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 Ever had the tops of your feet all blue and sore because the footbed was so elastic that your toes would bounce up into thin liner and plastic?   
I find some of the European responses interesting, since they wouldn't be buying shoes based on US shoe size.    I presume they're either converting using an online conversion table or checking inside their shoe (which means that the mfg. looked in a table).     Interesting in an amusing way, since those tables, in general, are not even remotely accurate.    And tend to vary from mfg. to mfg. *is looking at a Scarpa 43 that fits like a US 8wide, a Salomon 42 that fits...
 ski skootyshttps://www.facebook.com/pages/SkiSkootys/169801053073926 If you look around you might still find some of a product that preceded them, the Walk EZ Rev.Here is the junior version:http://www.race-werks.com/walk-ez-mini-revs/
 Very true.    Noodler was originally asking for info about the generation of boots that gave us that 'classic' Lange womens' design - the Anthea mid Just looking at that or the Salomon 9 (there was also an 8.0 in a salmon grey) gives me a rush of "OMG did we really put all that crap in ski boots and still not manage to have real functional power straps or modern buckles?"
Not UK but they do deliver: http://www.sport-conrad.com/alpine_skiing/24/?sid=7ps93lpeat14mnupkb1trimmt4
 Nice reverse reverse camber.   I bet they're awesome on rails .        And they come in 3s just like Atomic skis used to - 2 and a spare.
 No?  The first time I skied in Colorado, ever, it was over Easter.    I was in a Tecnica TC3 with Raichle Flexon liners- the red and light grey 'Santa Claus' ones.    Never thought I'd had a problem - after all I had just spent weeks skiing them in VT and QC.I took my socks off on the first day and my feet looked like they'd been soaking in a crab pot.     It didn't get any better on the second.
 You were on some super-short tele Rossis last time I saw you ski, what length are you skiing the E88 in?
 He's in Fischer Vacuums.   I suspect that if he had enough volume for this solution to work, he'd have enough volume to not get pain from foot swelling.
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