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2009 Blizzard Magnesium SL Ski


Pros: Much easier to ski then you'd think, versatile, bear claw grip

Cons: Top sheet integrity

 I bought these used from a rep.  Having never skied a true race ski before I had expected them to be a specialty ski for me.  One run and I was sold on them.  They do it all, short turns (of course they're a slalom ski) schmedium turns, even medium to long radius.


They have grip on hard snow that's unbelievable, I feel like I have bear claws on my feet!  I use them to teach and they have no problem going slow and easy, and I can ski them switch and do flat 360's on them with ease.  They handle soft snow and ankle deep powder.  They really do not take a lot of effort to ski, but the more you put into them the more they give back.


My only (minor) complaint is that some of the top sheet at the edges is breaking off, although this seems to be a common problem with skis these days (planned obsolescence?)


Pros: Smooth, quick

Cons: Quick, unforgiving

 After reading other reviews on the Mag SL, I just had to try it for myself.   A few runs on these skis and I knew I had my short ski, for those hard pack days when I want something a bit more than an all mountain ski will offer.  

The SL's want to go fast and make short turns, which was especially fun for me, since I live on a tiny hill in Michigan.  The only down side is that they want to be driven which can and will be exhausting if you're on them all day.

I had the opportunity to ski these back to back with the Volkl Race Tiger in the same size, which only proved to me that the Blizzard is smoother and ready for someone who wants a responsive ski that doesn't overdo it on feedback.


Pros: Stiff, responsive, fast, fun.

Cons: Heavy with the plates

I race on these and love em! They rip in the course and are fast and stable enough to do everything else. Although these are not for the faint of heart they are AGRESSIVE!
2009 Blizzard Magnesium SL Ski

This is the 2009 year model of the 165cm long Magnesium SL vertical sidewall sandwich racing ski. The ski is stiff and rigid and feels extremly solid. Best suited for racers or skilled skiers looking for that ultimate carving ski.

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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Race Skis › 2009 Blizzard Magnesium SL Ski