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Head height for an expert. A different ski for a larger gal/hard hard charger. The rise isn't huge. Same deal as always, length gets stability at the expense of easy and maneuverability. If she's a good athlete and really wants to work on skiing better, and you anticipate she will, then sure, you could go longer. Venue also plays a role. Can't remember where you ski, BK.
Read the blister gear review, eh? Honestly, you can mount them as suggested and they'll ski fine.
Eye brow to mid forehead for a slower skiing intermediate.
'Naked' zippers work fine. Have since the late 90's. More seams DOESN'T mean better jackets. Your photos are a perfect illustration of this. The zippers and fabric in modern ski gear is light years ahead of stuff from 30 years ago.
If it makes you feel any better, I think the 188 MX 88 is too long for me, and after skiing the MX83, thought I might like it forward s bit as well. As said before,mthe Rev 90 was a dog until moving the binding forward. For anyone not really liking their Rev 85, if you're using a free flex binding, you can mount it on a head race place.... should get you the beef you want.
Im88, mounting skis on true center, while great for axial spins in the air, riding rails, etc... Are generally significantly less than ideal for all mountain skiing. Typically center mounted skis will feel unstable at speed and dive in powder.
I'm an inch shorter and +5# heavier. I've only skied the Kastles (MX 83,88,98, FX94,104) on line. No trouble. Personally, I liked both the MX 83 and 98 better than the 88 largely because of length. A 182-4 88 would be money.The Rev80 has a weight limit. Unless you're on the 184, you're past it. That said, they shouldn't have skied 'hooky' when moved back. I always use pivot slips to 'feel' if the initial fore/aft balance of a ski feels right. I moved both the Titan and...
#1, 'big' teley boots don't always equate with 'too' much of anything. The bellows are what matters. Do they bend or not? If the sole of the boot is 'rockered, can you flatten it with your body weight? The preassure you feel on your downhill calf is likely because you're not keeping pressure on the cuff/flexing the ankle of the boot. i.e., you're fore/aft balance is out of wack. You may need some boot work as well, but that's doable. 'Dropping the knee'... I know its...
Wat Fil sed... Particularly about the Marker TC11 vs the Squire/Griffon. The Attack 12/13 are a great choice.
However they got there, they is what they is.
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