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2009 K2 Apache Recon


Pros: Versatile, Durable, Decent Flotation, Stable, Smooth

Cons: Heavy, Not Particularyly Quick Edge to Edge

I am an advanced/expert skier with 40+ years experience skiing all over the world. I prefer ungroomed over groomed, but since I spend a fair amount of time in the East, I needed a ski that could handle the back bowls as well as the groomed frontside.

I was skiing on a pair of Rossi Z9's that were amazing on the groomers, but only fair in the back bowls. Their waist dimension was a little narrow, which meant having to be in an awkward backseat position (really backseat) to keep the tips up in anything more than 6 inches of soft stuff.

I bought the Recons after trying out other skis that were similar in overall dimension, and I liked what I felt. The Recon's that I bought were executive demo skis that came mounted with Salomon demo bindings. The first thing that I noticed the first day that I used them was that they were a little on the heavy side, and that when I really got on them that the edge grip was a little shaky.

I decided to remove the demo bindings and mount a regular Marker M 11.0 TC Freeride binding. This allowed the ski to flex more freely, and reduced underfoot weight. This totally transformed the way the ski felt.

I have since grown quite fond of my Recons. They can take me anywhere I want to go, and I have extreme confidence in them. They may not be as quick as a race inspired ski, but they are so much more versatile. I can keep up with my "race buddies" on the groomers, and absolutely smoke them in the trees and bowls :-)


Pros: Most versitile skis I've ever owned. Advertised as front-side cruisers but great for most conditions. Even GS races when set at less than FIS radius.

Cons: Limited, but wokable, in bottomless powder

  I love these skis. Versatile, light and quick in moguls, perfect in all terrain and almost all snow conditions.  Forgiving when I screw up. I even use them for GS racing on courses that are set too tight for my 21m radius FIS Rossi WC race skis. They are comfortable with speed and I trust them in this too.
  They cannot compete with fat skis in bottomless powder, but they will get you through it ok. They are too long and limber for SL racing, and seem out of control when used for this compared with my 155 Rossi WC race skis.  Cannot expect everything from one pair of skis I suppose.
  I am an old man (66!) and weigh165 and the skis are 174 cm.  Price included integrated Marker Mod 12.0 bindings and free shipping.  They were new.
  I ski only in the west and I suspect these would lack grip on real ice like you guys in the east get.


Pros: Snooth

Cons: Was too accomidating

Personally, I like more feedback from a ski. The Recon (and big brother Xplorer) were too smooth and did everything well with no fanfare. Great ski for a guy over 50 (like the Lexus) that just wants a nice ski to be "ridden" as compared to a Volkl that like a BMW, likes to be "driven".


Pros: easy to ski, decent float

Cons: bumps, edge hold

i bought these after owning the xp's and axis. they're good in crud and fresh snow. ski mostly in east, but used them in 10-12" of fresh in the china , sundown, game creek bowls. they are easy to ski,  fast edge to edge, but ive outgrown them. i feel they are a very good intermediate ski.

Ive demoed both the blizzard 8.1 and the dynastar contact 4x4 which are significantly better in

early morning frozen granular, and spring conditions. ps. the dynastar rocks in the bumps.


Pros: Edge grip, stable, good carving ability, no speed limit, decent float.

Cons: A little heavy, not much pop.

Took these out to Jackson Hole this past winter and found it had surprisingly good float in the 2' of fresh powder that fell the night before we arrived. The tips stay above the snow pretty well and its pretty manuverable even in deep pow. Great ski for groomers, quick edge to edge, pretty damp, and didn't have a speed limit that I could find. I've taken them to Tuckermans Ravine, Crested Butte, Jay Peak and tons of other places and they have performed very well. Not as durable as I would like: my integrated binding system has been replaced twice from hard impacts and there are a couple of core shots from a couple of small unseen rock hits. Overall a very good all-mountain ski that most will find has surprisingly good performance in powder and crud.


Pros: great ski for groomer days and days with some fresh snow

Cons: not for days that the snow is at boot cuff height (fluffy) or arch height (dense)

Great ski for those that like to ski the whole mountain.  Reasonable edge grip for a Western ski, not sufficient for East Coast blue ice.  Quite manueverable in all conditions.  Needs a strong driver, not for the timid.  Handles almost every thing it is asked to aside from really deep powder and blue ice.  Damp, not chattery, on chopped up stuff, handles chicken heads well. Perfect ski for those that want one ski to handle pretty much everything.  Length owned (3rd set) is 167, in the "flat" version.  Also, the reviewer is female, 57 years old, level 7, skis 60 or more days a year.   Price includes shipping, no bindings. 


Pros: (see full review)

Cons: hahaha

I hadn't skied for about ten years and the last time I did ski I was on 210 cm straight skis.  Then I went to Jackson, WY and rented some Apache Recons... and it changed my life.  The Apache recon single-handedly saved my life, marriage, and faith in a higher power.  If you're like me and enjoy the better things in life, such as country clubs, long carriage rides, and slavery, you will love this ski.  The first time I took out a pair of Recons, I almost immediately passed out from the amount of blood rushing into my erection; never-the-less, these wonderful skis carried me home safely.  These skis have improved my life both on and off the slopes.  I have recently been inspired to buy my third Ford F250, a carton of Magnum XXL condoms, and a lifetime subscription to "I Fucking Rock! (and you don't) "Magazine.  If you don't like this ski, you not only suck at skiing, but you will likely be the first victim of the next natural catastrophe, and/or some form of sodomy.  To all my fello Recon brothers out there, may your keep turning for you, and your wife continue to cover up her age with costly procedures. To all those none believers, I hope you enjoy the firey hell that awaits you.






Pros: Quick, Easy, fat enough

Cons: I broke them

I have the previous revision (less red). I'd always wanted some all-mountain K2s, so was happy to pick these up at a local ski sale.
I wasn't really the skis fault, but I hit a rock hiding under some thin powder in Val Thorens and it ripped the front binding off, damaged the rear and broke my thumb 
I've not really used them enough to give definitive opinions, but I'd noticed they were very easy going, yet fairly quick turning with a 13m radius. Didn't make that nasty plastic noise that the Atomic Metrons did. Not as good in softer stuff as my Chubbs, but then the Chubbs are slow.
2009 K2 Apache Recon

Tested and proven time and time again as the ultimate high performance ski for all conditions. The Recon blends the perfect amount of waist and tip width creating a platform that floats in powder and combines a generous sidecut for firm snow performance. Build in a Titan Metal Laminate construction, MOD Monic technology, and add the new K2/MX Binding System for the most powerful ski that performs well in various conditions and terrain.The ski of choice for a quiver of one.

Lengths163, 170, 177, 184
Turn Radius18m@177
ConstructionTitan Metal Laminate Cap
Core MaterialFir/Aspen
Binding System
Binding Included
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
Recommended BindingK2/MX 14.0 • K2/MX 12.0
Additional Info
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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