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You should be on the 170. The 177, at 1.5" overhead, is too long for an improving intermediate in the North East. Why make progressing harder AND less fun? The upside of stability is relatively small, maybe 5% more stability, for 30% less versatility? Bad trade for 95% of folks out there.
Killington is so close to the US that you might as well visit both.
I think an understanding of what the layers in a layering system DO might help a bit, OP seems a bit off on this.   Base Layer- keep your skin dry by moving water vapor (sweat) away fro your skin and toward the outer layer. DO NOT skip this, just use something good (UA is CRAP).   Mid Layer- warmth, this is where you tailor to the days conditions, you should have multiple options from light to heavy. This can be skipped in spring or worn as outer layer for...
I would strongly advise looking for a 20" bike with NO suspension, the small kids stuff (with the exception of niche high end kid's bikes, like Lil'shredder) are way too heavy and the suspension is so poorly executed that it is a detriment. Save the weight and the $$. Gears are probably best if they do NOT feature a front derailleur, keep it somewhat simple.
Yup. "What have you skied, what did you like about it, or what DIDN'T you like? What do you wish it did better or differently?" GREAT info to have, most people simply can't or won't provide it.
Any brand's DIN 11 binding will be light in weight and high in performance (relatively). Tyrolia Attack 11, Marker Squire (personally dislike), Salomon Z10 or Warden 11... just pick one with the appropriate brake width.
Hmmm... well, that's a bit 'wrong'. I, when asked, generally try to pry a bit of information out of the skier. "What do you enjoy skiing? What terrain? Do you ski bumps and trees or like fast cruising?" (The answer to that series of questions is usually "yes" which is entirely unhelpful.) Luckily most adults then throw in "well, I'm an expert, but I will be skiing with ____ (kids or SO) so I will be skiing slow on groomers with her/him/them", which IS helpful... sort of....
Perhaps you should ask "What skis would you recommend for ME?" I get this all the time, and always want to respond with "you ain't me, sweetheart".
Two things about Burke, as mentioned, it has one of the premier race academy in the country and, it is THE premier New England summer mountain bike destinations. With a little bit of effort it could be a major eastcoast player in lift access mtb ing. Race families + mt bikers might make it more viable than it seems for someone who wants 4 season activity.
So this is still a thing, huh? Is Irul&ublo a male? What does he want sucked, and whom does he want to do the sucking? I'm a Red Sox fan (chowd?) is he referencing me? Is he a homosexual (nothing wrong with that...)? I am not, so while I am flattreed by his never ending interest in sexual relations, I, on the other hand am very much hetero and not interested. (It's not you, it's me. It's just not what I am into). ... but go Yankees? It would be nice to get the rivalry...
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