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Stowe was pretty great today, claimed 4 to 5, was boot top on lots of terrain. Really firm underneath, but skiing fast and thinking light worked out well. Lookout and Starr were skiing DEEP. Really the snow was exactly what we needed, dense and heavy, it pretty much stayed exactly where it fell. Fun morning before work!
Do you mean MAP? They are easy to find for $699, MSRP is $799. I would think most shops could put together a package with a binding that could get you to between 20 and 25% off MSRP for the ski + binding. You won't find the ski for below MAP any time soon (well, you won't find a lower priced advertised), most busy shops are now selling the 2018 model graphic... no need to discount those for a while.
Sorry JimH, I'm not sure what you are talking about. None of the Tyrolia family of Freeflex bindings allow you to move the heel in any way other than with the forward pressure tab. It looks like the center screw could allow the heel to move forward and back along the band between heel and toe... but it doesn't. The good news, for Ontario, is that the second binding is on a plate that is pre-drilled for multiple boot sizes and relocating the binding (both toe and heel) is...
If I lived in NYC I'd look for a good band playing in a small venue and leave the skiing for a different weekend.
Trying to send a newer skier who is hellbent on "saving money" to a bootfitter is wonderful advice... for the skier. It is terrible for the bootfitter.   Some people need to learn on their own, from their own mistakes. It's okay to let them buy the wrong size boot (probably a few different pairs) until they realize that getting it right takes some help and some expertise. Let nature take it's course.
The important question is: Who at Powdr enjoys reading novellas? I mean really, REALLY enjoys reading novellas.     (just kidding Beyond, I hope you get through to someone.)
Getting impaled by a ski pole is kind of like touching your ear with your elbow... things have to go REALLY wrong for it to happen. Don't worry about it.
I don't see this relationship working out...  (also the skis are not repairable. The 'grey powder' is oxidized metal, most likely the edge retaining tabs.)
The problem is the boot sole combined with the worst, most popular, performance binding made. The rubberized sole of the boot creates additional friction to a system that is already a tough fit.    The best 'fix' is to change the way you step into the binding. If you watch how most people step into a ski binding they have their body weight forward and are trying to push the heel down. Picture a skier with their weight on their ski poles and boot toe as they push back and...
With the exception of: all Marker Royalty Family bindings, Tyrolia Aattack and FF Evo bindings, Salomon STH2 and Warden bindings... so yeah, LOOK high performance bindings are self adjusting, everything else... not so much.
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