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A great resource for alignment in your area is Billy Kaplan, AKA "Cantman," atPerformance Pedorthics in Feasteeville, PA, about20-25 min from Princeton via I95 and Route 1. I had a very satisfactory experience there a couple of years ago that involved cooking my Intuition liners and wedging my boots. It's described on one of my posts somewhere here. He's at 800-283-2370 or 215-760-8226 , and Cantman@speakeasy.net
If you're already an Apple user the transition to an IPad will be pretty easy and intuitive, and there's now a free app for MS Word.
InterMedia Advisers owns 90 percent of Universal. nBC bought 10 percent with a view to a long term partnership which appears to be unraveling, according to Sportsnews.com. Comcast now owns NBC's 10 percent. Since Comcast-NBC has Olympic coverage locked up long-term, they don't really need Universal, and, let's face it, they don't need fans of fringe sports like cycling and skiing - I.e., us.
But my big Sony plasma is so old it doesn't have an HTML connection, so I don't see an alternative. Still has a beautiful pic, tho, so I'm not replacing it.
NBC-Comcast owns only 9 percent of U, per Wikipedia, but, as I said above, Comcast is so awash in cash that there must be some issue besides money that. Keeps Comcast from picking it up.
I'll forward it to my bike club - Bike Club of Phila
This has been a crusade of mine (almost an obsession) for years. I live in a retirement community with an exclusive bulk contract with Comcast so I have no alternative TV or ISP access, and I live in the Philly area, home of Comcast. In fact, I live about a mile away from Brian Roberts, Comcast's chairman and CEO, and about 2 miles from its COO. I guess they're not fans of ski or bike racing, although Roberts is a rider, has a Moots, in fact. Every time I talk to a service...
Not yet available, but how about the VW Crossblue small SUV, diesel hybrid plug-in? Jane and I are waiting to see how expensive this will be, as a replacement for the Jetta Tdi. Promised for this time next year. And Phil, I'm still driving that 03 Highlander, better tires now, tho.
Still squished on IPhone 4s ok on IPad
ESA Stowe, Robin Barnes: we had spent the morning doing a drill, weight transfer, I think, at moderate speed. Then something clicked, I looked at her and said, "hey, we're doing crossovers!" She just smiled. If I ever make it to Tahoe first place I'm going is Heavenly for a lesson with her.
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