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You weren't specific about when in Feb you are planning. That implies flexibility. DO NOT come over Presidents Day weekend if you can avoid it. It will make a major crowd difference.
This! Lesson with someone good at teaching scared women. I would rate your own chances of success at slim to none given what you've already told us.
With the strap that way you have a connection to the pole without using any grip force from your hand. Especially helpful for poling along the flats.
Beyond, sorry to hear about this. VERY disappointed to hear about K-ton's reaction. Not responsible for what happens on our mountain???? Are you kidding me? Is this the attitude of all Pwdr resorts? Serious question, because this is the type of company that I choose to NOT do business with.
No rain in Breck that I can tell, but it is very heavy snow. Still snowing right now with Yahoo claiming 31 deg.
There is no question that Marker Royals are hard to step into. Your description, though, sounds like there is something wrong. I have a pair of Griffons and your description of not having enough room for your boot to engage the heel piece sounds impossible given what I'm looking at on my bindings. You might still have a problem worth investigating. As for adjusting FP while the boot is in the binding...I would never! Granted in reality you are only going to do it once or...
You keep saying that, yet your English is MUCH better than many American's.
Al was on GMA this morning emphatically stating "Do not ride the chair with your backpack on your back. Remove it and carry it in your lap."
I'd be curious to learn if it is studs or if it is chains on semis. Here on I-70 it is chains on semis that cause our rutting. I don't know how you would eliminate that. There is no way we could get away with eliminating chains.
It's easy. Just move to a ski town. They are all over the place and are really anxious to meet guys who want to date them. Just find a local's bar. No problem.
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