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Alta / Snowbird is considered one location for the pass - not two days at each site. The extra free day and 50% off remaining days makes it a good deal once you hit ten days or so.   I usually get it.
As a matter of fact I did!   I happened to have GPS on my RIM Blackberry (old cell phone tech for you youngins - now they just sue people to make money) and pulled the coordinates. I gave the numbers to Patrol - next year I came up and they had it in lost and found! Not sure if they used the GPS info or just happened to find it while on sweep.   Hooray...   I have bought some nice pow straps since - I'm ready.
Lean over, say 'Dude - downhill skiers have the right of way'   Then ignore him.
Watching out for frozen chickens on the trail.     :)
I'm happy with my Smith Knowledge OTG - put the fan on low and it will run for days. (I found out the hard way) I think I paid $129 end of last season.   Abom uses a heated lens, slick. Looks like lenses can't be swapped though.
I always stay in Taos.   Hotels are a bit cheaper, lots of restaurants, and there's an inexpensive shuttle to the mountain several times a day. Beats driving when it's icy or when tired.
Core2 - a bit off topic, not sure if I already asked. What do you think is the best route from Phx to Taos? Probably doing the drive this year, sick of airlines.   thx
"But...these days, the system bindings are going away"   And I am so happy.   :)
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