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So you were riding your bike switch?
Out on the road bike for the first time today, in 70 degrees. 80 tomorrow and Tthursday. Rather ride in shorts than ski.
Liked Snakedance, convenient, but that was two years ago, before the base area was reconfigured. Might be different today.
Does Phil know about this? He lives next door now. Mt. Pugski!
Astroglide on the footbeds.
Anybody interesred in carpooling from Philly area to Elk on Friday 1/22 for demo day?
Anybody interested in carpooling to Elk from Philly area on Friday 1/22 for demo day?
Thinking about trying tomorrow, Thursday 1/14. Supposed to be a Buckmans demo day. Paradise and Razor likely to be open?
71 in Philly. Looks like I'll be on the bike till the new year, alas.
Good old SAMy. This what some of us call "a shanda fir di Goyim." Maybe the property owners or their insurance companies will sue civilly.
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