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I'm looking to buy another pair of Rossignol EXP 1 Carbons, size 27.5 I realized these are several years old now but I just haven't found a boot that fits better.   New or lightly used is fine.   However, if you know of a shell that is made on the same mold I'd be happy to try it.   Thanks           Dave
We were there the first week of Jan, but the conditions were not that amazing. We just missed the storms.   How much extra was the Snowcat ride? I didn't even know it was there, otherwise would have taken it to the bowl.   Thanks
We missed our flight out of Denver Sunday. A semi had jackknifed on I70 and we sat in Glenwood Springs for about six hours. If we had left 30 minutes earlier we would have missed it.   Looks like we'll fly direct to Aspen next time, instead of the big loop. Comes out about the same for travel costs.   There is the small chance the plane will flip on landing though.   :/
Arizona - Snowbowl - no..     :(
I'm in Stevens Pass 1 Jan - 3 Jan. Maybe something will hit right before or during that.   :/
I'm still looking for gloves that offer a lengthy gauntlet. Lots of great gloves but they all have shorty gauntlets.   I ended up sewing extensions on my nicest gloves.   :)
I believe there is a run at Sunrise Ski Resort (AZ) that is called 'Cartwheel Hill'. I've done a few on it.
Not sure if this one was here already.   Duct tape for the kids.   Kids clothes I mean, duct tape around mittens to coat sleeves and pant legs to boots. Keeps snow out and kids warm.
Take some pliers and bend them back. Happens all the time.
Wow. Only one site on there I'm interested in. List gets slimmer every year.
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