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??? Are you OK?
FWIW, I fired Hertz last year after 30 years of doing business together. Pi$$ed my off badly a couple of times then when I had them on the phone or in person giving them the opportunity to make it right, they declined. That's fine, their right to do so, my right to tell them adios.
^ This right here. The value of all of the passes is very situational. I completely agree with Non...IF one cannot stand the VR areas. If you like them then he is completely out of his mind. The choices are incredibly subjective. VR has objectively increased the value of the EpicPass...along with the price. The question is can you take advantage of it? My last season of buying the full Epic I paid about $10 per day for lift access. That is a pretty valuable pass for my...
Absolutely true, but the point is that nobody is set up to use marine VHF in a non marine environment because of the regs. I would propose that there will be no one listening.
Case by case well applied exceptions are never a bad thing. In fact, IMO, blind adherence to rules for the sake of rules IS a bad thing. Just have to remember that someone is essentially vouching for someone else that they don't know.
It's amazing how minor it looks post sew-up compared to the before shot. Looks like his doc did a great job. As for his liftline work...just wow people.
Gotta say, I'm really getting tired of you ignoring physiology and boot fit. Would you please get it together!?!
I missed it if you said whether you'd only be skiing on weekends. If the kids are in for a home schooling session on your schedule then you don't need to worry about the crowds at the Epic resort to the degree that ski otter is warning about. The weekend crowds are manageable if you know what you're doing. But, it is a fair argument to say why bother if you can go somewhere else. Weekdays though, there's nothing to manage. Copper, WP, and LL are great options, just don't...
MIPS is a technology that is intended to mitigate a particular type of concussion inducing impact. Different helmet models give different coverage. Proper fit to your head matters. Other than those things, as far as I know, there is no difference in general protection capability.
This! That is a big part of what I work on with people, getting them to understand that what we are working on is giving them more control. I'm looking for feedback from them that they feel more stable, in control, etc. Now they trust me when I tell them that they can trust their skis to do more for them than they ever have before. That's when we really get rolling and learn what they thought they wanted to learn.
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