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Hah- I got the loophole.  My speed is sourced from only the finest singlewides-with-plywood-in-the-windows.And my hooch is only from repurposed oildrums. My earlier crockpot bit notwithstanding, Liberty, Whitetail, and Roundtop have pretty good free cubby storage that is respected.  And I've not had issues with sitting at a table with someone just "reserving" - they seem to get the timeshare concept, generally. 
We tend to have non-skiing moms/dads "reserving" entire tables- although we rarely have a problem when we just do the "is anyone sitting here right now?  thanks."   There's another contingent who bring crockpots, plugged in and on a table while they head out.  Nevermind the obvious safety/trip issue and the signs stating to not do that...  I personally enjoy unplugging them, placing them against the wall, and watching their faces as they dig into cold chili.
Played tag with a jeep that had a similar setup, coming down the NY Thruway .  Thought it was a pretty good idea- bikes often cost a lot more than skis, and if they are secure enough on a bike carrier... I prefer a dedicated roof box, but this was a decent solution. My only concern is if the skis are longer than the car is wide- now you have the sideswipe-my-mirror-situation.  Echo the road salt/debris concern too- more so than when exposed on a roof rack.
Practicing 1st turns of the season on the bunny hills of Killington this weekend, to warm up for the steeps of Liberty next week...
Looking good so far for Liberty/Whitetail/Roundtop next weekend- good snowmaking window coming up, then a little R, then frigid again, plenty enough to open maybe Friday the 16th?     Gotta plan how to burn the use-or-lose!
not for $2.95 its not new!
Upwards of 8" expected for Snowshoe and Western PA Sunday-Monday, followed by pretty much below freezing for several days, slight bump up, then below 32 again after TGiving.  I suspect all the places West of the Eastern Divide will be able to open so we can work off Thanksgiving dinner- and more than just the bare minimum for opening.  I feel confident enough to make some hotel reservations...
Thats exactly the reason.  Light, radio waves, heat, xrays: all electromagnetic waves subject to the same set of Maxwell's equations. Greenbank has the world's largest steerable radiotelescope- 330ft diameter!  If you go into the visitor's center at Greenbank, they have a very good explanation of the how and why, with a number of cool hands-on exhibits.  And there's a monitor listing exactly who is time-sharing the different telescopes, when, what they're looking for, and...
But back on topic, I foresee K opening on Halloween (Monday this year).  Bring your own costume for the hike up the stairs!  Seems very Killington-esque.   They've promised the World Cup snowmaking on Superstar is not going to interfere with bringing the rest of the hill online asap- brought in extra compressors to handle the load.
Might be worth it if you have a weeknight evening to kill and can swat away NJ middleschoolers.  It's bigger & better terrain than Shawnee, over in the Water Gap.  But in general, it's what you'd expect for a Nawth Jezie suburb playground.   I am up around Parsippany for work on occasion and manage a few hours at one or the other, to avoid having dinner with the bosses.
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