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 Ironically enough, I had a pair - and let them go after the MCL-meniscus-hamstring tear.   I was  on different skis  when the injury happened but I was seriously worried about being on the Stocklis and having a random abduction destroy the knee the rest of the way ( especially on the kind of snow referenced here). EDIT: I went to the battleship graphics TT-188 after that - and enjoyed the rivets off them; they were even surprisingly good in western bumps.
The FA 84 EDT was one of the first skis I thought of. The Pursuit 800 and Monster 83/88 (and Blossom)  were off my radar, thanks all.
So...nothing new for 2016, eh. 
I am, once again, facing up to the fact that at least 15 of my ski days this season will be on the coral reef, refrozen slush complete with carving ruts, frozen groomer tread tracks, and crust with welded-on death cookies.  Think spring conditions, except we can and do get spring conditions all season.       Therefore I need a damp technical ski, the damper the better.  If it is only as damp as last season's iSupershape Rally, I don't need it. If it is only as damp...
^TBH I was not getting that tone from PP's posts at all.      Quite the opposite.    The subtext I was getting could be phrased to read:  1) Here is an area with limited vertical.      2) They're not going to get much out of it - even with a cost-be-hanged dual monorail system.       3) And I know they're not going to do a cost-be-hanged system because they're not even willing to listen to a relatively cheap idea for precisely surveying the site.        4) If...
  I'm still following the general guidelines from that era - as in sure, share live auctions by PM, or use them in general posts as examples, but don't cause any "friendly fire" pricing casualties by posting live auctions unless you know for sure someone is interested in that exact thing.    By 'general' I mean "not directed to a particular poster". By PM - Yes"This is the sort of thing I'm talking about, there are others" - Yes"Here's an amazing deal one of you might...
 Eastern skiers get the same thing moving in and out of snowblower patches.
 You do see that 'dialed for conditions' really means 'dialed to *you* for conditions', yeh?    So that if you have an immensely adaptive *you*, the dialing doesn't need to be so narrow?
There might also be a line choice component to your experience.  This is also where you have to start making different line choices - and sometimes you have to consciously remind your brain that it needs to switch over from powder mode to mashed potatoes mode to slush mode or proto-moguls mode.    That might seem a little bit obvious - but oddly enough it doesn't happen automatically or unconsciously until you are at a pretty durn high level.   I also think that a lot of...
3 jaw rebuilds (stemming from the same incident, does that count as 1?), four ribs,  one little finger, one orbital, one thumb, one Achilles tendon , two rotator cuffs, one hamstring, one MCL, one meniscus.
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