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Appears they've done some sleight of hand with the editing. They cut away the drone video, each time the drone flies further and further away to keep the transmitter in the shot.    Looks like they need some work on this.     Also..   I don't want to see drones on the slopes. It will cause accidents, and the mountain will be liable. Two skiers shussing along minding their own business, and they both look up to see an object buzzing above them. They collide. Who is...
I've been to Deer Valley once. It will probably stay at once.
I like Grabbers, usually just use the foot warmers though. Burn time and heat output relate to how much oxygen they consume.   Fluff/airy gloves or mittens and burn time will be shorter, and may not be able to keep up with heat loss With well fit boots I usually get six or seven hours.   Also try not to buy them with an expiration of less than one year. Oxygen permeates the plastic while they sit on store shelves or warehouse.   I usually buy a box of forty pair a...
I agree here. One millionaire may spend more in one trip then a family of four all season.  
Hm.   Denver to Glenwood Springs >  Aspen sounds like an option. It's on the MCP...   I usually spend at least 3-4 days at a place, so a train day on both ends is ok. I miss the trains in Europe.   Thanks everyone
So I decided to open an old thread...   Is there now a ski train from Denver to Winter Park or not?   If you look on the Winter Park website it looks like there is a train running (Amtrak Zephyr), but no further information.. Cost, schedule, etc., anyone know?     Thanks
I am becoming very adept at jumptotheotherfootquick changes. At least for what i can see.   :)
Alta and the Bird are OK, just spent a few days at each.   Nothing off piste though, bowls and bumps are frozen, etc. Trees were doable after things softened up in the afternoon.   0" fresh powder all week.
I don't think it was the jig error or problem. It looks as if the the tech centered the jig or the template on the silk screened hash marks on the ski, They binding looks centered on the the hash marks. The hash marks are not centered on the ski, they are offset.   Edit: A local tech stripped several holes while mounting new bindings on my new skis. I now drill and mount my own bindings.
Thanks for the Lifestyls link. Now I know where and when to avoid.  :)
New Posts  All Forums: