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2008 Volkl Kiku Ski - Women's


Pros: dimensions are awesome.esp underfoot

Cons: kinda stiff but thats volkl

this is an awesome ski for people just starting out in powder.the underfoot dimension is perfect (107). its also a really stiff ski but thats what i like about volkl. when i saw them at the ski shop i knew i had to have even before i skied them. they are awesome in powder.enough said


Pros: Powder surfing, crud busting, and carving skills galore.

Cons: Requires speed and muscle to shine.

The stunning 2008-2009 Kiku is a big ski for big girls riding big turns on big mountains.

This ski has amazing carving abilities for a "powder" ski of this width, although it requires serious speed and true commitment to high edge angles to accomplish this. I was tremendously impressed at it's ability to hold an edge and its race-ski-like feel on a day with a light sugar coating on top of a groomed Midwest ice base. I was not, however, surprised to find that short carved turns are not in this skis vocabulary, although it adeptly (but not happily) performed smeared turns of any size at any speed.

The following day, after receiving a whole 2-3" of freshies overnight, the Kikus displayed an entirely different personality. Strangely enough, I was astounded to find that this particular 105 mm waisted ski is not overkill in such a paltry amount of snow!! Who knew?  The Kikus had me laughing and giggling the entire day! Steeps, flats, "pow", crud......everything was just effortless! No more "shopping for turns" as the Kikus either plowed through or floated over everything in their way, depending on the speed they was moving. Surprisingly, they also danced through our close set bumps and glades with a nimbleness I never expected from a ski this fat.

While I wouldn't choose any ski this fat to be my only ski in the Midwest, I'd feel perfectly comfortable using the Kiku as my OSQ out west.

Particulars: Skis - 176 cm, Marker Dukes mounted boot center on the line. Skier - 190+ lbs, PSIA L2, Nastar Gold/Platinum level racer, aggressive and loves speed.

2008 Volkl Kiku Ski - Women's

The Volkl Kiku is a classic big-mountain pow ski built around the same dimensions as the revered Volkl Gotama, but with a Sensorwood Lite core just for lady rippers. With its generous 105mm waist and twinned-up tail, the Kiku is perfectly at home in the deepest fluff the West has to offer, but just like the Goat , this traditional-sidewall mountain maiden can rip up nearly any terrain at any speed. Toughbox construction keeps even the most aggressive gals firmly mounted, while balsa stringers in the poplar tip and tail shave the ounces that lighter skiers don t need. While it might be a little too much for some, the Kiku will definitely win the hearts of women who have spent years seeking out the shorter sizes in men s skis to get the width and power they want.

Lengths168cm, 176cm
Dimensions133 / 105 / 124mm
Turn Radius[168cm] 21.1m; [176cm] 23.5m
ConstructionToughbox, traditional sandwich laminate
Core MaterialSensorwood Lite
Binding SystemNo
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseWestern big mountain, powder, advanced to expert
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Binding
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: KIKU, Color: White, Size: 168cmKIKU-WHT-168
Style: KIKU, Color: White, Size: 176cmKIKU-WHT-176
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Women's Alpine Skis › Women's Freeride Skis › 2008 Volkl Kiku Ski - Women's