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 If you're talking of flowable-type epoxy and thickening it to peanut-butter consistency  like one does to make  fillets in stitch-n-glue construction, then no, there is not  a problem; you could alternatively use a fine silica thickener and it would flow better.   Flow both better out of a glue syringe and better into a hole. Most of the epoxies I see talked of here (meaning on this forum, e.g. Devcon, Hysol) are designed for ease of use and a relatively fast cure time.  ...
  I don't think the DMT Red is very useful - if it was just the blue one you might be able to get by for now, but the Moonflex is a better product and you will deffo want the 100 to take out rock hit rough spots.   The DMT Red is kind of in no-mans-land, too fine to take out rough spots without getting torn to bits, but doesn't give a terribly good final polish so can't replace a ceramic stone.     You are missing an actual file.   A 2nd cut file pretty much needs to be in...
Love to but too small 
 The outside of my liners doesn't transport water.  It's a pleather and closed cell foam thing.     About the only way for sweat to get out there is through the seam stitching and even I don't schwitz that much.
 You actually want to use a size 11 boot, just stretch it to fit.       That's only 20% joking, btw.
 If you put tea or cider in their hydration packs, throw a warmer pack in there too.
Hmmm, a heated bite valve would be interesting.    Especially if you can keep the manual shutoff from freezing up.
 well, that makes sense, especially if there's moisture between liner and shell.
 Heh.    If television hipster writers can baselessly adopt  inflict 1900's idiom like 'stepping out' on us , we should really throw in some 1980s expressions just to mess them up.    At least we know what the original context sense was - they're learning to hunt from an encyclopaedia entry for 'Nimrod'.   
See all of those markers? Every one of those markers would still be just as valid if we skipped 'objectivity' altogether and went directly to 'being able to visualise emotional reactions of a different target audience'.    That has nothing to do with objectivity.    It has everything to do with being able to transpose one's own subjectivity into a different subjectivity.    Please do not conflate subjectivity transposition and objectivity, they are completely different...
New Posts  All Forums: