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2009 Elan Magfire 78 Ti Ski


Pros: Energy and dampness, good on and off piste.

Cons: None

Age 63, 45 years skiing. I usually ski longer skis, but have skied these 18 days straight in all kinds of conditons including powder. The 176's have been great, though I am curious how much quickness I would give up on the 182's, which might be more stable when really flying.

Skipress talks about how easy and fun these are and I agree completely. They are stiff enough torsionally to give good edge grip, yet cut through crud and don't dive in powder. They make me feel young again

I forgot to add: 6' 1" 180 lbs.

These were demos I bought at the end of last season.


Pros: Edge Grip, Stable, Maneuverable, Forgiving, Flexible

Cons: A little on the heavy side.

AWESOME Ski for Northeast Ice and Crud. Ski these in Steeps, Bumps, Piste and Off Piste with ease. Love'm. They carve, grip, and have nice rebound. Good for heavy skiers like me.


Pros: Crud busting machine!!

Cons: heavy ski.

Skied this ski for a season and it was a strong ski. It is strong in performance topped only by a set of P30 Vokals that my mother and I bought off a friend. They maneuvered though the bumps like a dream! The edges held on tight even on a icy day, and carved like a dream. 


I would recommend these skies to a skier who is looking to ski groomers, bumps, packed powder. They Skier must also be at least to an up-intermediate, NOT a beginner ski! I wouldn't put any of my begginer skiers on these!

2009 Elan Magfire 78 Ti Ski

Focused on performance and designed for the progressive skier, the Magfire 78 Ti is ideally suited to skiers of advanced ability with a dogged determination to take their on-mountain skills to the next level. A trump card in anyone’s deck.

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Skier: 5 foot 9, 155lbs.  ski 30+ days per year.  Conditions; up to 6" of new, fairly light crud, mostly moderate pitches, a few bumps. 

Ski: 2010 Elan Magfire 78ti, 176cm.  78mm underfoot, dimensions 123/78/105, radius 17.2m 

Review: this ski is a very nice mid-width, do everything ride that is quite high performance for the level of forgiveness.  It has a soft flex, only 1 layer of metal, and feels a bit more snappy with a smaller turn radius than it is listed.  Feels much more like a 15m ski than a 17m one.  The energy is solid, quite a bit of snap in the tail, moderately stable in cruddy snow.  On the steeper pitch, with 6" of new (fairly heavy snow) the ski was totally solid, although doesn't have the heft of the 82xti, or quite the stability and move-the-snow power.  The 78ti is a also a great ski to work on improving one's skills: it provides lots of feedback, instant edge engagement, power when pressured correctly, and also teaches energy management, due to it's fairly lively nature.  I have skied this on hard snow and it holds as well as any ski of this stiffness I have tried.  The Elan Magfire skis quite damp, and follows the terrain well.  You can see how it absorbs the terrain; I can just relax at the end of the turn and allow the ski to do it's thing, without having to fight it.  Above average in the bumps (these bumps were very soft, but oddly sized and hard to ski).   Forgiveness is very high for a ski of this performance. Suitability is for an improving intermediate to a lower-level expert. Probably not the best ski for the super hard charger, but a great choice for others looking for a super solid ski for most turn shapes, most speeds, bumps, crud, and just a mix of conditions. 

Overall, this ski is a real winner for a wide range of skiers, looking for that narrower, one ski quiver, or a narrower end of a 2-ski quiver.  It is classic Elan: smooth, fairly damp, with an energetic tail and great edgehold.

by Dawgcatching
February 23, 2010
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