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 It's a fattened-up version of their old Europa 99, which has been in their lineup, with incremental changes, for aeons.    The nice thing about the E series is that it's available in conventional XC lengths, not just the pick-1-of-3-sizes mid-camber sidecut skis are.
Hey, wait a minute.   Doesn't SportChek sell Fischer?      Have either of you two seen if they can get you, if not a pair of S-bounds, at least a pair of E109s?   Oh, hey, looks like MEC has the extralite version in too.  http://www.mec.ca/product/5038-388/fischer-e109-crown-xtralite-unisex/
 You will perceive that we also have objective reviews as qcanoe points out.  
 They're actually designed to fit white Rottefella 3 pins - the ones with the red or black clamping levers - so if you spot any of those  Model name is Super Telemark if you need an Ebay alert or something. They will also fit Rivas, obviously.
The whole objectivity thing is a boondoggle anyway.   Why in the world should I expect that having someone whittle away all shred of their emotional response to an object will improve my chances of building up an accurate picture of what *my* emotional response is likely to be?   Objectivity in ski reviews?   Freeze-dried sushi.
 Yeh, you'll want extra anti ice tape http://www.voile.com/voile-telemark-binding-accessories/voile-anti-ice-tape-pins.html
 A couple of lines of butyl-type contact cement down the middle of the plate should work nicely, if you're really sure you want to glue them down.   These are used plates?    I ask because mine came pre-glued with a removable cover strip.     IIRC, they're skiable without the gluing step, if all the little nylon grommets and half-moon rubber bumpers are properly mounted in there. 
 I have a set of Look ZRS  in that colour pattern if you like.  18DIN springs, IIRC.  No screws tho. :(
 I submit to you that you will be able to adapt to most any reasonable amount of lift, it's merely a question of getting more on-snow mileage in. Heck, you could probably bolt a 20mm wide block of wood onto one of those old XC skis, then use your wheel-less skate frame as a jig to drill a 5mm or 8mm hole through that block.     Use the front axle as the pivot bar of your "XC" binding.     With maybe a rubber bumper in back. And no, I'm not being weird or freakish or...
  Yep, all K2.   All 1980.     With maybe a 1979 frisson.
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