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  I'm in rec boots for 3 seasons now and the extra ankle on the navicular is finally fading. 
Hmm, choice between fluorescent and quite orange there.   The orange is actually somewhat closer.
Tremblant is not exactly near Quebec City.      You have to drive west to Montreal and then bust north, gah.  Of the local resorts, MSA has the most reliable snowmaking (important at Christmas, esp. during El Nino years) and reasonable scenery.   Le Massif has better scenery.   EDIT: Just noticed you mentioned Massif du Sud; I am referencing the Massif du Charlevoix (north of the river) here. Don't forget Stoneham if you need really quick getaways.
So...who skied for Bryce Kellog?
Not fluorescent, just the classic not-quite-on-the-orange spectrum banana yellow like on Head 360s
 Fair enough; on a specific case basis, your posts above make me think you need a loftier midlayer (supporting a larger inside/outside temp differential) and a more windproof shell.
 No, it doesn't.    It works a little (actually a lot) differently than your model allows for.    First, not all the surface area of the coat vents outward uniformly.   If it did, you'd be cold because the shell wouldn't be windproof.    On the other hand, a well designed midlayer will vent outward as uniformly as possible given uneven patterns of sweat (or given external pressure like a backpack).    The midlayer enjoys a net area advantage, especially if the base layer...
 Jump/hurdle.   If you're stable and someone trips in front of you you're eating pavement.
 I'm troubled by this statement in two ways -1) It seems to be arguing from the conclusion.   We have no way to judge other than by market effects, and we are compelled into dismissing such things as Miller powder designs and Japanese reverse sidecut designs and 1970's 70mmish waists and turned up tails by what, today, are major companies,  as 'not serious effort'. 2) I see the inertia continuing past the cut off.    Witness how slowly 75mm++ waisted short-turn carvers...
 Thanksgiving-abouts.    I had just completely utterly messed up my 'feel' for the skis and took forever to get myself back into active management of fore/aft pressure.    Like I didn't get it back until about Feb.     Trashed my Tahoe trip, that did.   There are what you'd call 'rolling' hills at the start - if you get in the right-for-you paceline at the start then you won't even notice the hills because the speed management is so good.  In that right paceline, for the...
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