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   Rental cars in snow country should *totally* have snow tires.    It is completely retarded that they don't.     I even have to go out into the lot and make sure I'm not being given something with barely 2mm of tread depth left.        STEWPID.
 I have a sneaking suspicion that the OP might have been asking about BCXC gear.  
Greetings.   You are in Canada, yeh?    Which resort will you be teaching at?
Nice bump.    
My Palmers would slip right through most of y'all's tip racks because the tips don't have enough rise or spring in them to press against the two dowels. So I make a 10 inch loop of 3mm paracord and twist it around the tips at the contact point in a figure 8.    I can then hang the skis from *one* dowel without counting on the resiliency of the skis.   Those of you worried about long-term warp or twist might try that method.    And irip's Blossoms don't look like they...
  Hmmm you know there is a standard to be met here.  https://web.archive.org/web/20070623061521/http://www.narsil.org/Dana/dana.html
 Um?  You agree with the thing that something else reminds me of?    That's almost like a Derren Brown trick.        The trick is especially astonishing since we are so far apart in both spirit and intent that you don't appear to see the joke in your words "exact nutrition profile and flavors you want" being interpreted as IIFYM if macronutrients are what the person wants.(There is a meta level here about wants being defined by environmental stimuli - hey Derren Brown can...
 I'm not really comfortable pinning a description of overall feel on the presence or absence of a specific design feature.    There are quite a few more variables than rocker/camber;  skis 'skied short' and 'skied long' even when the market didn't really have any rocker or reverse camber offerings so purchasers  couldn't really form expectations based on those technologies.    If we can find conventionally cambered skis that ski shorter for their length than significantly...
 'Short for its length' is kinda like  "young for his or her age". 
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