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2007 Volkl AC40 Ski


Pros: Good on ice, and bumps, superb carver, not bad in powder and crud either

Cons: The Marker iPT binding that comes with it must be cranked very close to max (12)

I got these (184's) on the cheap from an experienced 6ft plus 190 lb. plus powderhound in his late 40's who was looking for a one ski quiver and this was not his ski. I think it might have been due to location ... Pac NW. I skied some real noodles there myself. It comes with the snow conditions. Move these skis to Taos and they are just what the doctor ordered. I will use them in Val d'Isere and Chamonix as well. I'm 5'8" and 160 soaking wet. They have a lot of pop. When in deep stuff, I can stay on top because they are about 82 under foot and the shovel is pretty wide. One or two reviews mentioned that the skis were heavy. I thought they were actually pretty light. A fellow instructor who skis some other kind of Volkl (can't remember what) didn't like them and described them as "too much ski". I understand what he is saying, but I really like feeling as though "my skis are taking me somewhere", so, for me, too much ski is just the right amount.


I am prejudiced against rocker. Too much of my life was spent compensating in the gates for bent skis that I took into the bumps when the coach was not looking. At the time of writing this, with rocker becoming the rage, these skis will be selling at a very reasonable price.


the only drawback worth mentioning is that most often the Marker iPT bindings have a max DIN of 12. 14 or maybe even 20 DIN springs would have been a better choice.


Pros: stability at speed

Cons: price

Fantastic ski; excellent stability at high speed; good for long carve turns on groomed slope at high speed. 


Have never figured out what they mean by "double grip"

I demoed alot of skis over the course of two seasons - liked these the best for generall all-round skiing.
Good sidecut, good edges, good width - ski anywhere - great fun.


Pros: SPEED!! FUN!!

Cons: TBC

I bought these skis last season in Breckenridge. I'm 6' ,210lbs and a confident intermediate who skis anything in front of them but with varying degrees of style depending on how fit i am feeling! I went for the 177's.

I've skied a lot of different skis and spent a season in NZ in Turoa so tried loads of different types there and over the last few years before committing to buying my own. I bought boots a couple of seasons ago as personally i think they are the best first investment for people who are starting to take their skiing reasonably seriously - rental skis can be great, rental boots always suck.

I found the AC40's to be very fast, very stable at speed, great grip on hard pack and ice and with the right amount of float in knee deep powder to allow me to cut through it without bogging down and hitting the deck head first. The only downside i can find so far is that they are reasonably heavy and take some work to shift them around in the really tight stuff - trees, moguls etc. That could be because im not fit enough but i suspect there is an element of ski weight that doesn't help. However my favourite type of skiing is long crusing runs with some jumps, off piste and anything fast and these skis are proving perfect so far. I'm going to Whistler in a few days so looking forward to seeing how they do there but i suspect i will run out of steam before they do!!

2007 Volkl AC40 Ski

The Volkl Unlimited AC40 Carbon is back and better than ever. With not only a new graphic, but with a layer of carbon added for more liveliness this ski will be sure to sell out quickly once again this year. For those of you who asked what would be a livelier version of the AC4, you now have the Volkl AC40 Carbon. With Extended Double Grip, and the Motion iPT system, the Volkl AC40 Carbon is quite probably one of the top 3 best performing mid-fat skis available.

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