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A Review On: 1988 Salomon SX91 Equipe

1988 Salomon SX91 Equipe

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Pros: Light , easy to put on and take off , very good control and warm .

Cons: Not made anymore and that is a shame !

I had two pairs in a row and that , before1988 . Best boots I ever owned , on par with my Scarpa Terminator2 for Telemark . I have done everything with those and when I say everything , I mean it ... even went to bed with them ....( ! )

Compared with the cold as hell  Dynafit 3F and the horrible Trappeur , that was a dream . So easy to tweak and even easier to put on ... when I think about the time it takes to put on my Atomic Burner 120 , I regret the Salomon daily ...

No , that statement is not true : I now have a brand new pair of SX91 .... They spent the last 35 years in a closet because their owner died . I got them for $2.00 and once or twice a week , I ski with them to my upmost pleasure !!!

Bring them back , Salomon .....


Wow! 6 weeks ago I saw a guy wearing these in a restaurant next to the tram at Snowbird. Brought the the past rushing back.

I used to wear the related (white) Solomon SX-81, which was a terrible boot for my narrow, low-volume feet. As I understand now, rear-entry boots were great for high-arch wider feet. So, this was undoubtedly a great boot for you, but it never worked for me. It's an example of why skiers should never buy boots with preconceptions of brand of model.

This said, the SX91 Equipe may have been the most handsome boot ever produced.
I owned a pair of Salomon SX91 Equipes myself and loved them!!!  I bought a used pair at a Sniagrab swap meet at the MN State Fairgrounds many years back.  I wish I still had them.  I sold them at our garage sale for $20.00.
Bruce C. Schultz
Easily the worst boot I ever used!