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Well, I already have a Surly - a Crosscheck that I frankenbiked with 42mm tires and fenders for wet weather on gravel, and a few other mods. Maybe I should get the Subie so I can put my Crosscheck in my Crosstrek. Is the mileage on the CRV better enough to justify the premium? Rear visibility doesn't look good.
The figures are published. Jane will get between 12,500 and 14,500 for her 2009 Jetta sedan. So what to get now? She will probably want a small crossover with good visibility - she likes to sit up high. Her only complaint about the Jetta was the rear vision, especially since her last car was and old Cherokee. We'd like a hybrid for the mileage, even with cheap gas, but the only small hybrid crossover right now looks like the Subie Crosstrek, but its mileage is only...
Latest news is that VW has set aside 6.5 billion to compensate the 450+ thousand diesel owners in U.S. That works out to about $14,000 apiece. We'd take that.
Got these cheap on Epicski a few years ago when I ha daydreams abou Nastar and local beer league. Didn't happen. Used once by me, light use before. Good for kid racer or small adult. Pick up only in eastern PA - Delaware Valley area.
So you were riding your bike switch?
Out on the road bike for the first time today, in 70 degrees. 80 tomorrow and Tthursday. Rather ride in shorts than ski.
Liked Snakedance, convenient, but that was two years ago, before the base area was reconfigured. Might be different today.
Does Phil know about this? He lives next door now. Mt. Pugski!
Astroglide on the footbeds.
Anybody interesred in carpooling from Philly area to Elk on Friday 1/22 for demo day?
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