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2008 Stockli Rotor 76 Ski


Pros: Great edge hold but easy to smear, too. Exceptional quality and durability.

Cons: Some would say expense. But the value is very high.

Conditions: Mid-season wind-packed, groomed, and bumps at Vail and Copper Mountain. Some difficult snow conditions, with hardpack/powder combinations, some dirt showing in places, and flat light making knowing what's coming a challenge.

Ski: 169cm, 124-76-109, 14m

Review: I have heard about Stockli skis for years, and had tried a Laser (SL race ski) a couple of years ago. I picked up these skis on loan from Rob Hill at Copper (our Stockli rep) to see how they might work as one of the skis in my quiver as I get back to skiing a more "normal" season for me (40 days or so). I really wasn't quite sure what to expect, and I knew that Rob skied them in all conditions.

Once I laid them over on the first run of the day, I knew that they were something special. Tipped up on edge on the early morning hard groomers at Vail, the edge dug in and held on like a full-bore race ski. The 14m sidecut allowed me to shape turns in a variety of ways with exceptional confidence. Speed was not a problem at all, and I let them run a number of times on various terrain just to see. They were not squirrelly, and gave back whatever I put in.

There were a couple of times, though, that they reminded me to pay attention. I have a tendency at times to lead into my new turn by tipping my feet before my CoM moves across my skis. This the Rotors did not like! They let me know with a not-so-gentle slap that they weren't going to put up with that, and that I should pay better attention to the all-important transition.

So I did. 

One challenge that I've seen in the past with skis that are this strong on-edge is an unwillingness to be slid. This means that smearing (or "buttering") your turns is right out, and can make negotiating some terrain and conditions virtually impossible. I was very pleased to find that the Rotor did not have this issue. I played with smeared turns in bumps, on groomed, and in crud that I found around the mountains, and in all cases, the skis were completely in control and responsive.

Really outstanding!

This ski is now at the top of my list for my next everyday ski. I think regardless of conditions, it is one of the most responsive and yet effective skis I have ever skied. On top of that, it doesn't beat me up all day, forcing me to be on top of my game from start to finish like race skis do.

Lastly, reports from the field indicate that these skis last. The demos that I tried had many days on them, and it's not uncommon to meet people with more than 300 days on their Stockli skis. That alone may make them a high-value ski even if the initial outlay is a bit more than others.

These skis come flat, so choose whatever bindings you want!

Try 'em if you can.

My specs: 6’, 175lbs. male, 39th season skiing, PSIA level II cert. Ski fast, love to turn, enjoy the “arc and spark”, and powder. Gearhead.

My own equipment (09/10 season): Nordica Aggressor 150 boots, Nordica Mach 3 Power and Nordica Afterburner skis, Leki AERO Viper Trigger poles, Marker helmet and goggles.

This review consists of my thoughts and impressions of these skis. As all should know, ski impressions are driven by personal preference, technique, preferred sensations, and so on. Some have said that we prefer skis that mask our technique issues. Probably true. We also probably prefer those that our technique can really use. So, this is not doctrine. Simply what I think about what I felt.

Skiing style/technique: I have asked some ski instructors and race coaches to describe my skiing to give you an idea of my technical ability. Here's what they had to say: "dynamic, smooth, efficient. Good turn completion. Occasional tendency not to move down the hill on initiation that is easily corrected when you think about it." "...skiing looked generally quite good. You seem to ski a pretty aggressive line and generally in balance. Your turns are generally carved, even on the pitches. The thing I did notice that I would comment on if I were coaching you was a stance that seemed a bit narrow, and a turn initiation that seemed a bit steery." "...you are a technically strong, aggressive skier with a bias toward power rather than finesse. Smooth and fast!!" These days were in the midst of a 9-day "Ski & Write" retreat and were my 10th and 11th ski days this season.

Preference in skis: If you consider the skis that I prefer, you'll see that I like 'em light and lively. I like a lot of snow feel and energy in the ski. I prefer a slalom racing ski feel for my personal skis, and I love the carve. I like a ski that flexes smoothly, and helps me ride the varying conditions and terrain of the I-70 resorts in Colorado.
2008 Stockli Rotor 76 Ski

Tight-turning all-mountain hand-built ski from Switzerland

Turn Radius14.0 at 169cm
Core MaterialWood
Binding System
Recommended UseAll terrain, all conditions
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Info
Model Year2010
Binding Included
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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