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 What LF was describing was more like a flamingo turn; only the tail gets lifted but the tip gets steered through the turn while still in touch with the snow. You can certainly do tip steering and hip drive while doing her exercise.
 ^This.    Those bindings are heavy, and off the list as of this year.   The skis are on the lifeless side of damp.    But they should totally work for putzing.  And for teaching yourself/kids ski maintenance. 
13 posts and not one Kastle MX88/MX89 post?   Slackers.   The lot of you.   (Feel free to find car analogies.   I suspect you'll be using Audi.)
The Series 3 will easily fit 2 pairs of skis of any commonly made width - so long as they're shorter than 183cm, which mine are not.        The Sporttube 2 will not fit her Ones and my Zags side by side.   And so, we mostly use a padded soft bag, which also has the advantage of being several pounds lighter.  
Make sure to match your arch *shape* or you'll be screaming with the cramps in 2 runs.     There is also a syndrome where the forefoot mass rolls over onto the little toe side during edging moves - it feels like too little room at the little toe but making more room in that spot won't help - and extra space in the forefoot makes it more likely.
 You know about the hopping up and down (on skis ofc) center-finding exercise?
  1.  They're not warm.    If you get 20 degrees or less on a regular basis, Boot Gloves and heated boot bags are in order.2.   Stiffer in some ways maybe, but that's mostly a good thing because they won't pack out.   In the way you're concerned with the primary problem is too much material in front of the ankle so that it can't get out of the way when the boot flexes.     In that sense a Zipfit Gara frex is softer than most wrap-style Intuitions.   (Yes I realise that you...
Err...if you would settle for a pant instead of a bib, Arctica race have several models in assorted colours: https://arctica.com/product-category/pants/mens-pants/
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