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2009 Head Monster im 78 Reviews


My Ski Test Winner


Pros: Up for anything I threw at 'em

Cons: Need more width for cut-up crud snow

by Oren Last week we were down at Bachelor during my son's mid-winter break. I'd been thinking about a new pair of skis, and I had been in contact with Dawg/Scott and he had recommended several that he thought I should try.  Me: 5' 7", ~150 lbs, 55 year old male, level 6 skier looking to get better, ski around 15-20 days a year in the Northwest. For the last five years or so I've been skiing on a Atomic Beta Ride 9.22, 170 cm. I was looking for an all-mountain ski that could help me ski off the groomed better but that also would be comfortable for cruising with the family - the mythical 50/50 ski. Scott's crew hooked me up with three skis to demo - the Fischer Watea 78 in a 167, Head...
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Great Narrow All-Mountain Ski


Pros: Great carver, solid in mixed snow, smooth with great edge hold

Cons: not the most energetic poppy ski out there

A lot has been said about this ski, but I wanted to add my 2 cents, having finally got these after thinking about them for a year or so.About me: I'm 39, 5'9, 170lbs or so and ski primarily at Tahoe, with a trip to Utah every year, if all goes well. I put myself in the upper echelon of the SF Bay weekend skier crowd. I have decent technique and ski everything with confidence at reasonably high speeds. I do not ski like a former racer or 25 year old local stud.I haven't skied a ton of skis over the years, so that's a relevant point here. I''ve had first generation Bandit XX's (not so great), Pocket Rockets, K2 Crossfires, and Gotamas. Still have the PR's and Gotamas. I've demoed Salomon...
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VG Intermediate and up ski


Pros: very stable, low chatter and tractable

Cons: not the best in tight spaces

I demoed these skis this past week and found them very good (to my style anyway)  I found them very stable and forgiving whenever I got upset.  I was skiing on long blues and mogully blacks with some treed cut up glades thrown in.   The temps. were around the melting point so the snow was somewhat sticky but soft and forgiving.  The only difficulty I had with the skiis was in the trees but I had the 171cm skis and probably would have been better off with the 165's.  Anyway, I quite liked them although graffics wise they are quite plain.

nothing to complain about


Pros: predictable, quick turning but will put a big line down on grommers,

Cons: not a lot of pop

About me 5'10" 150lbs 25 years old.  Probably a level 6 when i bought but better now. I bought this ski as my only pair after a long time demo-ing because of a long break from skiing.  I wanted something that i could handle but that I wouldn't over-ski once i started getting better.  It isn't the most lively ski in the world, but it will do anything you ask from it.  I have taken it all over the front sides from ice to bumps.  Short turning radius helps me out in the bumps.  I have also been in bottomless powder with it at heavenly 2 years ago in january.  Obviously the powder performance wasn't great but it got me down the mountain.  No complaints, I got what i was looking for.

have a question about mounting


Pros: have a question about mounting

Cons: have a question about mounting

I just bought these IM 78s and they came with a pair of MOJO 12 bindings!  My question is - they did not come with riser plates.  Do you recommend a riser for these bondings on thee skis?  thanks

monster 78


Pros: love this ski

Cons: none

great do it all ski. I have a Baron A/T binding on it and can ski it anywhere my skins will take me.

Go to, do anything ski!


Pros: Solid, unflappable, reliable like an old friend - my #1 ski this season

Cons: Not good in bumpy tight tree runs where my boy loves to go ;)

Buy it!
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