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AHA!   Oooh!  A dry Furmint I haven't had before?  Was it spicy, was it zesty, was it untamed enough to make you think of wild horses and madcap violins?
 I see where you're going with that and it's a lateral option, but it would tend to advance the coffee time forward, no? Cut fingers?  We can has  steel goblets.   The rest is within the scope of the extant, prophylactic analgesia. But, seriously, with 3-4-5 friends working on stuff and chatting the above program is perfectly feasible without waste or leglessness and the proof is we do it at least twice during ski swap season.  EDIT: Hehe.  "can".
 Option 1: pilot is camera guy and doesn't ski at the same time as everyone else.    Kinda like any regular ski camera guy with a giant chunky camera or shot setup requirements. Option 2:  Airdog- type automatic followers.    http://www.airdog.com/# IOW, no more a problem than any other large camera.
    Now you know why I even bother tuning skis
 FAA rule for domestic operation is ya gotta be able to see it independently of streamed video.    Which is also the problem with the above-treeline multiple gully search scenario I had in mind above.   There is also the ~20mph speed limit, which also means wind limit which also means battery life suck.  Mind you, a 50lb unit with a boom-deployed cargo net might be interesting to patrol.   Just to keep the private buzzers in check :)
 Crack if I know.     To have a look-see in gullied/trek-to terrain before directing a sled?    To have a camera with non-flat perspective at injury sites?This question was put in the patrol forum because patrol are the de facto mountain agents on site, and under "whom do I talk to" there is an implicit 'with the expectation that patrollers will be let know and not hassle me'.
Ah, but what if it's a 5,6, 7-hour or a monster 10 hour 20+ ski session?    One needs to plan these things very carefully, preserve one's stamina and work over the long haul.   If it's still semi-summer I start with Domaine du Dragon rose, a Mulderbosch or Miguel Torres Cab Sav rose if it's October-chilly.      Snack: crackers, cheese optional.   About an hour or so after the start, one needs to shift to a high hydration level, ease off on the carbs, and start pushing...
 Again, from the top of the thread:  As  I didn't quite say openly in post #4,  as of two weeks ago I cannot use one at two favorite inline skating venues, and at three favorite cycling venues without the rangers thereof getting shirty.     So it is not a trivial question.
 Depends on the size.    The small ones are ~$500 on Amazon.http://www.amazon.com/DJI-Phantom-Aerial-Drone-Quadcopter/dp/B00AGOSQI8 as to 'hasn't happened yet', well:http://skiracing.com/stories/drone-helicopter-grabs-race-training-footage/
What's Ski Beech's policy on the issue?
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