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Made it to the demo day. Buckmans did a good job. Never used my own skis at all. Lower parking lot was almost full by the time I quit at 1:00, but lift lines weren't bad. Will try again next Wednesday after a couple of days of snow, I hope.
11 years later it's still a complete success. I used a custom Donjoy brace for a couple of seasons after the surgery, not for stability or strength but to keep from suffering a new injury and ruining the repair if I had asimilar accident, but don't bother withit any more. Took glucosamine and chondroitin for several years , but gave it up a couple of years ago and can't tell the difference. Used to take ibuprophen before skiing, but since I rarely ski more tan 4 hours a...
My doc said that the tear was in the red-white zone, where the meniscus is still vascularized, at least partially. If the tear is in the white zone, with no blood supply, repair is usually not attempted.
Will probably be there tomorrow. I'll try the soup at the Slopeside.
Fly into ABQ, spend a day at Santa Fe for a warmup -it's bigger than you think, goes to 12,000 ft- then up to Wolf Creek and Taos on way back. Taos to ABQ is easy, Santa Fe to Pagosa isn't bad.
And I still miss ESA Stowe.
Finally went to the MD after a week of bad cold& fever and am on an antibiotic for not-quite pneumonia, so Friday is unlikely. Let us know what you demoed.
Demo day at Blue 1/23, also Buckmans.
Thanks for reminding me. If I can shake this cold-flu I've had since Xmas.... Do you need tix from a shop?
So, when Kachina opens, what will the terrain be like? Jane and I are considering making a few days at Taos part of our Santa Fe family visit in Feb or March, but we're 70+ and just looking for cruising. The Blues off of lift 4 and 8 are good for a couple of days, but the idea of groomers on Kachina is tempting. But since we now ski for free at Santa Fe, just staying in town is tempting too. Keep us posted.
New Posts  All Forums: