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2009 Nordica Hot Rod Helldiver Ski


Pros: They feel very stable under my feet and I can turn easely on them. They have really built my confidance.

Cons: A little on the heavy side to carry and a little heavy on my feet on the lifts toward the end of the day.

I'm a tall man with a lot more weight than I need. I'm 6ft 4.5 inches tall and I weight 285lbs. I ski mostly in Pennsylvania where I live and in Utah where my daughter and son in law live. I have demoed many different skis in the last 2 years. Some I really liked and some I did not like at all. A.couple pairs I did like were the Volkl AC 50"s and the Solomon guns. The one that I liked best by a great deal were the Nordica helldivers. For me they were great in every category in the east and in the west.As you can see I rated them 5 stars in everything. I read a lot of reviews about a lot of different skis but it was hard to find many reviews on the Helldivers. They held an edge on hard packed snow and in deeper and softer snow and were easy to turn with. I feel very confident and stable on them everywhere. That is the main reason I decided to buy them. I got them for a great price but I had already made up my mind to buy the Helldivers and would have paid more for them.  I'm sure they'll work geat for any size skier. Have fun on the slopes and ski safetly.


Pros: All condition ski

Cons: Heavy, big radius, fairly stiff

I have skied mostly in the East for the last 30 years, I am in my early to mid 40's, am 6' and 190 lbs.  I have owned Atomic Radials, Atomic R-11s and do own Fischer RX-8s.   I have always enjoyed speed and only ski big soft moguIs as I have a bad back, I also love skiing double fall line terrain.  I have always had problems skiing crud, piles, and spring conditions.  I bought these skiis online after a demo at my local ski hill mid season and more paticularly for my first trip ever out West (to Aspen).  With the HellDivers I found new joy to spring conditions and rather than avoiding piles and crud like I do with my RX-8's, I look for them.  They were great in Aspen, although we had bad luck and had only one true powder day - they were great in the powder, but then again I have nothing to compare them to.  They are a heavy beafy ski, the binding system adds to this but I also feel makes them more ski forgiving.  They are more work if you wish to make quick turns than the RX-8s, but they have a longer radius and are stiffer, they do not have the snap of the RX-8s.  It is a poor comparison, but the only one I have.  I considered the Fischer Watea 84s, but was unable to demo them and I was concerned about their edge holding ability in the icy mix we often see here at home.  I love these skis and did not give them 5 stars only due to their weight, stiffness and lack of snap I enjoy in my Fishers.  Great ski that I would recommend to a good friend.  I can't wait to ski Whistler on them this year!  -Seamuis
2009 Nordica Hot Rod Helldiver Ski

Sidecut: 132-90-118 Radius (178): 18m Lengths available: 170, 178, 186. Nordica considers this an All-Mountain/Big-Mountain Carver.

Lengths170, 178, 186
Turn Radius17m (170), 18m (178), 20m (186)
ConstructionFull Twin V Active Carbon
Core MaterialWood Core
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseAll-Mountain/Big-Mountain
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Info
Model Year2009
Binding Type
Recommended Binding
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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