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2009 Dynastar Legend Pro XXL Ski


Pros: Powder bliss, nice float, fast, straight, fast.

Cons: fast, you'll see the world in a blur., Weak in the legs, go somewhere else for your giggles., this will fry the quads on most.

Saying that this ski offers some of the best of both worlds is an understatement.   Off piste, this ski rocks, from blower to cold smoke, you'll find confidence with each turn, you can be as agressive as you want and the ski will keep it coming.   The float is amazing and the late afternoon baked sun crust won't offer any issues.   On piste, it is a very fast ski (as it is off piste), but the feedback from the groomers won't hinder forward progression.  It skis very flat, with no high speed wobble NO chatter, NO harshness.  What you'll be trying to do , is find its terminal velocity (which you won't find), SO go as fast as you want, it will reward you with many smiles.


Pros: Float, Stable, Beefy

Cons: requires skill and commitment

I demoed this ski at Snowbasin. The weather was a bluebird day with about 12" of fresh over a very soft and deep base. More than 50 inches of new snow fell in the prior week. Knee to waist deep everywhere. Each ski saw some untracked snow, Some soft & deep crud and some soft groomer conditions.


The XXL is now available in a 187cm size, much better for mortals than the 193cm size. The ski has almost no camber, moderate flex and the biggest shovel this side of a Pontoon. It is also has a perfectly flat tail. This combination works. The shovel allows the skier to stay upright. The tips stay up even if the skier gets a little forward or if the piles of pushed-up snow are knee deep. I was able to just blast through any “harbor-chop” like a Boston Whaler. It actually felt like a reverse camber ski, almost impossible to dive the tips.

The ski was also great on groomers if you like real GS turns and speed. Edge-grip is great on everything but ice. Awesome!


Pros: Damp, smooth and confidence inspiring

Cons: heavy

 For Off piste variable snow there is nothing better. Blows trough crud and cut up like its untouched. They made me a better, more confident skier because they are so well balanced. I loaned them to my buddy for a half a day....he bought the last pair in girdwood that night. A perfect big mountain resort ski for the agressive skier that likes to ski steep, challenging off trail terrain.

2009 Dynastar Legend Pro XXL Ski

Expert big-mountain skiers conquer mythical lines and bottomless deeps on the titanal-reinforced Dynastar Legend Pro XXL. This Dynastar ski redefines the word burly, with a full wood core and full-length titanal sheets that give it the power to charge huge lines at high speeds. This super fat plank blows through crud, lays down huge, arcing turns on anything from waist deep pow to boilerplate, and points the biggest airs available on a huge 109 millimeter waist and buoyant 132 millimeter shovel. This powder gun's unparalleled stability at mach speed in any snow condition makes it the pick of pro skiers, freeskiing competitors, and big-mountain bombers worldwide. Armed with the Legend Pro XXL and the skill to tame it, you have our permission to find the gnarliest line in the range, click in, and send until your heart explodes.

Dimensions[187cm, 194cm] 132 / 109 / 122mm
Turn Radius41m
Core MaterialMixed wood and Rohacell core
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseBig mountain freeride, powder, expert skiers
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Recommended BindingPX 14 TI Lifter Wide
Weight[Pair] 11lb 6oz (5140g)
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: A9210, Size: 187cmA9210-187
Style: A9210, Size: 194cmA9210-194
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