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1988 Salomon SX91 Equipe


Pros: Instant flex adjustment, easy on/off & walk around

Cons: My high instep got killed

Me and my mullet loved those boots! All over Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, and heli-skiing in Canada.Bought them at the Gart Brothers Sports Castle in Denver. They bit my high instep hard but after much grinding and elaborate modifications got them to fit my abnormal feet. Then it was all fun until someone broke into my Bronco in Las Vegas (enroute to Taos) and stole them.


The single best thing about those boots was the instantly adjustable flex - super cold morning and the boots were stiff - back it off. Warm afternoon and boots were soft but wanted to go high speed - stiffen them up. Popping the release and walking around was really nice too.


These days I spend a lot of time in Atomic CS 130 race boots. Biach to get on warm and impossible to take off when cold. I really am surprised that no one has engineered a ski boot that you can get on and off your foot AND have a great tight fit AND easily adjustable flex.


Skied those boots at a very exciting and adventurous point in my life, and will forever have fond memories.


Pros: easy on / fun and useful fitting adjustments/ really felt cutting edge at the time

Cons: i have since believed that a series of knee injuries were due to the biomechanics of this boot

i would NEVER ski these again.   the knee injuries went away when i stopped using these!  they were the coolest at the time!!


Pros: Light , easy to put on and take off , very good control and warm .

Cons: Not made anymore and that is a shame !

I had two pairs in a row and that , before1988 . Best boots I ever owned , on par with my Scarpa Terminator2 for Telemark . I have done everything with those and when I say everything , I mean it ... even went to bed with them ....( ! )

Compared with the cold as hell  Dynafit 3F and the horrible Trappeur , that was a dream . So easy to tweak and even easier to put on ... when I think about the time it takes to put on my Atomic Burner 120 , I regret the Salomon daily ...

No , that statement is not true : I now have a brand new pair of SX91 .... They spent the last 35 years in a closet because their owner died . I got them for $2.00 and once or twice a week , I ski with them to my upmost pleasure !!!

Bring them back , Salomon .....


Pros: Good for wide feet.

Cons: Bad for narrow feet.

Good for high volumn, pronated feet, i.e: This is the anti-matter Lange XLR/Banshe/Comp but still very good for people with wider, flatter, lower arched feet who needed or wanted a stiffer boot. People with these issues often had abrasion against the boot tongue from the inherent shin rotation that happens with these feet (tibia rotation with knee flexsion), and the Salomon's fitting system addressed this.
(I tried them on, and they don't feet my narrow supinated low-volumn foot. So that is why I've owned three pairs of Lange performance boots. But I did fit these to many peoples feet, when I then at the time was a boot fitter at what was Canada's largest ski shop.)


Pros: Easy on, easy off, easy adjustment, ideal heal hold-down vector, great performance

Cons: Not available anymore

We need Salomon to bring back their rear-entry ski boots.  Please sign this petition and get your friends to sign.  We want to let Salomon know that we are ready to buy these boots if they bring them back.  If they need to make some improvements, then fine.  I would be OK if they just try this model, the SX91 Equipe.  However, I believe that the whole rear-entry design concept needs to be brought back.  Ski racers never took to these boots.  Who cares?  I just want the combination of performance and comfort that I got with these boots and have been lacking in every pair of boots I have bought since I was forced to retire my SX91's.




Pros: super, SUPER light, every adjustment you could ask for,


cant/cuff / whole back could angled left,center or right, Most people probably never took advantage of this when they NEEDED it and some blamed the boot.  fwd lean, FLEX-stifness OR softness took ONE SECOND. PERIOD. Feeling your oats- having a day where your spot on- cant do anything wrong and want to attempt a killer personal best run but ... oh yeah, these ARRRE comp boots as well! reach down turn the tab one or two turns- NOW their comp boots tightened to 96mm! ADJ. the flex up - DONE! Go for it! LET ER RIP! They are soo easy to instantly adjust to whatever your attitude and terrain requiress! MY liners finally started to de-laminate, after 20 YRS! I found a pair a like new! but the shell was the next size up. I stuffed them in my old shell anyways- got another 7 yrs out of them! AND they're still serviceable! They were almost never a boot i was dying to get out of. Only when the temps went way negative, (F) , and then that only took 2 seconds! 1 buckle, and kalun'k! Thank God too because my fingers were numb!! 


Pros: easy on and easy in the lodge/line

Cons: cold, stiff,

First boots I owned.  Got them in the PX in Germany.  I was ready to move on to expert skiing and slopes, and, twenty-three years later, I still am! 


Some folks still swear by them. I'd still have mine if the lining hadn't disintegrated after 25 years of hard use.

1988 Salomon SX91 Equipe

Mid-80's classic rear-entry, single buckle, adjustable flex slide.

Shell Material
Liner Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Number of Buckles1
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Binding Compatibility
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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