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Is that the 170-something chick-Squad?   I think I have a pair of those somewheres.
Hehe, ^those are 188 CUT 11.5s - the opposite of lively really.      Easily the only CUT I ever liked. 
If we're lucky they last through St. Patrick's - hope for cold. 
Teeeheee  - some 1998ish retro feel this weekend.
 Not sure why this is a problem, unless you have a lot of your body weight over your uphill ski?
No, buy now.   1) Pricing is really really good now - it won't really get better but selection will get worse 2) you will still get this season to use them, and if you want something /better/ you can flip them in swaps come fall.     Yes, twintips are weaker in turn finish, twintips punish very duckfooted stance and twintips throw snow in your buddies' faces behind you. Some of those may be positives for you, maybe.     Do you have boots?
Head iSupershape Rally
Cool.     Alternatively there might be something you could use over in the Atomic collection - I haven't kept up with the X bindings.
Unfortunately OP is *not* in an area where skis are in plentiful supply on Craigslist - and  those that show up can be very easily overpriced simply because there isn't competition.
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