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What are you allowed to do now, and what do you think you will be allowed to do in November/Dec., without surgery?  
did those have a magnesium topsheet?
Meh, let him do his thing.      We're not going to sort his business model on here, and really couldn't even with the best possible intentions and attitudes on both sides.      If he finds his niche, well and good, if not - well that's everyday business.   
 Interesting.    I also think there is a considerable allowance made for instructors, even adults allow instructors to take them where they would never go in other company.     Being part of that other company...is a completely different experience.
 The ones they subconsciously reach for if they learned to ski elsewhere.    Now imagine a boy wishboned on the stop bar while his father and I yank him backwards, because if we lift it to get off the chair the boy's dropping to the snow.     Screaming.    He was perfectly capable of skiing everything under Supreme, but I hear he never got on that or Collins again.
Yep, perfectly normal, not much of a hassle at all.   Bend is fun, totally walkable, totally driveable, great food, good beer, good wine. And no, if you're staying in SLC getting to Solitude or Brighton or Alta or Snowbird is super easy, esp if you have a full size SUV.    Park City/DV is a bit more of a hassle but not at all terrible.   Snowbasin is an easy day trip.   The big limit is that 4K altitude constraint.
If you're serious about a strict rule of less than 4K feet, then Salt Lake is out too. How does Bend / Mt. Bachelor strike you?
 Well step up to the plate then and bring some peeps into the sport you'll get a keen eye for beginner terrain in no time at all. 
 I'm talking about 4footish younguns that can't reach the footrests and can't sit far back on the chair sliding forward - either they know to push the bar *hard* while at the same time leaning /forward/ (quite counterintuitive for the kids I was on the chair with, apparently) or the parent is doing a straightarm back-of-collar lift.I don't know if it's the chair dimensions or the surface resilience but Alta is the only place I've seen (and had to help with, multiple...
 What, you don't have your grab-collar hand trained yet?
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