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Thanks guys.. That'll be the place, provided the get a base before then.   Edit:   Just saw the website - they will not be open for 2014/2015 ??   Edit:   It was Crystal Mountain BC.      
I'll be in Tacoma the first week of December - I'm not familiar with the area. Are there nearby ski areas? By nearby I mean less than a 2-3 hour drive.   Thanks
If not already mentioned - the Goldminer's Daughter has something like 'dorms' for around $160 a night, from what I gather this includes dinner. I usually stay in Midvale though, and jump on the ski shuttle on Wasatch to LCC. After skiing all day the legs are toast and it's nice to let someone else drive. Get to the bus stop early though, after a big storm they are packed.   Anything off of the High Traverse at Alta is fun, the HT looks intimidating, and keeps folks out...
I've never been to Deer Valley - It looks like you're just skiing in everyone's backyard....
On the other hand, JR had been promising lift upgrades for a few years. Looks like the snow making was the tipping point for purchase. Tickets will jump by $5 or more next winter though.   I wouldn't mind a high speed quad for Agassiz...  :)   Edit:   Here is the link for 'partnered' resorts -   http://www.arizonasnowbowl.com/rates/spholder_discounts.php   Telluride is on the list, but only 10% off walk up price. Most of the others I've never heard of.
Man, I love my Turbo Fan goggles. I finally got smart. :)
I'm a big fan of chemical warmers over my toes - in bulk they are less than $1 a pair. The ones I use are 'Grabber' toe warmers. My boots fit snug but I still have room above my toes. Generally I don't shake them like a lot of people do, this keeps them putting out heat at a lower temp longer. They seem to last 6-7 hours. Beware the expiration dates though, the sooner the expiration the shorter the length of heat output.   I've never tried battery powered boot...
I do not ski the ROD, instead I take the money I save and ski late into March and April, with no one else on the snow and conditions are excellent...
Maybe VRBO or AirBNB.. I second KSL and SLC Craigslist..
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