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Copper is arguably the best of the bunch. I'd for sure recommend skipping Keystone and Breckenridge and doing 2 days there.
Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone are connected. Without looking I'm guessing you're in the $150 per day ballpark even if you buy in advance online. If you go the liftopia route, you could be in the $90/day range. There's no other deals for the Vail Resorts.
Have you checked lift ticket prices?  I'm not sure what you're budget is, but walk up window lift ticket prices are unreal.  You may want to go to and ski Copper.  If you're planning on skiing and flying the same day, you'll want to hit Loveland when you fly out.
I think his plan for the Brighton - Solitude pass is the best one for next year. But for this year, sampling as many places as possible including Snowbird is a good plan.
I'm an advanced snowboarder that likes off-piste over on-piste. I have one day at each resort. My impression was that A-Basin is extremely overrated and Loveland is underrated. I'd put AB as my least favourite CO resort due to slow lifts... Most of which are low angle. Pali is the only lift with angle, but had LONG lines all day. I'll admit that a lot of Pali was a little steeper than i felt comfortable on, so if you're an expert YMMV. On the other hand the other lifts...
I'd go to Solitude on the powder day and Brighton the day after for the exact reasons below.
Traffic wise would there be any benefits for the OP to ski Winter Park vs Loveland on the Sunday?
I generally find that you need to watch your exposures, but when does one follow the sun and when do you duck for cover in northerly tree covered areas? Is there a defacto strategy?
On the overrated list, I think all trams are overrated. The wait between rides is always really long, and often times, you don't make the first (or second) loading. Once loaded, you're smashed in so tight, often with no view, and forget about resting your legs. I'll take a gondola any day. Underrated, I like the Superbee at Copper for lap after lap of high speed cruising. The summit quad at Whiteface is a sweet lift for high speed cruising as well. Snake Creek Express at...
My kids both have asthma issues and I've wondered how they'd handle altitude. That said, I'm surprised no one mentioned to the OP that 4000ft is way too low to be concerned about, unless there were known health issues. 6000ft or below would probably be 110% safe.
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