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This thread confirms my suspicion that SUPs were invented for the sole purpose of showing off parading beach bodies.           They are second rate to other watercraft in every other respect.   
 VSP hasn't been by this board for a long count of days, years even.      
 Which state was that in?  Different states have different ages of cons... oh, you mean on your skis.    
 It's downright scary how many perceived-as-modern features that car has. Did ya ever see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0255195/ ?
 After all that debate in this thread and others, about the only thing left to say is:
 I reckon you're better off looking for 'stay consistently cold'.
Uh-oh.  ^You do realise what you just started, yes? You just started a 'what if my helmet doesn't let me put the bar down?' thread.  
There's not much adventure skiing cr@p snow at home.    And so I respect and applaud OP for his decision to come east no matter what the weather brings in the end.
 Kyle made them - UL was on them for the 10/11 season.     Looked like kind of a midfat master's GS/freeride ski with some interesting taper/splay.     UL was pretty quick* on them, too, so Kyle must have got the flex right.  Quick as in: "If you don't pay attention to your wax and line, you'll get smoked even on cat tracks"
New Posts  All Forums: