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 You're actually making his plan sound better - he goes to BK, gets a recommendation list, buys in VT, gets local tweaks as needed - and then has pretty-local-to-him followup and problem correction resource that won't tell him to get a different boot.
Oh, I know he knows his stuff, I just wanted to make sure you knew that you had to buy boots elsewhere.
 If you are staying in Jackson, you can start a little more gradually by spending a day at Snow King, for a taste of the steepness without being scattered all over a huge amount of terrain.      I would actually recommend you do that even if you were high-intermediates (L7++).   For even more variety you might look into Grand Targhee.
Err, does cantman actually sell boots?   
Out of curiosity, how long are your 1080 Moguls and how much do you weigh?
 Will  SIX2 (Italy) ship to Norway?    http://www.six2.biz/en/linea/underwear/    I am a big fan of their TS1/TS2 as a first layer (they do sell windbriefs, but they're black :( )   If you're really looking for US nordic shops, here's a typical one:http://xcski.gearwest.com/c/base-layerscompression/400465/394277/393606 and anotherhttp://www.pacosxc.com/product-list/xc-winter-clothing-1045/mens-1046/base-layers-1057/   ..and yes it's mostly Swix / Bjorn Daehlie / Craft  ...
 ^This.    Or just strap a ski bag on top with ordinary bungees. 
i assume everyone has seen the Whitegrass headliner pic?
Have you figured it out yet?
 Betcha it's the guinea fowl forums.   So much more action than Epic's snowboard ones.
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