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 They look fine.   If you have previous experience with alpine, forget it, or you'll be permanently in the back seat and floundering.   It is perfectly possible to make fire-road steepness turns with boots like that and the proof is:I was asking you about boots to see if you're a candidate for a system boot.
 You can do whatever you like :)   but expect to lose glide and compliance.    It'll work mediocre-ish on packed surfaces and less well on loose surfaces.     If they're coming apart, cutting the bad part off won't fix the underlying problem(s) though.  Where are you located and do you have any retailers near you?    Choice of nordic bc skis tends to mostly be based on retailer selection.  As noted above, Fischer still make the E99, you want the Crown version.  ...
 Stretch?   Guess it depends on how long the porch of the general store is...
 snow gods like calypso
mini-gathering and 'come get mogsie's stuff' sale  
Tremblant mini?  
The E99 is a great pawnshop choice for what you are doing, but if they're falling apart they're not worth fixing. What boots are you using?
Dakine Boot locker is L7 at  22 x 15 x 13 - but the top folds to almost flat so figure 9 inch height ish.     Or are you speaking of a backpack?   Most any backpack with a 22 in torso and 15 in width (~22l size) will do this.   FWIW XL-size Timbuk2 messenger bags will also do this up to ~28 Mondo
 Ah, 'k., was gonna post what worked and what didn't but nvm.
 Was any of this at Snowshoe last season?   
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