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Too funny, I'm pretty sure I posted the Check Point video in an Infinity Move thread somewhere last season. 
 Worse.   The part near the edges will not have any skin coverage (and on sidehills this is the important part of the skin), and the net grip will be less.     ((Your weight/new ski surface area)* old skin surface area) < ( (Your weight/old ski surface area)*old skin surface area)
98 will work when the skis are mostly flat or if you're breaking trail but 112 will be better and less annoying  especially on icy sidehill traverses.
  1) go to a place that has grass ski rentals because they will have combed all the rocks out.   It is *very* hard to find a place that is smooth enough and open enough to do on your own.    You essentially need a golf course on a tilt. 2) Yes and no.   It is very easy to carve.   There is a *lot* of vibration and you will tire out in about 1/3 of the time you normally do on snow.    Even if you carve steep blacks you will not advance past easy blues in your first couple...
I'm  a bigger chicken heart Dynastar guy than ^he is 
Head Monster 88   The Snow Ranger was not a system ski so odds are very much in your favour for remounting them with whatever you want.  New bindings suitable for someone your size are selling for $110-$180 right now, not including the mounting fee, so -ahem- up to you if it's worth paying ~$200 for a pair of rock skis.      For my own part, that's not unreasonable, but the Snow Ranger would not be the ski I would choose to do it with.
Also, softer skis have less abrupt breakaways.
2 sets of BBRs and 2 sets of Volants?  *applause*   You really should let the Redster &c. be more photogenic tho.
Nice CLM ride - Chavanel is mosdef in shape, and beating SC's scorcher by 6 seconds over 16 minutes is no small potatoes.
 That he's got by the bucketful - the one thing Movistar doesn't lack for is strong team support.
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