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2009 K2 ObSETHed Ski


Pros: floaty in pow, surfy, easy to turn, durable

Cons: skis way short, may be knocked around in harder crud, rocker tips flap at high speeds

PNW: Whistler, Crystal, Snoqualmie/Alpental

Skiing every day of the weekend from 8 in the morning to dodging the groomers past 10pm this winter season, I was able to log many hours and put my quiver through all imaginable conditions from blue ice to waist-deep powder. Reviews/Comparison of my stuff.

About me: 23 years, 167cm, 125-lb, instructor, 40+ days a winter, in pretty darn good shape, ex-snowboarder, ex-park rat (well sometimes =), likes going-off piste. My current quiver include:

2009 Elan Magfire 82 Ti 168cm
2008 Scott Punisher 162cm, PX12 mounted +3

2009 K2 Obsethed 169cm, PX12 mounted +0


Has/Had: Salomon Gun, Salomon Fury, Dynastar NTB, Magfire 12


K2 Obsethed 169cm: A bottomless powder weapon (for someone my weight), 105mm underfoot with recurve design (tip-tail rocker with camber under the foot), tolerable on harder snow, if only to sniff out that bottomless stash.


Ever since I went on my Solly Guns in the deep, I always wanted to go fatter. I brought the Sethed out last weekend when the PNW had an 18-inch dump, and was impressed by its performance for what it is.


When I first got off the chair, they felt incredibly short... slightly shorter than my Punishers. It was perhaps the rocker that made the Obsethed feel like giant snowblades. I'd say the feel of these thing is like 155cm on groomers, and I've skied the Dynastar NTB 155cm before! As far as edge grip goes, I could still carve with them, not bad for a fat ski... but compared to the 82ti, the edge grip and quickness of the Obsethed on harder surfaces is tolerable at best, tolerable enough to use groomers to get to the untracked stuff...


In softer snow, the Obsethed has a surfy loose feeling akin to snowboarding. The rocker just works... it was effortless turning through the fresh with more maneuverability than my Guns. No matter what I do, the tips would not dive, which is great when I was skiing bottomless on low pitches (like <15degrees) between the trees of Silver Fir. Even when I stood completely still, I was amazed that I didn't sink like a rock... and said "holy crap."


The Obsethed may be marketed as a Big-Mountain ski, but for someone my weight, it is for all practical purposes a bottomless powder life raft. With this much float, I don't think I'll ever need a fatter ski; the Obsethed gave me all the float I need even in the deepest of conditions.


So the Obsethed is the ultimate powder weapon, so what? Powder gets skied out within the first hour of opening at Snoqualmie/Alpental. On chopped powder, the Obsethed does pretty well, that feeling of fore-aft jerk is not as apparent as my Punishers. On crud, the Obsethed tends to rise over it than pierce like my Magfire 82 Ti, as long as crud is relatively soft this isn't a problem. At higher speeds, the rockers gets flappy. As far as the bumps go, the Obsethed can be tolerable in it as well, just don't expect the same blowout performance like the Punishers in bumps.


The K2 Obsethed overall is a great powder tool and probably the only one I'll ever need, as far as its performance in variable conditions and hardpack goes... it's tolerable but I wouldn't have it as my quiver of one as some people tout it. The K2 Obsethed is currently my be-all-end-all powder sniffer.


There is no favorite ski for all conditions in my quiver, just the right tool for the right conditions. My ranking of the skis' attributes:

Forgiveness (most to least)
1) Punisher
2) Obsethed
3) Magfire 82 Ti

Stability at Speed (most to least)
1) Magfire 82 Ti
2) Punisher
3) Obsethed

Edge Grip (most to least)
1) Magfire 82 Ti
2) Punisher
3) Obsethed

Edge2Edge Quickness (most to least)
1) Magfire 82 Ti
3) Punisher
4) Obsethed

Pivot Quickness (most to least)
1) Punisher
2) Obsethed
3) Magfire 82 Ti

...based off dawgcatching's review format.


Pros: Everything!

Cons: Soft Deck Material So Tip Edges Mar

About me: 6'2", 195lbs(220lbs w/gear pack) X-GS Racer with aging knees. Lange Fluid 90 boots and   Jester Schizos on obSETHed 2010 189s.

First day I started at +3 with blower on top, hardpack to 4" on top of hardpack and 6-10" POW in stashes, and these skied great. +3 makes these just a tad turnier than I prefer, but it demonstrated how well these would work in tight chutes. If I were chuting all day I would go with +3.

Next day I set the Schizos to +2.5 and found my G spot. This was pretty much a spring corn day with temps to 54*, but shady stashes were mine as well. Just an awesome ski in every respect. These skis swing easy, switch easy as well in this position. No speed limit except for the driver. Enters turns with ease, on flats or steeps, tracks well, I think the 189s ski short, yet they provide good pop even with a tall skier on board.

Basically, I got to ski 6 days of corn and two POW mornings and these made everything easy. Only on one ocassion did I get in the backseat so the tail rocker is not an issue at this length. Did a run down Steep & Deep on the last day of the season at Vail and aced frozen, crud, corn bumps just because they were there. NO PROBLEMO!!!

If you are mounting Schizos I had my shop mount them at 0 (dolt), and ski them at +2.5 like I said earlier.
If you are mounting a fixed binding you will need to think about your options, hope this helped.

One point about rocker. I dropped in on the biggest part of Geghis Khan Cornice and stabbed some deeper POW, which would have dropped most regular cambered skis, these just shot back up and kept the show going.

This ski gets a total overhaul for 2011, I'll be driving these 'til they are done.
4Stars for durability, top deck edges and tips showed some "use-marks".



Cons: Cant stick uphill ice (easily)

ObSETHed's? YES!  


First run HUGE SMILE.. that feeling never left.


Super aggressive, super float, they are not happy unless you are making fast, HUGE McConkey (RIP) turns.  They power through tress so you better me alert.


They carve just fine on soft snow, mash potatoes, frozen crud, anything except steep ice.


Only thing bad is, they increase your tomahawks by a factor of two since you want to ski them that fast.


I dont like the graphics, but its not my pro model so who am I to say anything.

2009 K2 ObSETHed Ski

The folks at K2 are obsessed with skiing, but they don't have speech impediments. They named the K2 ObSETHed Alpine Ski for hard-charging big mountain skier Seth Morrison. This new installment in Seth's twin-tip pro model features a fatter 105mm waist, a progressive sidecut, and a short rocker design that adds both floatation in the deep fluffy stuff and versatility on the hardpack. The twin-tip design and unique taper angles help the ObSETHed go from forward to fakie with ease.

Lengths169cm, 179cm, 189cm
Dimensions138 / 105 / 125mm
ConstructionVertical ABS sidewalls with horizontal die-cut, tip plates & tail rivets
Core MaterialFir
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseBig mountain, powder
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Binding
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Turn Radius
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S08301169, Size: 169cmS08301169714636237784
Style: S08301179, Size: 179cmS08301179714636237791
Style: S08301189, Size: 189cmS08301189714636237807
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