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What are the odds someone would still have a pair of canted soles to fit an old Comp shell?
 You betcha.     I'd never get over 50 otherwise.
  http://us-store.altaiskis.com/product/universal-binding/ (this appears to be the same binding known in Europe as the X-Trace  http://x-trace-bindings.com/start.htm ) Then there is the slightly more affordable Berwin Backcountry Binding: http://www.akers-ski.com/product/37B8.html Or he can just take telemark binding toe irons and modify tele binding heel straps like so: Which could have been a valid option if he was going with nordic hunting skis like these Karhu...
.  That might be part of his point?
  Umm....thanks...doing that...got the T-shirt in '98 ...ported my Excel ski workbooks to 3 operating systems now...Y'all got anything so I don't have to get to the ~122nd row column AB of a 20++ sheet workbook on a tiny-screened phone just to type in temps and check the last-but-one wax?         
 You know, I've been thinking of looking for a useage/maintenance logging app.  Especially one that lets me put in notes on what I want to change later.
As a group, 15-17m frontside carvers seem to last forever for me - but then I have had fat Dynastars that simply would not die, not for way over 150 days, not even when I got sick of comments about how old they were .   I wish I had a more specific rule, I could then avoid the likely duds, you know?
I honestly have no idea what 'typical' is.     I have had skis that fit at least four of the above brackets.
Where have you been for the past two and half weeks?   I couldn't log onto the Internet for being tempted by cut-rate deals.
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