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 only half forever.   Before that it was C4 :P
  We had a thread about this some time ago, one that included a graphic by yours truly, to wit:   the point being that the guiding by the deep structure doesn't let the bevel engage properly.   And even coming off the edges (trying to release the turn) the ski is schizophrenic.     First, a lot of people don't believe this actually happens.   Once you persuade them that it does, it's not immediately clear what to do about it.   My solution is to flatten the structure peaks...
In the meantime you could try putting a panzer file into your jig instead of the drywall screen.
 The TOKO manual sharpener does a reasonable job of getting old wax off scrapers.    Whether it can actually put a sharp edge on new scrapers is not altogether certain - if your scraper is softish and your get the pull angle wrong you will put a serrated edge on your scraper.        I suppose you can call that waviness/serration "structure" and use the scraper as a rilling bar...
  You're going for the Hexcels.   'Fess up!
Don't fret over the width or the radius.    At this stage of the game it's more about flex.        Check your original self evaluation - if you still feel its accurate then no worries.    If there's any part of it you've overstated (I don't have any reason to think you have) then by all means look for the little brother 76.
 The Cross has a  livelier feel, much more nimble at speeds 15-25mph  - at those speeds the 4x4 hasn't even had its morning coffee yet.
 It's durn close.   It's not as silky-damp as the Fischers you were on, but it will give you that locked in feel fo' sho'.        It was my 2nd pick for you - but I didn't put it above  because I wasn't sure if you would be better on the  regular 84 or its little brother the 76.     Phil has pretty much settled that. By comparison, the Dynastars tch is offering would probably fit your criteria quite nicely, but would have a much livelier feel than the Fischers you're used...
   Head iSupershape Rally
 Yeh, if it wasn't for all the 10000 mm  droolproofing those babies would be a lot cheaper
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