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2007 Head Monster IM72

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2007 Head Monster IM72

This is a great all mountain ski with a strong leaning to ripping up groomed runs and ice. It had loads of stabilization technology so the pilot should like to ski with a fair bit of speed (no cruisers here.) This ski is perfect for advanced all mountain eastern and midwestern skiers, and western skiers who ski mainly on groomed runs but do venture off now and then. Intermediates are allowed to buy this ski too, but you should have advanced aspirations, because this ski is definitely above your current level. These sticks are loaded with Head's patented LiquidMetal Technology. All mumbo Jumbo aside, this stuff really works. Its stored up the energy when you apply force into the turn and gives it back when you let up at the end of the turn (assuming you are doing such things while you are skiing.) End result, excellent rebound energy creating a very lively ski. These Skis feature a metal topsheet and intelligence technology. That means this is a stable ski at high speeds. It is intended for advanced skiers who put a fair amount of force on their skis. No gentle cruising here. Holy Crap! That's what we said when we unloaded these off the container. As you can see by the price above these skis are ridiculously affordable (the non marketing savvy call them cheap) but the skis themselves are top of the line. They feature Liguid Metal, Intelligence technology, Full Metal Jacket, Snakesin topsheet, and a beautiful look. This ski is the real deal. Sure it comes with an adjustable SP 100 binding which doesn't quite do justice to the ski, but it works great and if you are a binding snob you can upgrade to a RF (Railflex) binding with the piles of leftover cash you saved due to the absolutely stupid price you paid for the skis. We know you are going to say "too good to be true" blah blah blah.. what do you want us to say? These skis are beasts for strong intermediate to expert skiers, if you don't believe in Santa go pay $500 more for a similar ski from one of those "so bad it is true" shops. If we have the size any of your skiing friends need and you don't inform them of this gem, you are a very very bad person. Better yet, just surprise them with a gift.. heck didn't Jim buy you lunch last week? Probably cost about the same. These skis feature a Snakeskin Topsheet. This is a ribbed rugged surface that repels scratches and wear far greater than a typical topsheet. It won't make you ski better, but it will make you look better.

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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Carving Skis › 2007 Head Monster IM72