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Has anyone been out on the 95mm waist Fischer yet?
Your biggest problem will be finding  proper, thin, ski socks.       Fortunately, those are available online and can be ordered based on US shoe size. 
I've become a real fanboy for chevron (arrow) grinds because they are (a lot!)  faster than my old light cross in sloppy snow without sucking too bad in fine new snow. 3 pairs have the KT4 grind described here: http://www.edgewiseskiservice.com/alpine-grind-information/ The old Racetigers have the Swix 7 grind, The Volant Chubbs have a coarse linear and everything else including pow skis has fine linear.  
 You're OK with mfgs breaking out of existing standards to provide WTR and touring with no backwards compatibility because customers want that,  but you have a hard time believing that some customers in the market would want the same thing with plain wider boot lugs?
 Teething problems - that the industry has already, provably surmounted at least once, with the changeover from leather boots and with the advent of release settings.     I know what you mean about consumer confusion - and the XC ski industry is proof that multiple standards for multiple goals can work within a pretty durn small market. This is not a definite bar, and the ski industry shouldn't be afraid of it.    Imagine if the bicycle industry had been afraid of 700C and...
Nicely done!
 ^This is why the FK tool has half-angles. 
Wow, the difference in rebound couldn't have been more obvious.   
 *snicker* different film tho
Wasn't ^that Henry III's grandfather?    
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