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 His food all tastes of scuba regulator?
Interesting.    WAY interesting if it comes online before Thanksygive.
2000 - Machete McH  110/91/101    Machete McG  68 mm waist      Machete McT   74 mm waist 2001 - Machete Huckster                  Machete Gravity 2002 - Machete Huckster                  Machete Gravity                         (+gravity Chubb) 2003 -  GAH! 2004 - Machete Chubb      (+V2 Chubb)          Machete Sin     Machete Soul    (+ Spatula) 2005 - GAH!
 The Worth was to tch (hence the quoting of his post and my use of the word 'you').    My thoughts to brford are on record, witness:
 What do you mean?   It was a Volant ski, right there in the top-middle of their line.   And yes, a great design - frex anyone skiing a Solly Foil or Gun /could/ have been on Volant years earlier and had unholy fun, only they missed it. 
 You should demo some Worths.
I read this and I thought Head iRally or similar for the carver + something comparable to a K2 Sight for an icy bump/ icy tree ski : cheap 'coz the tree roots will show, as damp as possible 'coz the rain turns to coral, and no metal 'coz bumps are all over.   And a warmer coat than for Colorado.   And some boot gloves.  :)
By analogy, I just found a completely mesmerising show on frog species, how they survived the Ice Age and flourished immediately after.     It's not just plain fascinating or engrossing.  It absolutely yanks you in by the mental throat and holds you there.*    If Mike Tyson is one tenth as fascinating as that frog show, good for him.       It won't improve his relevance, though, one little tiny bit.       *that might very well be "under a rock", I mean they're frogs,...
Cheizz, has your question been answered?       I think it has, but I see the answers as converging on "Ride your cheap hardtail at home, ride it lots.   Rent a destination bike until you know what you want."   Maybe you don't see it that way.
New Posts  All Forums: