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2009 Salomon Czar Ski Reviews


This ski rocks


Pros: Quick turning,, great float, real easy to adjust to from regular camber ski, not too much of a ski that it needs super deep powder

Cons: Does not come in longer lengths for those that might want to try a longer version. Not an all mountain type of ski if anyone seen it listed that way

I tried them as a demo several times this year at Jay Peak. The ski inspired confidence in powder and allowed turns of all sizes with ease. I was able to experience powder skiing at Jay like never before. Smearing and all other powder type manouveres happened naturally where other wide wasted skis required more experience that I did not have and work to accomplish. The ski has a fairly durable base as I ran over several rocks and stumps that left only light surface scratches. A great beginner to intermediate powder ski IMO. As for an expert powder ski I cannot comment since I am not an expert powder skier. I have not skied enough days in powder to be anything more than a strong...
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so so


Pros: effortless engaging turns

Cons: slow

 I tried the Czar on a spring-ish powder day.  They didn't want to go fast AT ALL.  They were way more comfortable in slow controlled turns, and wow were they comfortable making a lot of turns.  You can ski them aggressively as hell, so long as that means aggressively carving a lot of turns.   I felt they were very engaging in the end of the turn... forcing you to make a complete, controlled turn. I would not reccommend if you like to make McConkey (RIP) turns.  Obsethed is where its at for that style.

Czar should be a Big Mountain Category Ski

This review was initially to voice the same issue ski-ra wrote in his second paragraph. Now that the nomenclature of the Czar's category been fixed and I haven't skied it yet, I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it full points... perhaps even after I ski it. PS: The Edge Grip rating is not present while writing my review, a technical bug that's preventing me from giving the full five stars to everything.

What Category Should This Be In?


Pros: If people say the Gotamas are better why is next year's Gotama looking like this ski?

Cons: Hmm...makes me want to try this one!

Haven't skied it so my ratings are to be ignored (though there are very mixed posts on this forum so I thought 3 stars should do the job)...anyway: My review of this ski was solely to comment on the fact that it was Initially in the "All-mountain" category.  Then it got moved to "Powder" and now "Big Mountain".  With a rockered tip maybe it should be in "Powder", especially given Meh's review that it "sucked" on hard snow.  Dunno?  On another note, if rockering the tip is such a bad idea for a "Big Mountain" ski, why is the '10 Gotama doing it.  I definitely wanna see what this baby skis like vs. my Gotamas (which is actually a little too good on hard pack and therefore suffers a bit in...
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Wanna ride and ATV?


Pros: it's an ATV

Cons: None

Recently purchased skis. I've tested them in different skiing conditions incl deepest powder runs, shity slopes, tight rock and forest runs. They are amazing and you dont need to focus on the terrain you are piloting. You just get the speed and ride. 40m turn radius - BS.- only if you want it. You can make them do whatever you want in every place (even where you had to ski on one ski only coz it's damn tight). It's an ATV skis yet it might be useful to set the bindings to the progressive stance to make the riding even more comfortable when riding not in the powder.

the CZAR rocks


Pros: surfy, forgiving, charges in all conditions, wants to pop off everything

Cons: kind of heavy with all that wood but still skis light

 I have the 09 czars in 182, with Marker Dukes mounted .5 cm back from center. Initially i had problems with these skis as i was trying to ski them like a GS ski. With a turning radius of around 45m they definitely can fight you on the groomers if you're trying to turn the ski too far across the fall line. Then i found out that i could initiate turns with almost no effort just by gently tilting the skis from edge to edge... but enough for the hardpack side of things ( which i always use my Mantra 09's for anyways...) In soft snow, this ski is a total dream. It's a bouncy lively ride that makes you want to pop off of everything. The rocker and 111mm under foot combine for an effortless,...
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Can't look at my Skinny Skis any more


Pros: Super stable over hard crud at Hi speed!!!

Cons: none

Hi All:    I first tried these on a demo day on some work time off and just had to have them. They are simple fabulous, and now are my work ski of choice. In pow they are simply exceptional!!!    If I was to get picky carve turns on very steep hardpack is tougher but doing groomers and the usual blacks/double blacks with bumps come and go just like on my skinny stiff Atomics. Highly recommended


I've skied it on very hard snow.  It sucked on very hard snow.  Too much rocker to be comfortably used on boilerplate.  I suspect it sucks less when the snow is more like snow and less like sintered ice.
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