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2005 Atomic Tweak


Pros: All mountain capability, light weight, low price

Cons: Top sheet can get scratched up quickly, too narrow for much powder float

The Tweak is an all-mountain twin that's a lot of fun both in and out of the park.  It's an extremely light ski, so it's very maneuverable and great in bumps as well.  Yet the carbon rods keep it stiff enough to stay very stable at speed, and it's a very capable carver.  The mountain point is also back from center, so it has a slightly more all-mountain focus than some pure park skis, but it's also still easy to ski switch.  At only 78mm in the waist it won't float much in powder, but again it's light weight keeps it very manageable.  However the light weight also means it won't be much of a "crud buster," and it doesn't perform quite as well in the heavier or several day-old cut-up snow.  The top sheet has a typical glossy finish that scratches pretty easily, but other than that the durability has been pretty solid over the last 4-5 years I've had the skis.  Also a pretty inexpensive ski that's always been a great value.


2005 Atomic Tweak

The Atomic Tweak will carve the perfect turn as you're shaving a little speed coming into your park's biggest table in-run. Atomic Freeride Team member Rex Thomas, flaming green hair flying out from under his helmet, wasn't worried about the Tweak's ability to stomp a landing as he arced out a huge 180-flare above Superpark 4's 40-foot quarterpipe. And neither should you worry that this sweet ride will take care of you at your home mountain's park and pipe. With a Beta B4 profile providing a smooth, damp ride and a light swing weight making spinning about as involved as thinking about it, the Tweak is a talented all-mountain jibber.

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