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2009 Blizzard Magnum 8.7 IQ Ski Reviews


Now BlizzErd


Pros: Super versatile

Cons: I have to wait for the new binding

Initial Impression: My initial impression with Blizzard IQ goes back to there days when they were distributed by Dalbello. I was really not impressed do to the simplicity of the design and IMHO a sub par binding. I DID like the Titan Nine of the same generation. I skied the Cronos which was the replacement for the Titan was not near the same power as that ski. Along comes the new Magnum series. The feel of this 8.7 is closer to the feel of the old Titan Nine than the Cronos. In hand flexing, the Magnum has a lot of spring In hard snow it head very well and the 18M TR really allowed a much tighter TR. For a 87mm waist, the ski is very nimble and I had no problem linking shorter turns on...
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Great all round ski


Pros: A one ski quiver

Cons: None

Skied on this ski all last winter in all kinds of Eastern conditions, groomed and ungroomed, and it worked on all of them. If you are an Eastern skier (or a Western skier looking for a one ski quiver), this is a great choice. New this year, they have a slider plate that you can mount any binding to, slide it on the ski, and attach with one screw. You can have one ski, but different bindings (tele, AT, Alpine). I have mine set up to go with either an alpine binding, or a Marker Duke. It also allows you to put bindings other than Marker on the skis.

THE one ski quiver for the west coast


Pros: Everything

Cons: Hard Moguls?

This ski is amazing. If you need a ski that will do it all and do it all at a high performance level, look no further. The one con: It isn't too happy in super hard moguls, but it will do them. Anyways, what ski likes hard moguls anyways?

Blizzard Magnum 8.7, versatile and stable high performace carver


Pros: ballance, versatility stability at high level of performance

Cons: icy irregular bumps

 Blizzard Magnum 8.7, 174 cm. I am 5’8’’ 145 lb. aggressive, all mountain skier – Level 9-10. I like to ski out back, steep couloirs, natural snow, western steep tree runs, deep pow and also high speed carve turns on the eastern and western groomers.I was looking for a pair of ski with better carving capability and quicker edge action than my Volkl Mantra ( 177 cm , 130-94-113mm, R23m) without sacrificing other qualities except perhaps deep back-country pow.I didn’t find it in Volk line ironically, in Blizzard, Magnum 8.7 ( 174cm, 128-87-113 mm , R18.5m, IQ integrated binding, also slightly stiffer).What made this ski stand out among all the other all mountains / big mountain midfat skis...
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Great All-round All Mtn Ski


Pros: Super versatile, crud eating, responsive

Cons: not the best in the bumps

I picked up a pair of the 2008/2009 Blizzard Magnum 8.7s from our rep in last season and I could not put these away for the rest of the season. As a shop owner, I get to ski a ton of skis and these quickly became a favorite of mine. In fact I hoarded them and no-one else at the shop got to ski them. This ski excels at almost every condition I took it in, from the Montezuma Bowl at A-Basin to the hanging valley wall at Snowmass, to bumps at Mary Jane. It was equally at home in the bowl as it was on hardpack frontside runs at Keystone. my only complaint is that I ran out of season to ski them last year and have been literally dreaming about turning them on my first run this fall!
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