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2008 Praxis Powder Boards


Pros: Quick acceleration, Turns on a dime, Floatation, Stable

Cons: Versatility

185 cm. Mounted on the middle of the three recommended measurements.


On TGR they call these revers-reverse skis "funshapes". Take these out for a powder morning and you will soon see why. Although the skis are stable at speed and can handle the most serious of slopes, they are a playful ski. My regular ski is a Volkl Explosiv. I would describe this ski as a no-nonsense crudbuster. You need to ski it fast and work it hard for the best results. The Praxis is totally different. You can ski these at any speed, making and size turn with ease. Turning is different though, more of a pivot than a carve.


Praxis Powders are great tree skis, because you can ski them at super slow speeds without worrying about getting stuck. More importantly, you can  turn them at these speeds, opening up super tight lines that can be used as variations to your favorite glades, or used to score powder turns long after the storm.


In open spaces, these handle high speeds well. Their shape ensures the skis never get hooky, and the rocker keeps you above the chop. If need to dump speed, these skis do it with ease.


On the chairlift, I occasionally get the " I like to ski in the powder rather than on top of it" from people with mid-fats. I don't think this is an accurate criticism. While you can "surf" on the powder, and this is really enjoyable, it is also possible to sink these skis.


The downside is versatility. There are no compromises in powder performance to make life easier on the hardpack. Basically, if you regularly need an edge, you should switch to another ski. For Powder on softpack, you should be fine all day. For powder on ice, I will usually switch skis after lunch. Soft packed bumps aren't fun, but okay. Icy bumps are a nightmare. Steep icy hard pack is okay if you allow yourself to skid. Traverses are okay for the straight sections, but you lose speed when skidding around turns.


Pros: Turn on a dime, stop on a penny, can do all kinds of fun stuff with them

Cons: they suck for hiking on (herringboning), not great for skating, they require a different technique in bumps and harder snow

Of course these things rule in powder. You can do all sorts of nutty stuff that is either really difficult or impossible on regular skis. You can turn and stop so fast you will juke yourself out of your boots. They accelerate like a bullet. You can do all sorts of fun smears and ass-slides. And don't listen to the guys who say these things suck on harder snow and bumps. You just have to learn how to ski them. Don't expect to pressure the tips and have them swing around like some carving ski - they will do the exact opposite. You have to learn not to carve them - you have to learn the art of Sliding Ass. Once you figure this out they are actually a lot of fun. If I had to compare them to a female vocalist it would be Björk Guðmundsdóttir - all over the place and probably a little too far out for you. You'll also want to go a lot longer than a normal ski.


Pros: Great Float and Manuverability, One of the most fun skis Iahve been on in soft snow. Make Nasty snow ski like pow, highly manuverable in tight spots.

Cons: None on a powder day, but it is what it is

Who cares about edge grip? The skis are specialized for soft snow, and if it is a powder day they will ski great even on the front side. If its 3 days later and you are harvesting the last of the tree pow they will make it back to the lift fine.


I find my self skiing faster on these than on conventional skis and havign alot more fun. Go as fast as you want and then shut it down on command.  I have had my most fun days in the pow on these and the snow wasn't even that good. Best tree skis I have ever been on--super manuverable.


Pros: Stability, maneuverability (including trees), and maximum fun in anything soft

Cons: Pointless if there isn't at least 3-5" of soft snow of some kind (including corn)

Full review to come.

2008 Praxis Powder Boards

With reverse sidecut and camber, the Praxis Powder skis are designed to optimize the skiing experience anywhere soft snow can be found.

Lengths195; 185; 175
Turn Radiusn/a
Constructionsidewall; reverse camber and sidecut (131/136/124 in 195 and 185cm; 121/125/115 in 175cm)
Core Materialwood
Binding Systemflat
Recommended Usepowder, crud and other soft snow
Manufacturer Warranty
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Info
Binding Included
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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