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Trust me, you wouldn't regret a powder day at Brighton. Start at Milly and then hit the rest of the resort. We were still getting some in the trees when we left around 4.
So starting on Friday, we went Snowbird, Snowbasin, Solitude, and then Brighton today. Snowbird's groomers were good. With the warm-up it was tough finding good off piste, but there was fun to be had in the sun protected areas in Gad Valley. The downhill runs of John Paul were tons of fun at Snowbasin. Had a few good runs in the Strawberry offpiste but as the day went on it was all mashed potatoes especially down low. Solitude was the sleeper day. We slept in and went...
I'd say book the trip for next year as SOON as you can. Then all the other life events will be planned around the trip instead of vice versa. My experience is this is the only way to do this sort of thing. If school was a concern for some of the kids, have them miss 2-3 days and have them come when they can.
I'm not married to the idea of going to PowMow, only if it makes sense to do so from a powder/crowd perspective. I figure Snowbird will be busy on the weekend and Monday the feeding frenzy will be on, so Friday makes the most sense for the Bird.
Heading into SLC this weekend with friends. With the forecast looking for the potential of thaw-freeze Day 2-3 and powder on the last day I'm trying to plan accordingly. Our normal favorites are Brighton, Snowbird, and Snowbasin. Solitude is good too. We tried Canyons once and weren't impressed... So we'll stay away from PC. We've never hit PowMow before, but may this time if things line up. Tentatively, I figure we'll hit the main attraction- Snowbird on day 1. The...
It almost seems like you're trying to scare people away. My friend was there a few weeks back and never mentioned the crowds.I know you posted that one lineup pic... But I have seen worse.
The name "Revel-Stoke"... it just sounds awesome.  I think that's part of the allure.
The trip should be about over by now...Where'd you go and how much did you pay?
Copper is arguably the best of the bunch. I'd for sure recommend skipping Keystone and Breckenridge and doing 2 days there.
Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone are connected. Without looking I'm guessing you're in the $150 per day ballpark even if you buy in advance online. If you go the liftopia route, you could be in the $90/day range. There's no other deals for the Vail Resorts.
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