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Starting next week, my racers will be using Butter for gate training.  It's a heck of lot cheaper than using Toko Jetstream bloc (race day setup).  I just hope it lasts for a few runs. 
Hertel wax is generally not loved on this board although I am a fan.  I am currently on my third brick (3/4 LB) of FC739 this season. For the warm temperature I would suggest you crayon some X5 Molybdenum with the FC739. If you can spring for their H4 as a top layer, you got yourself a nice race prepped setup. 
Jacques:  Do racers actually go that extreme (5 or 6 degree side angle)?  I had no intentions of going beyond 4* for my U14 racers.  They are set at 3 currently, although we haven't had to deal with ice in NJ so far.   
Starting at the apex of the ski, I set the wheel on the edge before starting the grinder, just like you with the Swix.  I would grind it through the tail.  It is tricky to grind the very front of the apex because the guide is no longer on the edge.  I hope this makes sense.   
  I am extremely pleased with my new toy!  Razor Tune was nice enough to send me .5* and 1* shim to play with.  This will allow us to try 3.5* side angle on SL skis and possibly 4* in the future.  One thing to note is that Razor Tune fine wheel is just for polishing, not sharpening.  I usually do 1 or 2 passes with the coarse or medium and call it a day.  Easy!  
I am leaning towards the Razor Tune myself.  Love the idea of tuning with base up.  Should be pretty hard to slip and mess up. 
A "used" dryer sheet works great as a substitute for fiberlene.  I started using them ever since our ski coach recommended it.  The dryer sheet is thicker so it takes more heat/time to melt the wax.  It does a nice job soaking up the excess wax.  Whenever I go back to using fiberlene, I need to make sure to keep the iron moving. 
Our U16s just raced at West Mountain (NY) this weekend.  They met the owner of Razor Tune there.  They were raving about how great this product looked.  Good enough that they are looking into a possible group buy.  I like the fact that it is tuned with the base up.  Seems very easy to use.  However, I have my concerns though.  How accurate is this bevel?  Will the company still be around when I need a replacement wheel? 
I think it's a great idea to run the 200 grit Moonflex before using the Evo Pro Edger.  This way I can check that the sidewall is being cleared.  Also, it looks pretty easy to use, unlike the Edge tune Pro II.  That unit gave me extremely inconsistent results but I loved the hardened finish.  I am sold on this product.  I just have to convince the wife that I really "NEED" this.  She should be happy that my interest has shifted from the more expensive Snow Glide!    
Thanks for the great review, Captain Kirk!  Are you using different grit diamond discs or are you using "fine" as the final touch after diamond stones? 
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