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I know a number of men skiing Head Joy series skis, the Super Joy is not 'girly looking' at all.
Any ski can be 1*/3* with a tune. Your wife's K2 certainly didn't leave the factory that way... and if avoiding stress on the knees is the priority you might want to re-think your tune. Very sharp edges and a soft flex will transmit some chatter if not carving pure turns
A list of "20 BEST" would just be 20 skis, boots and bindings from the last 5 years. 20 most "important/ ground breaking/ revolutionary"? That is a different list (Sorry, but words have meanings)
N/m That is the very definition of 'impact damage'. Find a good shop with a good relationship with Rossi and ask if they can get you a 'match' ski.
Nordica GT80 Ti would be the obvious answer. Fischer The Curve GT would be another excellent choice. Head SS Titan, Stockli Laser AX, Kastle MX84, Volkl RTM 84, Next season's K2 iKonic 84 (totally new ski) ... all good.
The paper work comes in handy during litigation... oh, you don't have to deal with that? Be thankful.
Pro Tip: ask for one of the "yes, please" rooms.
Please lock this thread. Please.   The OP's question was answered, the question was revisited, the question has been changed... now it's a dick swinging contest. No one really enjoys it when so few are so proud of so little.
Who is resetting for a different BSL? The OP wants to set his DIN less than type III but more than type II. There is no need to re adjust toe height or forward pressure to do that. (There is also no such thing as type III++, please stop saying this G).
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