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Err - not my boots.    Side by side (100mm+buckles)-> fail depthwise  as they cannot be less than 8 inchesHeel to heel (306mm) -> fail widthwise as they cannot be less than 24 inches across. Nestled L7 style -> fail heightwise at 22.5 inches (floor to liner height + 5" clog roof)...AFAICT we'd pretty much need all to be in cabrio women's shells, 25.0 or less, for those carryon dimensions to work, unless we bring 1 boot per.     Racers with 95mm lasts *might*, just *might*...
 I miss my  old Jofa 2500.      (well mine was all white, but you get the idea - nice big thick gate guard just above the goggles).
Never seen it, never used it.    Let us know how it goes. That's about half the bulk price of Hertel Hot Sauce - and about twice the price of Gulf wax.    You can get bulk Toko universal (non-moly) for almost as little.  So...dunno where your cost/performance benefit curve lies.       
192cm Hey ever tried Odysseys?   Or anything from that Swedish outfit, Extrem? 
Yeh, I like them - though the Nurse gets funny looks.    Light, reliable edge, floaty, ski quite a bit short - the only downside seems that the tip gets tossed around in thick glop.  
Well, we're kind of pulling your leg a bit here, as these problems mostly have long and storied standing without significant resolution.        If you can make something work as a design study, though, that's great, more power to you.
Err?  I've 35 lbs on Philpug at last check?  More a question of what the heck am I going to do with all these sub-180cm skis that I didn't get a chance to ski last year and will flatten this year.
196 cm Bodacious, still in wrapper, $60 NNN-BC Magnum bindings, 6X sets, $24 per Madshus BCV 55 MGV+, undrilled, $35 per Zag H112s, still in wrapper $50  
Well, you could always undertake the notorious "how to have accessible hydration that doesn't freeze" problem.   Or the "XC system boots are not really nice to walk around in when /not/ clicked in" problem - say at road crossings, underpasses, rocky bits or wet areas.   Bonus points if the skier doesn't have to dig compressed snow/mud  out from around the toe bar when they want to click back into the binding. Heck, while you're at it you could even do an XC boot...
I was signing into this thread to sing the praises of my polarised Hobies, as in no scratches after 2 years of use and absolutely awesome (tacky when sweaty!) frames and really smooth hinges and...   my fat butt sat on them.  
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