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    Not so fast with the value judgment.        You're recalling the procedure but not the context.     That advice was for segmented edges or cracked edges. If you had cracked or segmented steel edges, filing tail-to-tip made for burrs and uneven transitions on the leading edge of each segment.    For additional fun and games, on segmented edges filing tail to tip combined with a hard push of the file would destroy the rear bevel on the tipward segment.        So yes, I...
Nice.    2nd pair from right isn't quite up to the standard of the others, but it's better than it was, by a lot. 
Tires?      Making good time?
See if it was a deserted thread, we could get the thread somewhere.    It's the two post point that turns into 20 pages because of all the other posters who a) can't get to the point b) don't have a point c) both of the above.    I work with a guy who doesn't post in forum threads ....
 Was she damp or lively?   Did he rebound?
Bring your warmies and your cold wax if you're looking for fresh snow - sure it'll be warmer down low but that's where the tourist zoo is too.        
 A learning exercise?   An existence proof of alternative possibility?    Of course since you're asking why it probably wouldn't be fun for you so all those other hypothetical reasons go out with the wash. 
  But then you say something that I think goes against the current tide of advice and perception on here:    I think that there is currently on Epicski an overwhelming perception that the goal of waxing is to leave as close to -zero- wax on the ski at all.    Once you've achieved that, you can stop.     For example, look at all the rotobrush threads.    The success and worthiness of brushes is completely defined by how much material they remove.    Done removing?  Done...
 Joking aside, don't bother with all temperature wax.     Paraffin is a waste of money for you (brutally slow when super cold, no protection for the skis against aggressive manmade snow,  not very slippery at all in the springtime)  unless you use it for hot scraping.    Which is rather further along the road than you are right now.  Get a  block of  Toko Blue, either NF or System 3 and use that for everything until you're ready to put more money into the sport.    120...
 Nah, they're stodgy there too.     Have a look at some of the reviews for the Head Joy series, see if that fits.
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