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The skier hits the snowboarder in that video. 
You could have simply stopped there. Running a ski resort, especially in the east, is EXPENSIVE. Think they could do less snowmaking, less grooming and charge less for a place with few amenities? How has that worked out for all the small ski areas? Not very well. An economist would notice that.
  This is their STEELERS Thread, let them have it. Maybe one of us non-Steelers fans should start an 'NFL Thread'... but no one has. Let's show a little class in victory and not taunt other fanbases (of course, if they start talking first, have at it).
Try having the E88 retuned with more base bevel and some detuning, or just detune the tips and tails before you rush out and buy new skis. (The Sky 7 is probably a better choice, but give the E88 a full chance).
He can't, the binding is non-indemnified. No pro will work on it, anyone who will isn't a pro.
Skiing, done right, is a SPORT. Being good at sports requires practice and fitness. Days count, they make the "good days" both better AND longer.
bottom pic, bottom screw. Turn it until it sits 'flush' with the plastic casing. In the photo it looks like it is about 5mm too deep in it's hole. 
Bottom photo, the bottom screw facing the tail of the ski, should be flush with the back of the 'hole' it is now recessed into. Looks like about 5mm too much fp right now.
Well, the quickest way from NYC to Stowe is to fly from Westchester to Morrisville, then use my version of 'VT Uber'. It involves either a stoned 20 something trustafarian picking you up in a souped up WRX or a crusty older dude with a dog in a dirty truck. I have a dirty truck. Let me know if I can help.
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