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I had a full ACL allograft. When the doc had the scope inside, he saw the tear and did that too - a little bonus. My tear happened in mid-December at the first ESA at Stowe (I came to every one after that) and the surgery was early February. Back on the bike by April.
Fabienzan, Mine was about 9 years ago, so I was in my early 60s. My meniscus tear was small and in the vascularized red-white area so my doc took one stitch in it and it seems to have done the trick. I was religious with my PT and I think I was back on my road bike on the flat about two months post surgery and then rode all summer. Still riding and skiing in my 70s with no pain. Good luck.
Heavy powder and low viz at Ragged in NH today. First soft snow I've skied all year. Loon or Cannon tmw, depending on wind, Cannon or Wildcat Friday
Heading up to the North Shore of Boston tomorrow to stay with a cousin and do day trips to NH, probably hitting Cannon and Wildcat and one other TBD. Looks I timed this right for once. Maybe this will make up for my trip to New Mexico at the end of February where I got skunked and got sick too - got on one day at a very firm Santa Fe before giving up on Taos. Taking along my old Pocket Rockets.
Thanks. Supposed to be bluebird on Fri, so Wildcat would be nice. Lodging recs at either Cannon or Wildcat?
Thanks. Supposed to snow Wednesday into Thursday. How tough would it be to drive toWildcat from Lincoln area to Wildcat on Fri am if it has been snowing?
We're going to visit some cousins on the north shore of Boston, arriving Tuesday 3/11 and plan to do day trips on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Cannon will be one stop, probably Thursday (it's cheap, a twofer day). Cousin will decide what to do Wednesday, but we may stay up north Thursday nite in Lincoln, so where to go Friday, before we head back to Salem? I'd like to see Wildcat, if only for the views, but how gnarly is it? We're interested in cruising, not bumps or...
Hahnenkamm.com has it as 1981, 34th, two spots below one of the Mahres.
Did a little more digging. The rules were changed specifically to keep Stenmark from running away with the overall. In 1980 or '81 he began training downhill and crashed, ending up in the hospital for three weeks. The downhill you saw was the only one he ever entered. He was 34th, 11 seconds back.
Remember, Stenmark never was on a downhill podium, and may never have entered a downhill. After 1978 he never won an overall title because FIS began deducting lots of points for not participating in a discipline. He could have continued to win the overall by sideslipping downhill courses, but refused.
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