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I'm still po'ed about not getting a season pass refund years ago - they were open only about 15 days, and they counted that as a full winter. I made it up once. Then they pulled the fireplace, packed in chairs, and jacked up concessions   I am glad they are glading the ridge, they could have done that years ago. Route 66 and the other new trails are fun when the pow is fresh and deep (rare), otherwise as mentioned before.   They ought to trim Mon-Thur prices to $48...
All nice, except that AZ Snowbowl has been really jacking it's prices the last few years.. $69 day pass for AZ Snowbowl next winter -  really?!   After expanding the bar (more $) so more drunks are on the slopes and packing a hundred tables and 1000 chairs into Agassiz lodge.   On weekends - 30 minute lift line for 1000 foot of vert? (correction, 2000 ft)   I'm driving to Utah, thank you.
I walked into a thrift store last week and walked out with these. They are a few years old. Brand spankin new, my size, $20, no tax.          
I see this bulk wax on sale on Ebay all the time -   Lambskin Wax.. 900G.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/BULK-LAMBSKIN-SKI-SNOWBOARD-WAX-2-5-lbs-/121440360379?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c4668d7bb    (Mods feel free to remove link if needed)     Has anyone tried this, what do you think? Is it just paraffin with added scent?   I need a few kilos of bulk wax, this is cheaper than Toko or others.   Thanks everyone.
Hi everyone  -     I just wanted to wake this thread up.   I'll be doing a few weeks in Slovenia/Eastern Italy this winter. Just an off the cuff thing.   Any resorts I should definitely see, any places to steer clear of? (Crime, bad roads, etc)   Car rental or public transportation (spoiled from Germany!)? International drivers license needed or U.S. license ok? Vignettes to drive on the roads? Any toll roads to avoid?   Any updates on resorts, exchange rate,...
Crg - that reminds me -   Have new boots or liners?   Put them on over the summer - wear them around the house several times (10 or 20 times or more). I put them on if I'll be standing for quite a while. This will help them pack out, it's better they hurt a bit around the house than on the hill.
The only ones that bother me a really high lifts that run without safety bars. Often these are the old fixed grip two seaters...
More than six inches of powder? Bring powder straps. Just trust me on that one.
Contacts if you have them - not glasses under the goggles. Bring an extra pair and solution.
More people are injured in their own bathrooms than anywhere else. I keep my helmet right outside my bathroom door.
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