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2009 Line Prophet 90 Ski


Pros: All Terrain, Carves and Floats

Cons: Length

Just purchased and skied 4 days on 179 prophet 90 's. Day 1 hardpack at Alta Utah. Day 2 ,4 " fresh

at Brighton. Day 3, 3 " fresh at Powder Mountain, Day 4, 25 " dump at Snowbird. Skis were extremely stable at speed and carved amazingly well for a 90 waist. They handled the powder well at Snowbird

as well as the cut-up as the day progressed. At 60 yrs of age, the 179 length required constant attention. The 172's would have probably been a better choice. Can not fault the ski, it was impressive !

I,m still working on the skier.


Pros: Very stable at higher speeds& flys over and through the bumps

Cons: Took some time to figure out how to stop effectively

The Line Prophet 90 @ 186cm is a very stable ski.  (Marker Griffin binding--I'm 45yr/6'3"/225lbs)

I was able to charge straight down the face of a black down diamond that had previously been a bruiser.  It handled 7"-15" of powder without blinking.  It took a few runs to get used to the 90 underfoot.  But once I got the hang of it I was able to rip the turns and readily navigate into/down/out of the chutes...even more importantly I was able to negotiate into the transition areas ready to hit the next chute/glade/mogul.  As the daytime temps increased to 35+F and the snow started to get bad...the 90s responded excellently.  The spring snow conditions did not bog the ski down or cause it to turn heavy.  Compared to my old K2 Apache-Xs...The Prophet 90s are allot stiffer and more responsive to powder turns and when pointed (any snow condition) they take off in the direction YOU want to go.  As I launched off of some smaller bumps (3'-4') the takeoff was effortless and I landed without incident...the ski just kept on going. I decided to try something bigger so I launched and dropped off of a 6' rock with a 45 degree face landing zone.  I entered the drop on the wrong angle and landed great but was heading straight toward some trees.  I was able to initiate a turn in time to miss them.  Bottom line the skis did all the work!  I just had to decide which direction I wanted to go next... Initially I thought the ski was slow...But as I got used to the ride I found myself speeding up significantly...plowing through and over the crud/chop/ice/moguls and wind drifts....These skis are POINT AND GO.

I mounted my binding in the AM position as LINE suggested.  I looked at the ski and said "That front end looks longer than I thought it would be"...so I placed the 186cm next to my 174cm K2...I used the front binding (boot tip) as an equalized reference point...from that point forward the Prophets and K2's where almost the same length...however the tail of the 90 was about 3" longer than the K2.

So if your thinking the longer 90s might be to much to handle in the turns...don't worry.

Go to the LINE website and compare the 100 to the 90..I'm glad I got the 90 for the So Co and NM snow conditions I ski in.


Pros: Versatile, Turn initiation, stable as speed rises, Very fun all-mountian ski

Cons: Not as good off-piste as P-100, but better overall for resort skiing

Me: 6'2", 50 yr., 215#, skiing for over 40 years. Very happy with the 09/10 P-90 after 42 days on them. Have Salomon STH 16 mounted center line. Had passes to Squaw and Northstar last year and they performed great in all conditions. A real jack-of-all trades ski for the advanced to expert skier. Some have commented them about being a little slow to turn but I found them to be very quick edge to edge when worked. I had no problems carving, slipping or smearing turns at will from firm groomers to cut-up crud and 12' of fresh on the steeps. Turn intialiation is very easy. At 186 the turn radius is 19M, but the side cut is a combination of progressive radii and I was able to load them up on firm snow enough to get them to tighten up and carve like a citizen racer combi ski. I also found them to be sufficiently quick in the moguls. In a nutshell a very versatile ski that can be used on anything. My only reservation would be deep powder where a true powder ski would be better.


Pros: edge grip, nimble, easy to ski

Cons: none so far

Me (5'4", 155lbs, 55yrs). Skis - Line Prophet 90 172cm, Bindings: Dynastar/Look PX10 Wide. Just spent my first weekend on these here in the Pacific NW. Day 1: Hardpack groomers, the LP90 had great edge grip for conditions that are as 'icy' as we get in the Pacific NW. In the afternoon, everything softened up and it started snowing!  The LP90's cut through the stuff nicely. Also found that the ski performed both short and longer turns well. The next day was 4"-8" of new powder over hardpack. The ski was able handle the variable conditions well. Overall I am very happy with this ski.


Pros: does everything well - does what you tell it to, when you need it to

Love pretty much everything about these skis - they've been my one and only ski since 2010...and still going strong.  I ski Eastern trees, bumps, steeps, groomers primarily, and this ski does it all without complaint.  It's taken lots of hits in bony situations and with a bit of "lightfoot dancing" has survived admirably.   Performs well in generally denser Eastern deep for 90mm, might not be as great in Utah blower.  Reasonably quick in tight spots, awesome on groomers soft & hard, decent on "porcelain".  Best surface is broken snow - tell them where you want to go and you're there.  Levinthal is still using the basic Prophet design theme in his independent line "J"... it's that good.  :)  And I confess...in love with the graphic.


Pros: versatility

I just came back from demoing these at Squaw.  We got into Squaw the day after a storm that gave the mountain a decent coating of 3-6 inches.  I'm a 5'6" male and weigh about 125 pounds.  I'd consider myself around a level 6 skier.  These were the second skis I tested on this day (the first being the Phantom SC 97 and last being the Dynastar Sultan 85) and I found them to be the best ski of the day.  They perform well on just about everything.  At a 90 mm waist I found the L.P. 90 extremly easy to ski considering the skis i'm used to have a 68 mm waist.  I skied them all over the mountain (mainly Cornice II , Siberia, and Broken Arrow).  They performed surprisingly well on the groomers off of Siberia and rarely chattered even at faster speeds.  They handled well in what little powder I was able to find (at least at my weight) and they never gave me any serious problems in the crud.  In tight spots or at lower speeds they can be a little difficult to manuver, but overall I was very impressed with the ski.  Near perfect 60/40 ski for lightweights who live out west imo.


Pros: grip, stability, float

Cons: none yet

these are the best skis ive ever used.  They are a steal at what line charges for them.

2009 Line Prophet 90 Ski

The Line Skis Prophet 90 is the go anywhere, ski anything, all-mountain, quiver of one. The Prophet 90 is progressively stiffer from tip to tail, powerful acceleration out of turns and directional stability that works in conjunction with the freeride geometry. The Prophet 90 shares the same construction, technology and geometry as the Prophet 100 but at a 90mm width. If you’re looking for a ski with uncompromised responsiveness on firm terrain while still maintaining soft snow versatility and handling, the Prophet 90 is your ski of choice.

Turn Radius
Core MaterialMacro Block Wood
Binding System
Recommended UseFreeride/All Mountain
Manufacturer WarrantyOne year
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Info125/90/113 millimeters
Additional InfoTwin Tip
Binding Included
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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