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2008 Volkl Aura Ski - Women's


Pros: Floats in pow, rips on groomers, plows through crud.

Cons: Skittish on ice, slightly balky at slower speeds, lots of tip chatter on hard snow.

The Aura remains unchanged since it's inception, with the exception of Volkl discontinuing the 177cm size for 2008-2009, and for good reason....it's a versatile, powerful, rock solid women's ski that does almost everything exceptionally well. I demoed the 2007-2008 in the 163cm, own the 2006-2007 in 177cm (purchased used), and wish I could afford to own both sizes. Discontinuing the 177cm was a huge mistake, IMHO.


The 163cm is snappy and fun, easily zipping through the closest trees and ugliest moguls, providing plenty of fun for east coast and midwest skiers, even on the smaller hills of Michigan.


The 177cm is still slithery through the moguls but requires strength and quick feet when negotiating tighter trees. This length powers through chowder and crud like a feight train and floats heavier skiers through pow while still keeping much of the fun factor of the shorter length.


Given their width underfoot, both are surprisingly powerful and competent carvers on the groomers, rewarding good technique, patience, and commitment to a high edge angle with eye-watering speed and race ski-like performance. They tend to suffer a little on harder snow with plenty of annoying tip chatter while remaining solid underfoot. Both are equally happy doing skidded and scarved turns as well, but they really prefer carving at high and higher speeds, with the shorter length being somewhat less demanding. With the exception of their slightly shaky performance on true east cost ice, these fatties are surprisingly versatile enough to be an everyday ski for any speed loving advanced to expert woman skier.


Pros: Great ski to build confidence

Cons: Not good at mach one, but handles speed pretty good for this type of ski.

Normally I don't like "women's skis".  I understand they are improving, however, so I test drove the Auras last season (07-08) along with two other women's skis, both of which were returned ASAP to the demo shop with unpleasant things to say.  The Auras, however, are just plain FUN.  Both my daughter (former FIS racer and a beautiful skier, small in stature, and physically fit) and myself (old school mess, overweight, underfit and tall, level 7, ski 60 or more days a year) love these skis in the powder.  They are very maneuverable for those tight trees and not THAT bad (although definitely not for the race course) at speed.  Powder skis aren't supposed to be for speed, they're softer, so the fact that you may find some chatter when slamming a mach 10 line down a groomer shouldn't surprise you.  All in all, a great ski. 


Length tested was 163.

2008 Volkl Aura Ski - Women's

Strap on the Volkl Women s Aura Alpine Ski and feel a glow beyond the explanation of science. It s hard to explain the absolute radiance, if you will, that comes from charging down an open powder basin, then spinning into switch mode once you hit the groomers below. Feel like hitting the park along the way? Not a worry the Aura floats through the kickers with supernatural ease. With the fine grip of Volkl s Power Construction, the responsiveness of a sophisticated sensorwood core, and the strength of two sheets of titanium, the Aura dances around the mountain as gracefully as the Northern Lights. The Aura s 94mm waist offers plenty of float on freshie runs, while the twin tips and ample sidecut feel right at home on the hardpack.

Lengths156cm, 163cm, 170cm
Dimensions130 / 94 / 113mm
Turn Radius[156cm] 16.9m; [163cm] 19.0m; [170cm] 21.1m
ConstructionPower Box
Core MaterialSensorwood poplar/beech wood
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseWomen’s powder, all-mountain skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Recommended BindingNo
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: AURA, Color: Black, Size: 156cmAURA-BLK-156
Style: AURA, Color: Black, Size: 170cmAURA-BLK-170
Style: AURA, Color: Black, Size: 163cmAURA-BLK-163
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