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2009 K2 Apache Xplorer w/ Marker MX 14.0 Binding


Just tried these out om AJAX and Aspen Highlands. A ski that truly is a jack of all trades and a master of none, which ISN'T a bad thing at all. 


Handled well in powder, bumps, crud, and even ice. I'm keeping mine. 


Pros: Great all Mountain ski

Cons: Deep snow

 Me: 42 5'10" 200# expert skier. I ski it all, steeps, trees, groomers, shutes, terrain park (not like I used to though:-) I also race in a beer league.

I demoed the K2 Xplorer (177) for a week in Tahoe 2/19/10. 
The week conditions had a bit of everything to offer but mainly it consisted of powder (the sierra kind) and packed powder.  It took no time to get used to this ski, it felt natural from the very first turn to the last.
I first had it on the groomers and it loves to rail fast turns it doesnt wash out and it handled high speeds better then I thought it would.  Then we skied the trees were when weighted a bit forward is a surprisingly quick and nimble ski, it was as quick as I needed it to be, the trees had about 6 inches of fresh in them and the excelled in them, as well as in the bumps granted these were soft bumps with a few inches of snow on them, not sure who they would handle hard packed bumps but the did hold up on the steeps pretty good, they held an edge very nicely.

Ok great ski right, well were did it come up a bit short?  Skiing the deep heavy stuff, the tip of the ski didnt really want to come up.  I had to ski with a bit of weight on the back of the tails to get through it.  The snow was about a foot deep and the temps were pretty warm so needless to say it was the heavy stuff, maybe if it was dry Utah POW it would have done great, dunno.  I got through the day just fine and faired better then most my buddies did in it but I would have enjoyed it more with a little bit more under foot or maybe if the tips had come up a bit however if they had maybe the ski wouldnt have done as well on the steeps or the ice as with getting something you usually give up something else.  Maybe the 184 would have done it??  I would like to compare these to the Atomic Crimson Ti as it has just a bit more girth to it and it doesnt look like it would be to much?  Any one compare these two?

Next year I am going to get one of those two skis but if I go Xplorer I am not sure if I would go 177 or 184?

Either way if you are considering the Xplorer I think will be very impressed it really is very much a do it all ski and I think it would work fine for skiers of many different abilities.



Pros: good edge grip and stable at speed

Cons: None really

I really like the quickness and versatility of these skis.  They handle bumps and groomed very well.  The intergrated binding has the new heel system which gives greater hold on the back of the boot.  This gives it great edge hold on hard snow.  Haven't skied any real soft snow or powder yet.


Pros: Too easy to ski

Cons: Built for older guys

 Personally, I like more feedback from a ski. The Xplorer (and and little brother Recon) were too smooth and did everything well with no fanfare. Great ski for a guy over 50 (like the Lexus) that just wants a nice ski to be "ridden" as compared to a Volkl that like a BMW, likes to be "driven".
2009 K2 Apache Xplorer w/ Marker MX 14.0 Binding

K2's versatile Apache Xplorer Ski goes from slaying backcountry powder to laying down arcs on groomers without missing a beat. The 84-millimeter waist and generous progressive sidecut does well in hard and soft snow. K2's secondary elastomeric core and MOD Monic technology dampen vibrations for a smooth, stable ride. The Marker MX 14.0 Binding has a wide contact area with the ski to efficiently deliver power to the edges for max performance.

Lengths170cm, 177cm, 184cm
Dimensions128 / 84 / 112mm
Turn Radius[177cm] 17m
ConstructionTitan metal laminate
Core MaterialFir & aspen
Binding SystemYes
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseAll-mountain skiing, carving
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Recommended BindingMX 14.0
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S08002184, Size: 184cmS08002184714636241569
Style: S08002170, Size: 170cmS08002170714636241545
Style: S08002177, Size: 177cmS08002177714636241552
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