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 As someone who still owns the tools required to work on J-car Caddys, this is a low bar.
 *sigh* oh for the days when commercial jingle writing ???  But that's breakfast, to provide solids for the coffee and pastis.
 Herself likes the brit ads on eurosport.    Especially the ones for the german downdraft fume-catching cook tops (Uh-oh!)
  Sunski is bringing back the Wayfarer look.   http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-gear/gear-shed/Sunski-Bringing-Back-Australian-Surfer-Shades.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=facebookpost
 I disagree.   I think it has rather more to do with the innate stability of the ...vehicle? gear?      40 mph *does* feel fast on skis that are designed to be manoeuvered at ultra slow speeds, the 8-15mph that is comparable to most recreational cycling.   On a relatively stable road bike (one with large trail) 40 doesn't even really seem that fast.      Trouble is, that type of bike design is mostly dead - it's much easier to find it amongst vintage touring and rando...
 I have and they do.    I will probably take advantage of it but I doubt it will be my primary helmet any more.
Talking of NOT boring, today's finish was simply spectacular.     Be very, very sure to watch the last 7 km.
 To be completely accurate, it was a different brand with the MIPS feature.
Imagine falling so that the handlebar is no longer tight on the steering tube. Imagine the left side of the handlebar doing a truly excellent impression of a prairie plow. While the right side of the handlebar does a solid imprint of itself (including brake lines!) onto your still-clipped-in leg.
 I could not say -  haven't flown with any of the specific airlines above in a bit.
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