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 Perhaps you don't get out much?  
Might want to check out the mask from Outeru ( - I've been using one for the last couple of seasons and really like it (no affiliation, just like the product).   Covers nose/cheeks and works well with a Buff or other neck gaiter - I really hate to ski with my mouth covered so this is a great solution.       Bill
Still available?
Might want to consider Bromley - can be lots of fun and doesn't get the Stratton crowds.   Bill
May want to consider a day over on Shawnee Peak - nice little mountain with some challenging runs and great views.  Perhaps 35-40 minutes down 302 from Attitash and still considered part of the Mt. Washington valley...   Bill
I'd go $350.
I agree with the poster above as to desirable attributes:   1.  Wind resistant/proof 2.  Breathable 3.  Light   The jacket in question is a rather run-of-the-mill soft shell, that in my experience may not offer any of the items on the list.  I often wear a SwiftPro top over a light base layer, then take along a shell in case the wind gets up (lots of variety on shells - GoreTex is usually overkill for XC and as the poster above noted, lots of bike gear will...
I will also point out - in a thread about turn technique, the one guy who even offered an analysis of the video is being attacked for doing so.     Pretty much the only substantive reply to my post is that the Germans are taught to drag their poles - that may be so, but in this very forum ( the practice is rightly criticized.    Whatever guys... ski how you want.  I do.  Felix does.  Of course, Felix has a legion...
While I'll admit to being a lurker since joining, not sure it really matters who the skier is - I think the elements I pointed out are valid in terms of efficient skiing, regardless of nationality.   Bill
Big hop and some wicked pole drag... and should I mention the 'A' frame?  Rather ugly.
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