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2 sets of BBRs and 2 sets of Volants?  *applause*   You really should let the Redster &c. be more photogenic tho.
Nice CLM ride - Chavanel is mosdef in shape, and beating SC's scorcher by 6 seconds over 16 minutes is no small potatoes.
 That he's got by the bucketful - the one thing Movistar doesn't lack for is strong team support.
 That actually helps explain the 4 lane 80kmh highway from base village to hill - the overwhelming majority of visitors will be staying in the base village and you need to get them there in reasonably short order, while keeping enough margin for plow operations. I'm guessing they don't want a repeat of KH's 2003 season when access was by logging road
 NOT a bad idea at all, actually.
OK the Route du Sud is on, let's see him work.
 Don't forget to demo some of the new Monsters next season, you'll like them.
Meh, that's nuthin'.     I have to put ski racks on the third wall - we have >40 pairs between the two of us if you count snowblades and nordic gear.
I have a pair of Super Karvs;   I'd probably ski the Elan RCs but they're not worth shipping here.   The Scott poles are probably decent poles, comparable to S2 I'm betting.   What is really curious to my eye is the splay on those Blizzards.    They look pranged.
 Or he could be having fun, skiing huge open terrain with no crowds, on any given day of the week, on any day in the season from December through May,  if we find him the right crusty bump ski.  
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