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2009 Rossignol Phantom SC97 Ski


Pros: stable at speed, carves on hardpack, serviceable in bumps

Cons: Dives in powder

I demo'd a pair in 178 cm for one day at Vail in January, '10.  Had two day old snow, groomed that gave way to hard pack as the day wore on, boot-top powdery crud off piste, and semi-hard bumps.  What I expected:  a fat board that washed out at speed and on hard pack, sluggish to turn but able to surf through crud and float on powder.  What I found:  a ski that was rock solid at speed and carved pretty well on the groomers and hard pack, not rails and not terribly quick, but stable.  They also worked okay in the bumps, quick enough, never a struggle.  Off piste however where I expected them to excel  they tended to plow rather than surf the crud and in softer powder in the trees they seemed to dive.  They are a stiff ski and that seemed to contribute to the tendency to dive.  I'd call them a reasonably good all-mountain ski except for powder days.

A couple of caveats:  I am 6'2", 200# and I skied them on tele gear.  It's possible they were too short for me which affected off piste performance.

2009 Rossignol Phantom SC97 Ski

Pining for the loss of your beloved Rossignol Bandit series? Look ahead to the Phantom SC 97 and weep no more. These stealthy black boards are the successors to the beloved B94-Quad and B100, but where the Bandits fell short, the Phantom shines. Specifically, there is more sidecut to play with, and a full wood core under your feet, making the SC 97 a dangerous weapon not only out-of-bounds, but a monster anywhere inside the ropes as well. It s snappy, tenacious, and versatile, with more of an all-mountain outlook than the point-it-and-pray Bandits, and a more accessible one-ski solution for a broader range of skiers. Don t think for a moment that makes it less of a ski remember there s no more B100, so this is the plank standing one rung below the Phantom SC 108, the ballistic missile that makes the Chugach Range pee its pants. In its biggest size, the SC 97 is plenty of ski for most people, maybe too much for some, and in the words of Arsenio Hall in Coming to America, it wants to tear you apart. And your friend too.

Lengths165cm, 178cm, 186cm
Dimensions130 / 97 / 115mm
Turn Radius[185cm] 23.4m
ConstructionTraditional sidewall, Minicap topsheet
Core MaterialTHC2 full wood core
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseAll-mountain, advanced to expert
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Binding
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: F9264, Size: 178cmF9264-1783607680863672
Style: F9264, Size: 186cmF9264-1853109880206049
Style: F9264, Size: 165cmF9264-165
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Freeride Skis › 2009 Rossignol Phantom SC97 Ski