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I laughed.
 AHA!I've seen something like that  at Winter Park.    It wasn't  just a straightlining track though - it was a perfect row of mushroom caps with the snow skied off around them.
  Aerial jump into a swimming pool?Sand skiing?Mine tailings skiing?
Wait - can one buy a 50% off pass on Saturday or is that disallowed too?
Yes it is.
Atomic bindings only - I was referring to MR's dislike voiced above.
Tonight's fun was on the SX12 First off, it's a completely different ski than the SX11, much more agile especially in the tips. Second it is still an SX ski - very stiff and tentative skiers can get locked into the one turn shape built into the shovel. It is stiffer and more lively than the Stockli above. In slush you can make any turn shape you want. On coral you have to 100% focus on staying extended forward and staying dynamic. If you don't your legs will...
 This is why hunting skis go up to 200mm underfoot :)
 ...or choose to deal with Hartford.
 I think that's overkill unless the previously used hole is obviously slopped out. 
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