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Can someone check if the AAAAAACK! in my previous post is somehow owned by Tyrolia/Head - and can I have fair use?
 Start early -  Did you ever detune (after Y2K that is)?Did you ever covet a pair of Metrons?  Did you ever ski Pocket Rockets as an all-mountain ski?Did you ever hoard Reliable Racing cinch-top boot warmers?Did you ever ski >50mm lift? And like it?Did you ever read a David Macphail article and have it make sense?   On the first try?
I  have AT skiblades with skins *and* plates.    I skied Kastles in spite of them being overrated.   I have used Hertel Hot Sauce. 
 Nah, you're good.   I wish someone had told me sooner, I would have saved myself  two tons of money and various grief. 
 Eh, the Wa is not so bad ... on rainish weekdays before the school kiddies show up.  But, yeh, I used to believe they were all mountain, allatime - right up to the day @bklyn brought out her new Praxis and kicked my ass, hard, in the trees under John Paul lift.
 30 - 35 depending on what length you bought (they even had a shorty 165cm version, my then-gf used it as her go-to western spring ski) ;    I was rather fond of the Apocalypse Now CMH version. 
 Really was different - that GS feel was no joke-  and we skied them longer.   The rolly laugh emoticon was, strictly speaking, a  response to my memory of the threads of screaming b*tthurt that were posted and festooned with  "OMG HOW COULD VOLKL DO THIS TO US".           Your post was so awesomely ironic,  and having it come up during the week all those threads will disappear forever rather tripled the irony.   
Ooh I loved that ski.     "Early Mantras"
 That sort of damage is also caused by heel pushing to make turns 
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