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There's a guy I know, former DCL level 3 PSIA who most here might wish they could ski as well as. He skis the 179. He's your size. I've skied the 179. It was FUN. It was really fun in the bumps. I'm only 10 lbs less than you. Anyhow...
Everyone should just go skiing. Play around with whatever cue works for you. Ignore those that don't. No need to go all election year angry on this. It's JUST skiing.
Generalizations, sure. Specifics like folks are asking for here, not so much.
For 215#, a 179 Dynastar powertack 89.
And how does anyone know what she does other than her coaches?
So much umbrage, so little time to just try it on snow? Green eggs and ham?
Could be year 3 on them. Enough days and/or lack of snow, it adds up.
30seconds of web search... many din charts/apps, etc.., come up.
What was it Groucho said about not wanting to be part of any club that would have him?
This seems a fairly constant problem combo... the marker 'royal' series heel and the Bonafide. .
New Posts  All Forums: