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FWIW, with a few more posts under you belt you should be able to embed videos here.
 ^This.     I think you experienced the analogous diminishment of versatility when you tested the longer Head.
The trouble with FC739 is that it's not really a complete system*; sure it's still quick-ish but it works better as a spice-up kit for other waxes of the day.      Especially if they're spreading snow directly as its made instead of letting it age in snow whales.   If you were a current  all-Hertel user, a current Swix CH wax user, a current Briko user it might make sense to do that, from a $$$ standpoint.   But you're not.           If you're a current Dom or Toko or...
 Not the KB I thought of,  poor @Kneale Brownson was almost blamed for something he had nothing to do with :)
Err...local to you?    Welcome to Epic anyhow.
 Sounds like you got the EcoPlus version with the 0F glass transition polymers.    Yeh, I just pulled the trigger on those too.     Of course if it goes to -15F we're both hosed.
bump for TBT
He seems to want a little much for them, but Cohen has spread a bit: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/spo/4765656382.html   FWIW, unless there are two full sets in approximately similar sizes locally, I think I have seen the skis in question and they look more like junior SG skis than adult GS skis, with a very light Vist binding setup.
 I thought you might have put them on the release tester, just for curiosity's sake.   And ....oddly enough .... no it's not.
How are they testing these days?
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