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 Will do. I am not as familiar with CVR, so you will need to show me the spots where I can *almost* ski into a drainage ditch.
 I definitely plan on getting out to CVR this year. I am hearing they stepped up their game.
 We are looking to get up there either on Sunday or on MLK day. If we are both there on MLK day then maybe we can ski a couple runs together.
WT your "home" area this season?
Paradice was fun. Fast up top, lots of loose snow to play around in on skier's right at the bottom. No snowmaking was occurring on MakAttack, Mass Transit, or Yee-ha. As you say, it appears they are focused on maintaining the base on the open trails for the holiday weekend, especially given the warm weather and rain in the forecast.
How did Mnut treat you this past weekend? I was there for a couple hours on Monday. Conditions were fast and fun.
I was at Snowshoe on Sunday. Coverage and snow quality was good on the limited terrain that was open - a couple top-to-bottom routes open, including Spruce, a fun blue, plus the terrain park. I have seen nothing official as far as additional terrain but someone on another forum posted that based on a conversation with a mountain worker, there is a chance Cupp could be open next weekend.
Very nice. I have taken a few turns in those trees but I don't think I've ever managed 10+. Then again. I've never been to Mnut after a huge snowfall.Something to keep in mind for the next one.@levy1: Ha!
Where were these located?
There is a showing of the latest Warren Miller film in Harrisonburg, VA on Oct 27...any central Virginians interested in meeting up for that?
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