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O.P., and the rest of you should watch this through till the very end and you will understand why Stowe was a good choice.
I think you mean Resolution by what you're calling range. Either way, yes, Resolution is very good as well as dynamic range in your video.
^^^ That right there is a pretty damn good list!!! Just the fact that you've got Dynamite in there in about the right spot means you know your shiite. Nice job! p.s. not sure about Outer Limits though, especially since they often groom half of it flat now. Although I haven't skied them, the marked gladed runs either side of that I would think have to be more difficult as well as Devil's Fiddle due to some random gnar absent on O.L. I also recall the Julio glade area...
Yikes - I guess you never made it to Bear Mountain, or the Glades chair, or Superstar, or the back of Skye Peak. The only trails I'd say often seem to have flat light are between Lower Cascade and Double Dipper, and for some reason, Needles Eye - but who cares if the light is flat there as long as you still have Anna's Empanadas at the base there. Those little babies alone make me want to head for K-Mart on a cold day.
Damn! That's nice!! Didn't have time to sit through the whole thing at work, but will when I get home. Stunning scenery definitely helps here too. But I agree, the quality is excellent. Now I understand what you meant by "range." Yes, that Go Pro video does have excellent dynamic range. Although the Contour + also has 1080p, I can't upload to Vimeo above 720p without a paid account. As far as the chest mount goes, better for the wearer, I guess, but I still find it...
I'll stand by my comment that telling someone who is a "peace and quiet" type of guy to avoid Killington is for all intents and purposes, "clueless." Anyone who truly seeks peace and quiet should be strapping on a pair of skins and heading out in the opposite direction from any of the places the OP mentioned anyhow. In the absence of that however, K-Mart isn't all that different from the others and the on-mountain experience will be more subdued in many cases compared to...
I never really had a chance to compare video quality between the two, but to me, the Contour looked pretty spectacular on my 1080p tv screen, although I've only really played it that way briefly, a couple times. Looks great on my computer monitor as well, but maybe the Go Pro would look even better. Not sure it would be that much better though for me to sacrifice the form factor. Last year I picked up the Contour + model and really didn't upload any of the clips. So i...
It's ok to hate it, but in giving advice on whether to go there or not you should at least provide an explanation to support such a statement. I can think of a few reasons not to go myself, but you have to be blind not to appreciate some of the positives of a place as big as Killington. That being said, I'd prefer almost any place north of that myself.
Clueless, dumb-ass comment.
Great choice! Major nukage shall be delivered your way just in time.
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