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2009 Rossignol Classic CX80 Ski


Pros: Edgehold, stability, speed, versatility, ability to smooth out rough terrain

Cons: Bumps are terrible, nose dives in powder, mounting point needs to be moved back

I skied both the 170 and 180 lengths at Holimont this year on a day that had about 4 inches of fresh snow over a firm groomed surface.


This is a pretty hot ski. It skis like a stiff GS ski. The shovel stiffness is immediately noticable. I started out on the 170 and found it to be too short for variable snow and the mounting point is way too far forward (typical of Rossignol). If you don't ski in the backseat (rare for most non-racers) I'd recommend trying out a rear-ward mounting point. I didn't like the 170 because of this. I couldn't ski it with my hips foward and still be on the sweetspot of the ski. When I switched to the 180 I moved the mounting point back 1cm and whoa, what a difference. The ski immediately felt like a wide, stiff GS race ski. They are unshakable at speed, have raceski-like edgehold, and are a nearly perfect radius for all-mountain skiing.


The tails are way too aggressive and the tips are way too stiff to be skied in tight bumps (for someone of my size at least). I did take a run through the trees with them and they were great, but I didn't have to make any really tight turns. If you skid your turns, these aren't for you. They are borderline miserable when not on edge. If I had to give Rossi advice on how to make this ski better I tell them to make the tail less aggressive (slightly narrower), move the mounting point back just a little bit, and perhaps in the interest of versatility soften the tip just slightly (think the flex pattern of a stock 27m GS ski). Overall, this is the best attempt I have seen so far at building a racer-friendly wide carving ski. If I could get them for a reasonable price, I might consider owning a pair in a 180.


Overall, the only real drawback [for me] would be the poor bump performance. I can get by with them in bumps, but they weren't as much fun as other "all-mountain" skis I have been on. The binding allowed for changing the fore/aft placement of the binding so that is a non-issue. I did ski them in both the recommended and 1cm back positions.

2009 Rossignol Classic CX80 Ski

From Rossignol: No-holds-barred, WC sandwich construction with Oversize technology to produce the ultimate, ripping, aggressive, allmountain, big-turn cruiser. Technical skiers seeking a powerful and high-performance classic construction ski with a modern, all-mountain sidecut will crave the perfect balance of power and stability of the CX80. 70% Frontside / 30% Backside Includes: Axial² 140 Ti Binding

Lengths160, 170, 180
Turn Radius16.5 (170), 19.0 (180)
ConstructionSandwich Y58 World cup laminate
Core Material
Binding SystemAxial 2 140 Ti
Binding Included
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Carving Skis › 2009 Rossignol Classic CX80 Ski