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UTA ski bus stop changes -  ????   If you are in a hotel in SLC or Midvale, or Sandy, or other places in South Utah - you are screwed.   UTA Ski bus dropped all their stops on their routes, except for Park and Rides. Now the PnR's will be packed and some people will not be able to make it up the hill to the Wasatch PnR, as it ices over frequently.   Now you have jump on a city bus and then transfer at a PnR. I would not get within a mile of a nasty city...
Just don't bring anything expensive, stash it on top of lockers or in pigeon holes in the changing rooms. Never lost anything from Alta or SB.
Maybe o/t -   What are your favorites for thermal underwear? I have some Duofold that I really like - but I can't find in stores anymore. I tried Hot Chilis but really unimpressed, and a few others but forgot why.   My favorite now is just some cheap thing I got from a thrift store and cut off the cuffs.   Socks are the same way - I find something that I really like and they stop making it the very next year. The old orange and blue Ultimax were the best.   I...
Thinnest possible long socks first Thermals - 3/4ish length - I usually buy full length and trim where they need to be. Boots Thermals pulled down over tops/power straps on boots - keeps them from pulling back up Ski pants   Everything stays in place all day.
Get the ski bus passes online and have them mailed to you. Preload them for the days that you know you'll be skiing. They are a good deal, but very few stores in SLC will load the cards for you and bus drivers will not.   I may e wrong but I believe they do not give change and a $4.50 fare will be $5.
I've cut down several poles made of carbon/composite. I buy the extra long ones left over post season - always cheap. A sharp pipe cutter works nicely. Wrap some electrical tape if worried about splinters.   Carbon can flex greatly and rebound perfectly straight; aluminum poles, not so much. For the record - I pulled off my straps years ago.
Fighter pilot goggles..   For open cockpit biplanes.     :)
That Lange bag is pretty cool. Exactly what I'm looking for.   edit - Looks like everywhere is out of stock on these...
Speaking of the L7 fit - I'd like to find a bag that holds boots this way.   Anyone have ideas?
A Basin - 22 Oct 2016.   They will blow ice chips if they have to, and the run will be about 8 feet wide, hence the name WROD.
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