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Thanks you two. Didn't need them. My buddy worked it out himself.
Breck or VR?
^^^Ata baby!
Also, the Rockies is not the same as the West Coast re weather.
All true. If you have paper work from a binding mount then you can avoid running them through another test. Otherwise they will need to be tested. You get vouchers from SS to have this done no charge at Vail Sports. Once they have been checked out, subsequent years you just get an administrative check by SS, unless you change something.
You sound like you are just starting off. If that's true you will be teaching never evers in the yard. You will definitely benefit from a short relatively narrow ski that has disposable top sheets. Adults or kids they will be all over them. A binding that is easy to step out of is also worth considering in that case. Sometimes you just can't get out of the way of disaster and you would be well advised to be ready to escape that slow twisting ACL destroying fall. My old...
Obviously you should just watch the news. CNN for instance will give you all of the important details, right? No way they'd only fan the flames of Interweb Outrage.
They already stated that all of the Aspen, Intrawest and Mammoth passes remain the same for 17/18. They had already gone on sale. What changes may be coming should be expected to arrive for the 18/19 season.
Yep, plows are at it 24/7 on the major routes.
^^^All else bing equal you are far far better off Saturday night than Sunday morning. If it is storming Sat then you will have issues. But if it is storming Sat then you will have worse issues Sunday morn even if it is bluebird. To me the only question is do you feel safe driving at night in any conditions.
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