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In diminishing order of  me likey: Vittoria Open Pave      v Vittoria Rubino Pro     v Hutchinson Fusion 3 Kevlar    v Serfas STK-RS*     (My absolute disgust with, contempt for and willingness to laugh at  Michelin road tires is a matter for another thread)   *Edited, I had the wrong Serfas model, the other one is a tank but rides like wood
 Yes.    Vermont does occasionally get conditions that will be too cold for CH6 (new fallen snow below 10F, or new fallen snow followed by an extreme cold snap into the negatives) but  let's just work with what we have for now.        The better your scrape/brush job, the better the performance of any given wax at the extreme ends of its range.
 I'm betting there are  some black oxidation spots, maybe pinhead size or smaller,  on the edges by the time the OP gets home from skiing during the season, just from wet edges sitting in the car or ski box.        Drying them once at home wouldn't remove the existing oxidation, but during the season they get skied soon enough that the tiny black/dark grey discoloration hasn't got time to develop into full-blown rust.So...in the OP's shoes I'd probably take a gummi stone...
    Smooth/fine cut basically gets rid of the tooling marks left by the 2nd cut file.       Yes, that'll work.
 2nd cut files @ ~16tpcm work fast, work  easy.
 and except for the 60F days in January (and February and March), and except for the high moisture base building snow between New Years' and MLK day, and except  for the base burn immediately after every polar vortex or night gunning session, and except for  all the time at resorts that use low air snowmaking sprinklers.
  The EC-R  is turnier and stiffer than the FC, more comparable to oh, a Racetiger in the same length. FWIW, you can always take the Atomic plate off and change bindings.
Only used the Tribloc blue.   It's very noticeably harder to scrape than the Dibloc - forget crayoning.    Otherwise, the only time I thought I felt something improved-but-different was in skiing new snow near creekbeds (sharp crystals, high humidity, 10-15F air temps).      I was looking at the DLC composition, but I still have a giant block of Dominator to use up.   Maybe next season.
 Your wax is too soft for manmade snow, especially manmade snow that is spread within hours of coming out of the gun.      If you will be skiing within driving distance of Va Beach, it is guaranteed that you will encounter this type of snow.      Ditch the CH8 and order a blue wax, like CH6.    You can use the BP88 as a warm wax.
The 3M Weatherstrip stuff dakine mentions works OK, is still relatively peelable by normal humans if you decide you do not like.  There are stronger barge cement/rubber cement/ neoprene contact type adhesives out there, pick whatever has reasonable duty temps.     
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