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Whoaaaaa.....NICE Legacy Bump!! Answer: I wish. A redo is long overdue!
I probably could have lived with that! Decided to drive a couple hours further instead though to The Loaf. The skiing was excellent with really no bare spots to be found anywhere on the open (aka snowmaking) trails. A bit icy Saturday morning from the rain on Friday and it never really warmed up till late afternoon Saturday, but Sunday was almost as good as it gets for spring skiing - well in the East anyhow - in 2016.SUGARLOAF - Sunday, March 27, 2016
HOLY CRAP!!! Wow. What an incredible story. I was on the edge of my seat reading it! So glad you made it out of there Mike! Good luck on the rehab and get well soon. Thanks for sharing your survival story. So many lessons to be learned from this one and it's great to know you were well prepared and have great friends like that. Kudos to the rescue teams and all involved!!!
This is for those of you just arriving at The Boat. We were there Wed-Sat and I just got home to the horrors of a flat island where I dwell at 120' above sea level. I too was somewhat bummed out with my usual luck of hitting my western trip in the middle of a dry spell. I expected all season to be sticking my freshly waxed and powder hungry DPS Wailer 112's into my double bag to go get some of the champagne powder I always heard about. I was sure we'd get it this year,...
@Finndog it was a pleasure to ski with you! We all had a great time. The best part about it was that my wife won't listen to anything I say, but when you gave her a few tips on skiing bumps and glades, she ate it right up, cranked it up a notch, and had a blast! What's up with that? Should I grow a beard or something? Yeah, it was spring skiing at it's best though. Weather was spectacular and we really loved the mountain. Today we took the day off since you burned...
3 years ago - skiing The Big Couloir for the very first time, in a complete whiteout. It wasn't pretty.
I hate to ask this question, but am going to do it anyway. It's the age old dilemma: "What ski(s) should I bring?? Gotta pack tomorrow and skiing Copper Sun-Mon, then Steamboat Wed-Sat. I will bring my do-anything Blizzard Magnum 8.7's (87mm) and would usually bring my 122mm DPS Wailers for powder days and had assumed all along that would be my 2nd pair. But as of now anyhow it seems likely that may spend most days sleeping on the floor of our condo. I realize it may...
Thanks! That's what I figured.
I think Revelstoke (except on a big powder day) and places like Red Mountain, Whitefish and Big Sky may have spoiled me forever. I'll have to make my wife retire next year if we run into this all week long. Still, I'd rather stand in that line all week for a few glorious turns than ski the East any more this winter (which, all things considered, is somehow hanging on pretty well....).
OH, Shit....seriously?? Not even a powder day and it's like that most of the day? We'll be there on the 17th. I haven't been there before, so I guess I'll need to get ready for that. I may have spoiled myself the past 10 years always going on a trip during a non-holiday week. Maybe Finndog will have a trick or two to share with us if we get to hook up!
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