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Cat Scratch Fever Voodoo Child
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces this wasn't really a 'demo days' type thing, but sometimes we bring an extra pair or two along might be back down in mid-to-late April conditions pending. Cool. Keep us posted!
Right on. Are you guys planning anymore demo days at Mammoth this season?
sorry for the double post. I'm gonna get the papers, get the papers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces For me, a wider ski underfoot makes it more fun to ski variable snow. I find it (a wider ski) won't get deflected as much or knocked around as much as a narrower ski when skiing variable off-piste conditions. And IMO, you really don't sacrifice that much in maneuverability or edge-to-edge quickness. Yesterday at Mammoth I was skiing a 192 with a 114 waist in spring corn, slush bumps, and wide open bowls....
Sorry for being a total quote JONG.
[quote=faber;650097]"Yes, there is a flick called "Ski Patrol." To call that a B-movie would be to elevate it. But, it has its charms. "Taste death; live life!" "I don't think we should!"
I was in the same situation getting my wife skis. I ended up getting her the Mojo 70, but they were $299.
Rockin the town like a moldy crouton.
Be sure to: -Always carry those poles tips side up. (Hold poles near the handles so that the tips point up & swing backwards while you walk. This works great in crowded ticket lines or any other high density area.) -When entering any building always carry your skis on your shoulder, never upright (skiing is a strenuous cativity, you need to conserver your strength for the hill.) -Sit down & click into your snowboard right at the entrance to the lift line (act annoyed...
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