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Good old SAMy. This what some of us call "a shanda fir di Goyim." Maybe the property owners or their insurance companies will sue civilly.
I want a Cayenne.
Buckmans started Tuesday or Wednesday.
Buckman's consignment sale is on till 10/17.
Thanks. I remember that now. Pretty efficient, but they had little stock in 170 or below, so I didn't do much.
Do you need to buy a ticket from Buckmans for the demos at Blue? I have a (free 70+) season pass. And has anyone heard anything new about the feud between Elk and residents of the Village of the Four Seasons? Last I heard, residents could no longer buy season passes or seasonal lockers.
I'm not getting email notifications to threads I'm subscribed to - particularly the current VW thread. Using an IPad and Safari.
It's not a rumor. Heard it from a friend who has been an owner in the village for 20 or 30 years, and is directly affected. Easy enough for owner to police - he knows the names of all the residents. Can he do it? I'm sure it has become part of the ongoing litigation.
Folks who go to Elk are probably familiar with the never-ending pissing contest between the owner of the mountain and the Village of the Four Seasons, the residential community just beyond the boundary. Part of it is an argument over whether the mountain is entitled to water from the village's recreational pond, which is separated from the mountain's snowmaking pond only by a berm. The village is occupied entirely by people who ski at Elk or who rent seasonally to skiers -...
i may be visiting in Westmont for a couple of days at the end of October or beginning of November and I'm thinking about dropping in at Laurel to see the progress. May even ride my bike over Ligonier Mountain on 271. Haven't been to Laurel since around 1983.
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