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Found that too, but it wasn't there. Just forgot to send or save it. Will have to adjust the afternoon single malt level.
Thanks. Figured out how to reach that menu. But the PM I'm thinking of isn't there. Guess I just turned off the IPad without sending or saving. I guess drafts aren't saved automatically.
My TDi '10 Jetta sedan doesn't have a urea tank, and the diesel sport wagon doesn't either.
May be a dumb question, but is there a place I can see PMs I sent but did not result in an answer or conversation? If I drafted one but forgot to send it, is the draft saved anywhere?
Hey, a little history here. Trekchick quoting Phil when they were still communicating via Epicski.
My S.O. Jane fell while we were at Santa Fe two weeks ago and broke her hip. Surgery the next day replaced the ball, not the socket. Recovery is going well - cane only, no more walker. The incision was posterior, not anterior, so she will have a lot of muscle recovery to deal with. She plans to ski next season. Any experience with this? BTW, we're in our seventies - one of the reasons we were at Santa Fe - it's free. Very nice mountain, and super competent patrol.
High speed lifts wouln't have made any difference. The chairs load and unload every six seconds or so no matter how fast the cable runs. Quads or six packs as opposed to doubles do put more skiers on the snow, and there are still non-detachable quads around, e.g. at Elk.
Glad I stumbled across this thread. Haven't done XC in years and gave my groomed track rig away years ago when I moved, but there's been so much snow here in SE PA and I now live next to a meadow and woods, so I've been thinking about skiing out the back door. Was going to start a thread asking advice about gear to do this, looked at the ORS site on Shredhead's rec, and the first thing they have is a great video reviewing "Out the Back Door" gear. Mostly about skis, but...
Phil taught me that when you wear your helmet onto the plane, the tinfoil liner stays in shape.
That equation is for special relativity, not general. Now if I could ski moguls, that would be really special.
New Posts  All Forums: