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 FWIW, it's completely possible to stuff up an MCL after the ski comes off.     And I have the bills to prove it. 
Anyone in the Huntington NY area need K2  712s, K2 Spiders or Olin Mark Vs? There's also some Millers in Milford, Ohio.
 Heh, see that kind of thing all the time - on chick bikes    Would you like a nice Salsa Poco to go with that?
 Just do it, make sure you get some turns in this season on them.
^On still-stuck tape the "wrap it around a screwdriver shaft" trick works much better than razor blade scrapers.
(big mountain)  <---> (trees and bumps)     pick the one you do more often.
^I'd be tempted to remove and clean, the dirty scabs of adhesive are - somewhat unsightly. Not sure this is within the spirit of 'keeping it original' but 8mil 3inch helicopter tape is pretty close to Ski Savers: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000O6BQMG/ref=s9_dcbhz_bw_d0_g263_i1_sh
Zag H112 188cm
 It's not about the tools or how much bend is needed - it's that even with tools those brakesa) are much more brittle than other brakes b) are pains to take apart for bendingc) pretty much require being taken apart for bending because it's near impossible to not screw up the retraction mechanism bending them in place. 
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