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2009 K2 Apache Coomba


Pros: very versatile, light without being easily thrown, handle everything

Cons: not the quickest through the bumps (but you know that)

I won these skis at the ESA Aspen raffle, and took some time to mount them up (indecisive about bindings). I think I need some more days on the Coombas to know for sure (and in the steep and deep!) but here is my initial impression after about 3-4 days, mostly on soft late season but not very deep conditions. Had some new snow one of the days. Skis are mounted at the manufacturer's recommended point with Marker Barons, skied with my Flexons. Me: 5'8", 129lbs, level 8, fairly fit. I haven't had a chance to tour on them yet (I have hardly been BC at all this season ), but anticipate resetting the bindings for my Lowa Strukturas when I do. (The Barons appear to be pretty easy to switch back and forth for this.) The Coombas have a nice notch cut in the tail and no rear upturning of the tail to optimize skin fit, but do not have a hole in the tip for rigging an emergency sled. [Other skis in the quiver: Atomic Snoop Daddys ('07 model with the 88mm waist, 163cm), Atomic T:mx (167cm, Fritchi Freerides, primary BC ski), '03 Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC (155cm)]


I LOVE these skis! They seem to be about the same flex pattern as my Snoops- considerably softer than my previous skis (R:ex's in 167), which I found I truly prefer. They still plow through any kind of crud, but torsionally have edge hold that I only felt on the Atomics previously. They are longer than my Snoops (both measured and "long for their size") but ski really easily. Certainly not as quick edge to edge as the Snoops, which I think are the most versatile skis I have ever been on, but were still terrific on the groomed, soaked up the crud, tolerably effective in bumps (that may be saying a lot, considering I am not much of a bump skier). Very stable, yet livelier than I thought for a fatso. This could be a great every day ski as well as a powder ski for out here in CO. I could really see skiing these most days unless the conditions are hard snow. A great choice for me.


Pros: Great float, but very forgiving on groomers

Just picked up my Coombas at an end-of-season sale, so have only skied them a couple days.  My first pair of true powder skis, and the amount of float was a revelation!  Nonetheless, I found them to be forgiving on groomed terrain....not the "cornering on rails" sensation I get on my K2 Apace Recons, but far better than I would have thought for this kind of ski.  They were terrific in cut up soft crud as well.  Can't wait to wring them out next season!

2009 K2 Apache Coomba

K2 worked with Doug Coombs the late, great extreme skier, ski mountaineer, and heli guide to create the Apache Coomba Alpine Ski. This backcountry/powder ski's 102mm waist and Torsion Box construction provide excellent flotation and easy handling for tackling steep faces across the globe. Coombs gave his signature ski a new tip shape and balanced flex pattern for predictability in breakable crust and other less-than-ideal conditions. A progressive side cut ensures the Coomba still has enough power for the groomers or wind pack. A MOD secondary elastomeric core under the top sheet soaks up vibration and chop when straight-lining exit chutes. Doug Coombs died in La Grave France, doing what he loved skiing steeps. K2 gives a percentage of all Apache Coomba sales to his wife and son, and will also donate to the Chad Vanderham Endowment, a nonprofit focused on improving guide education and safety.

Lengths167cm, 174cm, 181cm, 188cm
Dimensions135 / 102 / 121cm
Turn Radius[174cm] 22m
ConstructionTorsion box
Core MaterialFir
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseBackcountry, powder
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
BaseNot Specified
Recommended BindingNo
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S07000167, Size: 167cmS07000167
Style: S07000174, Size: 174cmS07000174
Style: S07000181, Size: 181cmS07000181
Style: S07000188, Size: 188cmS07000188
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