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Fighter pilot goggles..   For open cockpit biplanes.     :)
That Lange bag is pretty cool. Exactly what I'm looking for.   edit - Looks like everywhere is out of stock on these...
Speaking of the L7 fit - I'd like to find a bag that holds boots this way.   Anyone have ideas?
A Basin - 22 Oct 2016.   They will blow ice chips if they have to, and the run will be about 8 feet wide, hence the name WROD.
What is the most boring/difficult/easiest/fun map you have painted? Have any of the resorts commissioned you and then not paid?   What was the (very) first map you painted? Do you have an apprentice or are you training anyone? Do you leave some trails off the maps if the resort asks you to?
My 2 cents...   Rent a place or hotel in Midvale near ski bus lines. Several hotels have stops within a few hundred meters. Usually ski buses for Upper Cottonwood Canyon and Lower CC come to the same stops.   Check weather for next day online, watch radar. Usually though a storm hits all resorts. Get pre-loaded UTA ski bus passes, $4.50 per person per way, last year, Jump on early bus - 7:30AM or so, bus will not be so crowded. On powder days bus may be crowded,...
Alta / Snowbird is considered one location for the pass - not two days at each site. The extra free day and 50% off remaining days makes it a good deal once you hit ten days or so.   I usually get it.
As a matter of fact I did!   I happened to have GPS on my RIM Blackberry (old cell phone tech for you youngins - now they just sue people to make money) and pulled the coordinates. I gave the numbers to Patrol - next year I came up and they had it in lost and found! Not sure if they used the GPS info or just happened to find it while on sweep.   Hooray...   I have bought some nice pow straps since - I'm ready.
Lean over, say 'Dude - downhill skiers have the right of way'   Then ignore him.
New Posts  All Forums: