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 Yup, post #4 in the thread. 
  I wouldn't expect much wax to come off even with the first strokes.    No, just watch what the brushing  does to the texture of the ski over several (several dozen sometimes) strokes and then proceed to create that brushed look all over.    With good light it's pretty easy to tell what has been brushed and what hasn't.      And - reminder- don't push down on the brush, use medium to light pressure and sweep it along. 
 Wonder what easter weekend will be like. 
Oh, well if that was shot in Barrie, that would explain a lot :D
Slightly different order: 1. Scotchbrite with alcohol or windex , water as a last choice; wipe off with towel 2. Brass brush  (forget counting strokes - you want to amend the visually apparent texture of the ski) 3.  heat up the iron and apply some wax  4. run your scraper along the bottom 5. use the nylon brush  (forget counting strokes - keep going until bits of wax mostly stop coming off).    The one tool you want to have for rust removal is a gummi stone - works...
 The 'modern' ones are also flexier - and have less camber. Where is he skiing that the Heads sound like that? 
 I know of a thrift with some Calgarys if you like spares?
 Really begs the question - how much worse did the damage get over the day?
 I actually meant for over the summer storage :)
 Feel like doing an experiment?    Of the "do the tips with Hot Sauce and do the tails with whatever hard wax you're using" type?
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