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On the other hand, JR had been promising lift upgrades for a few years. Looks like the snow making was the tipping point for purchase. Tickets will jump by $5 or more next winter though.   I wouldn't mind a high speed quad for Agassiz...  :)   Edit:   Here is the link for 'partnered' resorts -   http://www.arizonasnowbowl.com/rates/spholder_discounts.php   Telluride is on the list, but only 10% off walk up price. Most of the others I've never heard of.
Man, I love my Turbo Fan goggles. I finally got smart. :)
I'm a big fan of chemical warmers over my toes - in bulk they are less than $1 a pair. The ones I use are 'Grabber' toe warmers. My boots fit snug but I still have room above my toes. Generally I don't shake them like a lot of people do, this keeps them putting out heat at a lower temp longer. They seem to last 6-7 hours. Beware the expiration dates though, the sooner the expiration the shorter the length of heat output.   I've never tried battery powered boot...
I do not ski the ROD, instead I take the money I save and ski late into March and April, with no one else on the snow and conditions are excellent...
Maybe VRBO or AirBNB.. I second KSL and SLC Craigslist..
I've skied some amazing powder days, but one was awful :). I was in the middle of a bowl, it was grey and coming down so hard I could not see my hand in front my face. I knew I was moving but had no visual cues to turn or slow my speed. It's like skiing blindfolded. Very odd feeling. I pretty much had to stop and wait there until it lightened up.
There are only 12 skiers.   This is why lift tickets are so expensive.
OT I know - Well, they ripped out a really beautiful centerpiece in the main lodge - a giant, two sided fireplace. When we were not skiing we'd all sit around it. They expanded the bar(s) (just what we need, more drunks on the slopes) and packed in more more tables and chairs. You literally cannot walk through that area it is so crowded with tables and chairs. We drive up to Utah now.
Arizona Snowbowl - I paid ~ $600 for pass a few years back - they were open four or five days that winter.   No refunds, no credit, (since they had 'opened') and no more AZ Snowbowl for me.   It's a tiny little place and they bump up prices $4-5 every year. Main lift is on wind hold 25% of the time. Walk up rate is $60-70...
I'm looking to buy another pair of Rossignol EXP 1 Carbons, size 27.5 I realized these are several years old now but I just haven't found a boot that fits better.   New or lightly used is fine.   However, if you know of a shell that is made on the same mold I'd be happy to try it.   Thanks           Dave
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