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Different - meaning not like your other skis?
 I'd say redrill and tap the plates - BUT - Is there any chance these are junior plates?
Hot wax is people!
 Err...I'm going to go with C) None of the above just yet. Have another look at the ski before you do either option.    The pre-drilled holes should be drilled for ranges  not for exact distances.    You find the appropriate range for your toepiece, and you find the appropriate range for your heelpiece,  you adjust the connector strap on your binding, you mount the binding, then adjust the forward pressure to fit your boot. Now if by "pre drilled" you mean "They have one...
More scraping, more brushing -> no problems.
I see, we're just helping you sort out your own thinking then, no real changes to the boot anticipated.   Sweet, have fun
 Not directly by working on developing the muscles that close the ankle.      Yes indirectly by controlling the position of your upper body.  And, actually, I'm wondering at your bootfitter's thinking here, wondering as in: has he/she ruled out fitting problems (like, for example,  limited ankle mobility combined with considerable forward lean)?    Because if a bootfitter is capable enough to test for and solve problems like that, they should also have known not to have...
 Wait, are you proposing to blend your own from cork dust and grease?    That...could be interesting.
 I am not he but I don't find my M88s stiff at all - and I've kinda quit saying anything.   On the supposition that maybe I just look for different things in a ski than just about everyone else?Well, anyway, under my feet the Monster has a damp suppleness that is completely lacking in the Enforcer.    
 The SBound 98 doesn't fit into set tracks.    ~70mm is the max there.     Now if someone breaks trail for you with another pair of 98s - you're in.  1000 feet over 2 miles is not that much gain -  that's an average grade of about 5 degrees.   Sure, I understand some sections will be steeper than others.    Where am I going with this?   Unless your current XC skis are too short for you there's a lot they can still teach you about kick and about glide.    Further you know...
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