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2009 K2 Burnin Luv w/ Marker M1 11.0 Ti Binding


Pros: Makes skiing easy! Cuts into ice, glides over groomers. Ungroomed runs not a problem, with greater ability to maintain higher speed with total contr

Cons: I haven't found any yet.

 These skis practically ski by themselves.  I had outgrown my previous skis, being unable to advance in skill level with solid medium level skis.  These skis are longer than my last, coming between my eyes & forehead.  With the flexibility and give of my Burnin' Luvs, I find I'm able to ski any surface, with easy, short radius turns.  Hard packed or powder are much easier with these skis.  I ski Colorado every year and these skis easily handle powder, piste and off-piste.  They are not fat skis, however, I haven't had a problem on deep powder.  Until I bought these skis, I had great difficulty on the diamonds and double diamonds.  With these, I can do very steep runs without a problem.  They hold on to the mountain when I need them to.  I find I am able to ski at much greater speeds all the while maintaining complete control.

I live in New England and ski New Hampshire, Maine & Vermont quite frequently.  These mountains are often sheets of ice.  These Burnin' Luvs cut into the ice, no problem.  With this cutting ability, I am able to make quick, little cuts while maintaining control.  Not always an easy thing on ice.  Of course, when it's extremely steep and complete ice, I exercise greater caution, as it is not unheard of for skiers to fly on the ice & end up on a tree.

I highly recommend these skis for skiers who have found their skills have outgrown their current skis. These skis are for advanced skiers, so although I feel they practically ski for me, you need to possess the skiing ability to fully maximize the use of these skis.  I would not recommend these skis for a beginning skier.


Pros: Short turns on hardpack

Cons: Deep snow and crud

This ski is quick edge to edge and very nimble for short radius turns and bumps, and excels on hard pack snow.


Pros: Ski for you! Great edges which allow tight turns, controllable at high speeds

Cons: None yet as I have only used them 3 times

These are a great all mountain ski. Since I have bought them I feel like I am a better skier. They are decent in powder, and you can speed down hill with ease and no chattering. They snap in and out of turns. Not too stiff with just enough give with the moguls. I enjoy skiing moguls and these do the job. They are light and the bindings are outstanding with just enough give for those wipe outs. There is nothing so far that I don't like about them. I do however love the design and the way that the two skis are one big picture with cut outs!
2009 K2 Burnin Luv w/ Marker M1 11.0 Ti Binding

The K2 Women's Burnin Luv Alpine Ski with Marker Piston M1 11.0 Ti Bindings screams with explosive energy. The Burnin' Luv Alpine Ski's metal-laminate construction, ABS sidewall construction, and skinny 70mm waist help expert to advanced female carvers lay train tracks down the groomed. The BioFlex wood core uses fir beneath thef oot for carving power and mellower-flexing, lighter spruce at the ends for easy turn initiation and quick responsiveness. The Marker Piston M1 11.0 Ti Bindings ensure your setup remains on the lightweight end of the spectrum. With DIN settings of 3-11, the Marker M1 provides security and protection on the steeps.

Lengths149cm, 156cm, 163cm, 170cm
Dimensions117 / 70 / 101mm
Turn Radius[160cm] 13m
ConstructionMetal laminate, ABS sidewall
Core MaterialBioFlex fir, spruce
Binding SystemYes
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseExpert to advanced, carving at blazing speeds
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Recommended BindingM1 11.0 Ti Bindings
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S08207149, Size: 149cmS08207149714636241293
Style: S08207156, Size: 156cmS08207156714636241309
Style: S08207163, Size: 163cmS08207163714636239085
Style: S08207170, Size: 170cmS08207170714636239092

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These skis like to be laid over on their edges.



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