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 Wait, IIRC you use Hertel Hotsauce.   The white nylon roto does nothing or next to nothing?      That is *very* surprising.        Certainly doesn't match my results - I even use a hand brush for that stuff.
 The nylon is safe as houses -  but I see a *lot* of horse hair brushes being bought and I'm betting not all of those buyers are using fine structure and wax harder than CH6  (Boolean 'AND' here, meaning at the same time). Iskiburke's point about tech skis and rec skis having far more durable bases than race skis is well taken.
Interesting.   What happened to Timber Ridge?
By 'narrow' I mean 75 mm tops, or be able to reuse narrow brakes from previous years versions.    70mm or narrower preferred.      No, that's not a joke - any wider than 75mm and it *will* be digging snow trenches.   Fast rear spring action a very big plus.       Must fit as far away as possible from Salomon 3-hole toe pattern (old Quadrax/Z) .   What binding am I looking for?
 Not by much, 40 lbs maybe.
 Hey, his glow-through sun arrows were working pretty well. 
AHA!   Oooh!  A dry Furmint I haven't had before?  Was it spicy, was it zesty, was it untamed enough to make you think of wild horses and madcap violins?
 I see where you're going with that and it's a lateral option, but it would tend to advance the coffee time forward, no? Cut fingers?  We can has  steel goblets.   The rest is within the scope of the extant, prophylactic analgesia. But, seriously, with 3-4-5 friends working on stuff and chatting the above program is perfectly feasible without waste or leglessness and the proof is we do it at least twice during ski swap season.  EDIT: Hehe.  "can".
 Option 1: pilot is camera guy and doesn't ski at the same time as everyone else.    Kinda like any regular ski camera guy with a giant chunky camera or shot setup requirements. Option 2:  Airdog- type automatic followers.    http://www.airdog.com/# IOW, no more a problem than any other large camera.
    Now you know why I even bother tuning skis
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