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2009 Fischer RX 8 Fire Ski


sorry for my last review as it was incomplete.


this ski puts a smile on my face, they

make small radius turns so easily and are a great ice ski.

 they also are extremely manageable in the bumps.

great ski at a very low price...........




Pros: Grip on ice, ease of turning

Cons: sinks in soft snow

These are my favorite skis in the east.  I ski these as my primary teaching ski, and they are by far my most fun ski.  The short radius does mean that I tend to make a lot of turns, but these are the easiest skis to turn.  I tend not to ski these in the early season until I get my legs under me, though, as they tend to induce me to get very energetic.  I have two pairs of RX-8's and I will be sadddened if Fischer ever stops making these skis.


Pros: Tight Turn Radius, Good in Bumps, Good on Ice

Cons: 65/66 mm waist is limiting

I have two pairs of these 05/06 and 08/09 (as a replacement for when my original pair dies) in the 165 cm length.  Great Eastern skis.


These are great on the groomed slopes, in moguls, and even in the glades after the snow has been packed down a bit (not my first choice for fresh snow/powder days--but those are the exception, not the rule where I ski).


Very tenacious grip on ice and hard snow. 


Great in the bumps, except it is possible to twist out of the integrated Tyrolia-made binding (due to the heel release feature) when you reach the trough, plant hard and begin turning up the side of the next mogul.  I've had this happen a few times on steep bump slopes in the spring when the snow is sticky.  The DIN can be adjusted to address this.


I have a friend that have had delam problems with these skis after 4-5 years use.  Online stories claim earlier delam.  I've been on my 05/06 pair for 3+ years with no problems.  Gave 4 stars for durability, although my personal experience is 5 stars so far.


Highly recommended.




Pros: Turning radius makes for a fun energized run.

Great, fun ski. Will be looking forward to pushing them harder up north in a week or so.
2009 Fischer RX 8 Fire Ski

Unlimited skiing fun on any piste. With a ski that is perfectly tuned for use on the slopes. The smoothest ride possible and low on weight. Top stability and ideal power transfer. Wood core constructions with Titanal shell make this ski an extremely responsive fun machine. And enable the skier to carve down the hills with extremely tight arcs.

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