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I think the real title is Mountain Safety. They work closely with patrol. Help with incidents, monitor slow zones, no jump zones, family zones, and they are the guys most likely to pull a pass. We have these guys doing that instead of patrol doing it.
No, stick around. Rod was wrong. Your point was right on target.
Boy do I ever hope you're right about this. I have my LII exam next week. It would sure be better to ski an exam in fresh conditions than in what we've had the past couple of weeks.
SuperShape i.Titan? Great carver. More front side oriented but capable for light all mountain duty.
Ask the seller?
I was in a clinic a couple of weeks ago and a woman in the clinic was wearing jacket and pants that were almost an exact match to mine. We definitely looked like one of those matchy-matchy couples. We were on a double chair together at least once during the day. Bugged the crap out of me.   As for my gear matching? If I can look like I at least am not color blind, then why not? My Super7s are black with orange patches on them. They have orange FKS 140s that match nicely....
I know you didn't mention it, but if you have any interest in skiing Beaver Creek then definitely add it to your Saturday choices. The extra drive past Vail equals less crowding typically. Also, if we get much of the threatened snow then all bets are off.
IIRC there is some of that with the Canyons deal also.
The press release:
The calf doesn't pull back the foot, it points the toes. Your quads and glutes are what you're after here. That brings you forward along the length of the foot.
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