and float-anything size take powder skiers to a transcendent level of happiness. The Gotama Alpine Ski's multi-layer wood core puts a dense ash core in the binding area and uses flexy poplar in the rest of the ski so you get destroy-everything-in-your-path strength with sweet snap. The rounded tip and tail hold a hard line on packed conditions and float like a lotus blossom on the Ganges when you're riding in the powder. Strap into the Gotamas and take your park tricks to the rest of the mountain.

Lengths168cm, 176cm, 183cm, 190cm
Dimensions133 / 105 / 124mm
Turn Radius[168cm] 21.1m; [176cm] 23.5m; [183cm] 29.5m [190cm] 28.5m
ConstructionPower, tough box
Core MaterialMulti-layer wood
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseExpert, powder-oriented big-mountain freeride
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Recommended BindingNo
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: GTMA, Color: Black, Size: 168cmGTMA-BLK-168821264354841
Style: GTMA, Color: Black, Size: 176cmGTMA-BLK-176
Style: GTMA, Color: Black, Size: 183cmGTMA-BLK-183821264354803
Style: GTMA, Color: Black, Size: 190cmGTMA-BLK-190

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Length Radius Sidecut
168 21.1 133_105_124
176 23.5 133_105_124
183 25.9 133_105_124
190 28.5 133_105_124



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