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In 1997 I thought 'Rossignol and Dynastar can't build shaped skis for love or money'. In 2001 with the advent of the T-Powers and RPMs and I changed the above sentence to read 'Salomon'.    At least until the X-Wing Fury came out.  
 I don't know about ugly.  Of course, there is absolutely no reason for electric car designers to keep the styling cues developed for petro cars.    Grilles?  Out.   Scoops and intakes?  Out.   Faired-in exhausts or lifted rear skirt to clear/highlight exhausts?  Out. Considering the level of change going on here, we might do well to remember the first days of shaped skis.    I'm sure there was at least one person who thought the new skis were ugly.       I hope the day...
 Not one but 3, wait, 4! K-car derivatives on the list doesn't do it for ya?   
 Yes, of course.   And no, the Ami was not on it.     I mean, seriously?   Cite a Renault 4 and not cite this?    I reckon the Taurus really *was* ugly - like sawing a Toyota Celica in half and sticking a pig in between. But, yeah, we haven't exactly escaped car boringitis. 
What?   No one has mentioned the Merkur XR4Ti yet?
Pneumatic tires are also *excellent* for climbing in wet conditions.     Much more grip than any solid urethane wheel.  125mm is a little small for rolling over unrolled grass (i.e. with significant tussocks); but it will work Ok-ish on any grass that is mowable with a push mower.    You should be able to get up to 8mph on such grass with minimal practice.  Watch out for crushed rock.    There is a mechanism where the first wheel (mostly unweighted) rolls over a...
 There -was- an Atomic logo turntable; denver wholesale even had them on ebay for a while
Anyone have a pic of the Atomic-branded FKS?
 Too bad, it makes for a pretty good nested pun/joke.  And it also speaks to the human ability to perceive, intuit or imagine the essential "substance" of a thing (e.g. ski) beyond what might be perceived through observation of existing examples of things (e.g. skis) through the senses.
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