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2009 Line Prophet 100 Ski


Pros: Stable at speed, great float, extremely versatile

Cons: May ski a bit short

First some vital stats about the skier: I am 5′10″, about 160lbs, age 24, and I have the 179s. They are mounted with Salomon Z12s (soon to be Marker Griffons) on the recommended line.

Dimensions: Tip: 133 Waist: 100 Tail: 124

I have been skiing since I was roughly 9 or 10 years old, and I can now ski just about anything on the mountain. My focus has definitely shifted toward the big mountain recently, primarily because of these sks.

After a great deal of research, I purchased the Line Prophet 100s last winter as mostly a powder ski. My widest ski up to that point was a pair of 78mm waist Atomic Tweaks, so 100mm under foot looked pretty huge to my eye. However, as I have begun to use the Prophets in more and more conditions, they have basically become my go-to ski for almost any condition. Here are some specifics:

Big mountain/Bowls/Powder/etc: The Prophets are an absolute blast here. They are stable at speed and they have great float in fresh powder. I had never been on a ski that floats this well, and they pretty much changed my life regarding the fresh stuff. They are also very nimble when it gets tight with rocks/trees or any other obstacles. Yet their low weight doesn’t seem to sacrifice any crud-busting ability, and variable high-altitude conditions still don’t stand a chance against these skis. They seem to have a perfect flex as well as soft enough to do well in powder and stay lively, yet stiff enough not to have any chatter at speed.

Groomers: This is where the Prophets really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much carving ability from a 100mm ski, but to be honest these things kill it on piste as well. They are decently quick edge to edge, and once they’re on edge they hold on like a champ. Big fast gs turn on these are easy and loads of fun. However, it is on piste where you may encounter the Prophet’s one con that I can find: ice. While the skis have great hold on groomed snow, when ice gets uncovered they definitely start to slip out. However, most of the time these conditions are pretty easy to avoid, and if there is any snow on the ground the Prophets are absolutely fine.

Other:  Actually perform relatively well in the park (or at least on the jumps... its actually great landing on a 100mm waist ski) and I know they are stable in the air on BC kickers as well.  I have no desire to ever take these on rails, and they’re really not designed for park anyway. One other note is that the Prophets do handle switch very well, but for some reason it took me a little bit longer to get used to them switch than narrower twins.

Build quality/Design: These skis seem pretty much bombproof so far. The top sheets still look practically brand new, and the bases have handled some pretty sketchy conditions without any noticeable damage. I am also a big fan of the graphics (bamboo design for 06/07s), but of course that’s just personal preference.

Conclusion: This is easily the most fun ski I have ever owned, and also one of the most versatile. The ability of this ski to bring a smile to your face is practically unmatched as far as I can tell, and from reading other reviews I think the general consensus would agree. If you are at all considering getting these skis, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.


Pros: Good float, very nimble for size, great on groomers, easy to edge, quick, versatile

Cons: Doesn't run flat well, due to sidecut. It's fine, however once you get used to them

Thi ski pretty much does it all.  It's got a nice medium flex.  Extremely quick for a 100mm ski and easy to work and get on edge in all conditions.  Just a very versatile and fun ski.  Handles crud well and is amazing on groomers for its size.  I've only been in a bout1-2ft of powder and it was great, pretty floaty, in those conditions.  Love it in the trees out here at Heavenly (home mountain).  Solid on landings as well.


It is a light ski, not as burly as my other set up, which is the Monster 88.  I love the 88, but I feel like I'll be spending a lot more time on the prophets.  The 88 is a little stouter in thick crud, but the prophets are as good or better than the 88's in everything else, especially in trees and other tight places.  The tail on the Prophets allow you to scrub speed more efficiently in most situations.


Stats:  6-1  215lbs ,  Level: high 8


Equipment:  Prophet 100 186cm, Salomon STH 16 bindings

                   Monster 88  186cm, Look px 14 bindings


Pros: Everything well but ice

Cons: See pros above; make you feel invincible until you crash

 Demoed these today at Crystal Mountain, WA, warm spring conditions, no fresh snow in a week.
Me: 58, 5'8", 142lbs, level 6+ skier, been "away" for 10 years, starting back in this winter.

Up at CM for a 3 day ski weekend with the Spousal Unit. My 11 year old Volants are out of date compared to modern skis so I'm demoing to see what's next.

Tried the Prophet 100s today--really wanted to try the 90s but they didn't have any. These were 186 cm or 1cm longer than my Volants! Seemed really long and fat, the widest skis I've ever tried. My expectations were low--I had skied the Nordica Nitrous Hot Rod and the K2 Xplorer and thought both of them were outstanding for my needs.

Fuggetaboutit! The Lines kicked their asses, made Hot Rods and Xplorers cry little girls and run home to mama. I've never skied anything that gave me this much confidence. Skiing down blue groomers and some chopped up stuff--just kept going without stopping. Skied into areas I didn't know (haven't been to CM in 25 years and then just for one day) and DIDN'T CARE! Because why? Because I KNEW that short of a double diamond these bad boys would take me down whatever was ahead. Had that thrill of just dropping off a slope into what ever was below. Only time I had to work them was when one of those slopes was steep and shaded, so it never thawed from last night's freeze. In ice they aren't outstanding, but who cares? Nothing can do everything perfectly.

What they DID do for me was to let me just smoke regardless of the terrain--long stable carves over bumps (small ones), groomed stuff, crap, whatever. Once they were on edge they didn't try to steer me around. Ooh, there's a bump--blast through, turn around it, whatever, the skis made it possible. 

Note: they wanted me over the tips. I had just made some adjustments to my boots to get more forward lean out of them and this, coupled with the Prophets, seemed to me a nice setup. 

Sadly tomorrow it is supposed to be cold and so we'll have ice here, the Prophets are going back to the demo center and I'll find something better in ice.

2009 Line Prophet 100 Ski

You want a powerful big-mountain freeride ski that isn't limited to nostril-deep pow days. Grab the Line Prophet 100 Alpine Ski. With 100mm underfoot and 134mm at the tip, this ski loves the big white but won't dump you on your ass on the groomers. The Prophet 100 features a super tough Metal Matrix construction which wraps titanium over the initiation contact points at the tip and tail and stiffens the ski for ridigity at high speeds. This also makes it easy to power out of your turns (without dead-weight-heavy tips and tails). Prongs underfoot give you pressure points to dig into hardpack. Multi-award winning ski (Freeskier Editor's Choice, Powder Skiers Choice, Skiing Ski Test Finalist, Ski Gear of the Year, etc)

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