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Hmm chubbs and Fischer XC skis catch my eye. The 4SKs look eminently skiable. Is that a set of P10RS in the back? Logo is yellow not black but there's hoping.
Well, I think we've well and properly scared off our newly joined Epicski member    
The Big Stix and the Rangers will be too short to work well for someone your size in fresh unpacked snow.   I've never skied the Praxis  so couldn't say. 
 Of the three, it sounds like the carbon-14 would have been the most likely to survive the fall you did have.     @beyond's caution above is well taken if you intend to run gates.      OTOH I own CF poles with over 200 days of mixed pow/tree skiing (no gates, I have poles for that and guards therefor).     Do not confuse 100% carbon fiber poles with composite (essentially fiberglass or other fiber) poles - CF is far more sturdy and durable.As to feel, carbon tends to be...
Ah, 'K.     So it wasn't one of those got-dented-by-the-airline type scenarios.      Maybe consider the Carbon 14 ?
 I was wondering who was going to jump in to play bad cop.      I might go that high for a pair of teal Rossi repros...
 How did you break the last pair?     The 18 mm is likely to be more resistant to simple bending.    The 16mm TBS with the thicker tube walls is likely to be more resistant to dent-then-break.    Otherwise, 10g weight difference is neither here nor there.
 Rule of thumb:  40% off list after purchase then another 10% off for each year since.   0.9^12 is  25%  so 25% of wholesale in 2004.    Say they were $600 list, that's $360 wholesale, you're looking at maybe $90 if still in wrapper.
 kiwi accent
 Yeh, it is - and I can't even zip a 41 Rossi around my instep
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