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2009 K2 Apache Outlaw Reviews

Positive Reviews


Western skier likes one ski quiver


Pros: does everything pretty good - not great

Cons: heavy

Bought these skis after getting rid of the Soloman 10/80 Guns that Bobo's Mogul Mouse (Pat P.) sold me as the go to all mountain ski.  I told the guys at Mogul Mouse that the Gun was too wide underfoot (101mm) to ski in the chutes at Mt.Rose on any day other that 12 or more inches of powder.  There was just no edge grip like I want in order to feel safe when snaking down a 55 degree slope that is only eight feet wide with rocky outcrops on either side.  So, they said try the K2 apache outlaw.  I bought it and plan on buying the newer version next season so I'll have a back-up pair.  This ski is all I need for powder (88mm underfoot - the newer version is 4mm wider all the way from top to...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Stable at slow speeds

Cons: heavy, too soft, does not give a lot back

I skied the new on this spring.  I think K2 has made better skis.  It was soft, too damp, and clunky when the terrain got tighter.  Not a big fan.

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Super Mid Fat - Best for 1 ski quiver


Pros: Lively, good carver, good in bump and pow

Cons: not a race ski

Picked up a 174cm pair 3 years ago and mounted atomic binders on em, 1 cm forward.  I am 6'2 /200lbs.  Skied on these for 3 winters already and keep coming back to this pair in my quiver as they are a very fun ski and great on all conditions perhaps with the exception of eastern blue/hard pack.  They are a consistant carver and a  very durable ski if you maintain them like I do and work especially well on groomers,  broken pow, deep pow and soft bumps.  I use em on soft bump days at Mary Jane.  Took them to Monashee Powder in BC and made the mistake of letting a couple of friends use them and I could'nt get em back for the rest of the trip.  Very fun indeed. If your looking for a 1 quiver...
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For Big Turns Only!


Pros: Powerful carver, rock solid at speed, surfs through crud.

Cons: Heavy, damp, not versatile at all.

I demoed the 2006/2007 version in a 174cm and was very, very pleasantly surprised (especially given my general distaste for the K2 feel). Taking this freight train for a ride was my first experience on a "fat" (back then) ski, and I gotta say.....WOW. It ripped huge trenches on the groomers, powered through crud like it wasn't there, and turned frozen cut-up sun-cured crust into a ballroom smooth surface. They were too wide, heavy, and damp to be any fun in the bumps, and they wanted nothing to do with anything even resembling a short turn (or even a medium turn, for that matter), but I'd hop on this ski in an instant if faced with any type of slush, crud, chowder, or slop. Fun, fun, fun,...
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Ridge Hippie

The new Outlaw

The 09 Outlaw is now 92 underfoot compared to 88 with last years model.  Not sure if I can feel a  difference but this model performs really well in all conditions.  Haven't had the opportunity to ski any powder but the previous model was great and with the extra width I am sure this one will perform well also.  They come in 170, 177, 184 lengths which is a different measurement from last years models.

Great ski for 80% of the time.


Pros: Solid feel, great edge grip, no speed limit, crud buster

Cons: does not like a short turn, stiff for a deep snow ski, totally unforgiving

 I scored a killer deal on this ski and for the most part is a great ski.  For a wider ski, it has tremendous edge grip.  It will rail a turn on bullet proof hard pack, you just have to pressure it a bit and hold on.  Prefers a medium to long radius turn most of the time and in most conditions.  It will hammer through crud and junky snow if you are strong enough to let it rip and stay off the tails.  The only snow condition it flailed in a bit was deep snow.  It does not want to be finessed like a softer ski would, preferring to move down the hill at a faster speed.  Also, the overall stiffness of the ski works against it's maneuverability in deep snow.  My ski length is 184 so it's...
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They Shred


Pros: Beefy through it all

Cons: Bumps and quick turns

 Bought these with Jester Bindings and they just rip through it all, lacking a bit on the ultra steeps as they just want to book it right down the mountain. Love these skis, great in the pow

Does it all, but sometimes in a clunky way...


Pros: Good mid-fat performace

Cons: Heavy! Good K2 damp feel can feel sluggish

Got these used -- I have the 2006 model with Look PX12s, my only non-turntable Looks...  Have about 5 or 6 full days (lots of mornings, switch at lunch!) on them, and overall they make me feel like a rock star.  First day on them was something like 3rd day of the season, and my first run was down the face on windblown crusty pow.  I knew I should "warm up" on something easier, but I couldn't help myself, as these cut through beautifully at speed.  I am 43, 185-ish, and fairly good shape.  (5K = 21 mins.)  Ski aggressively, and in bumps or off-piste unless conditions absolutely dictate otherwise.  These are not a great bump ski -- weight and width just too much work, especially if you're...
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Reliable K2 for them that likes them


Pros: damp and reliable like the rest of the Apache line

Cons: heavy

If you have the Recon, you'll probably like its big brother.  Reliable, damp, forgiving.  Sucks up cut up powder and crud like a steamroller.  Sufficiently good at floating in the powder, while not being a nightmare to control on the groomers should you want to cruise.  Not the most peppy ski for those that like that.  Needs an aggressive or powerful skier to gets its best performance, not for the tentative.  This review is of the ski prior to the current season, i.e., 06-07 or 07-08.  Length of ski is 167 in the "flat" version.  Reviewer is female, 57, level 7 skier, skis 60 or more days a year.
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