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 Err, you do know about XC velcro straps, yes?    Shorter and thinner than alpine ones, and wrap in an O shape instead of an S shape?  
Yeh, he's an amazing problem solver.   He's managed to make boots that were kecked up by three supposedly-top shops in a row skiable again. 
Oooh.   I loved the Mach S.   Sure it was stiff but it was damp damp damp.
 Hence my point above.     Categories, schmategories, the most comparable bike to Jens' was Rominger's.    And we know a bike like that has been pushed to 55,29 km.   http://www.wolfgang-menn.de/rominger.htm If Jens can equal or beat Rominger's first push to 53,83 then the cycling world can (finally!)  look past the whole UCI  anti-Obree rulemaking embarrassment.
 I'm hoping he can beat Rominger.
 What, you claim to only have purchased *one* binding cover back in the day?   I misbelieve you, sir.      In any case you're welcome to a few of mine.
 Yeh, me neither.     Only skied Steadfasts twice so I can't comment but, on the other end of the spectrum I've enjoyed race-sharp full camber Sugar Daddies in terrain like that^, even in late season at LL frex.
 Before we label that as 'All bad'  notice that it takes a high level of training, dedication and discrimination to be a proper elitist.   
 Just don't wear them like a garrotte (figure 8 with a one-loop pull) 
 Oooh, you must have a race fit. 
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