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Thanks guys for all the info.   I do usually stay in Taos, I like vibe.
I pretty much only ski Aspen when in CO.
This looks like the nail in the coffin for Colorado trips for me. No shoulder on a mountain pass equals very bad things. I'll stick to Heavenly, Taos, the Wasatch and, uh, AZ.   Raise the federal gasoline tax, (not tied to inflation?) and not done for over 20 years. This would be the time to do it, but politicians are too busy licking boots. Tolls would not be needed.   Or I could pay nearly $400 round trip using Colorado Mountain Express.   Ugh.
Someone has told me my two favorite hotels in Taos have been sold, and are now smoking allowed hotels.. ? If true - any locals or Taos regulars that can point me to some good places - but they also need to be on the Chile shuttle bus line..   On a related note - anyone have a link to Taos Chile line map during the winter? NCRTD shows everything but that.     Thanks
  Arizona skier...
I really like Arrowhead - I don't they are trying to turn it into a tree run, I just think they have not trimmed the saplings..
I drive.
 I'm with Dryheat... The 3 for $99 is a good deal, but I never really visit Snowbowl more than five - six times a year either, only on weekdays and only when I see a storm coming the night before.The last few WM films I went only for the lift pass. This year I'll be driving past Snowbowl on my way to Taos. (Finally on MCP - hooray!) It'd be great if there were another hotel with a shuttle to Sunrise (excepting HonDah - Yuck!)
I don't recall seeing glades at Sunrise... I have tried to ski the trees though..
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