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 Diamond stones wielded by hand don't really make hanging burrs.   Files do.  What crgildart said - run the gummi flat.
 Even to fly patrol...
 He could stiffen them up with an Intuition Power Wrap or similar; in a year or so he can take the liners and put them in whatever shell works then.
 Yeh, but not particularly lightweight and not the most pleasing outer finish on the fabric; IMO at that price point Salomon's 'Skin' materials beat Obie for everyday use, for example.
 But not purchased in a going out of business sale ? I think it's pretty much time we hear feedback from the OP on what he has managed to do so far and what the results were.    
 Yeh, was there.   The only specifically low humidity product I saw was the Black Line spray (which was quite intriguing actually).
 Exactly - other industries have evolved technological methods to speed cures (or amortise wait time*), which is how we have in-mould RF heating, low pressure curing chambers, pre-heated layups...The only thing that offloading the burden of high quality final finish onto the retailer does is allow price point selling of unfinished product.   Sounds like selling of unfinished furniture, no?   Except, unlike unfinished furniture,  there is no added benefit of high...
Which one of those would be the pick for -15C new manmade ?   Vibe green?        Very definitely want high humidity formula.   Is Platinum low-humidity across the board?
 And the proof is: random toepieces  show up on eBay all the time. 
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