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Forgive my confusion, but I've never seen a Nordica/Blizzard without a market race plate or binding.
I think you'd be very surprised if you ever hired me to coach you. I'm not black and white either by any means. I think the Internet makes us all prone to painting people into corners when trying to have a discussion about differences in goals, motivations, etc... Believe me, I spend the vast majority of my teaching time off piste. When I taught telemark regularly, it was about 90%. With alpine, I'd say it's roughly 65-70%. It the off piste terrain the defines...
Swoosh. I wasn't addressing you. This was for cerebral vortex (cv). I think you're misunderstanding me. My motivations are mine and mine alone. I don't hold anyone else to things established on little icy hills in the Midwest many years ago when the pinnacle of skiing was racing. The ski world has diversified and this is fantastic in my view. If I'd have grown up on a western mountain, just skiing and exploring the terrain would have been plenty! I was clear in my previous...
Height? weight? Any training for exams in your near future? General ability level?
I skied the E 98 3 seasons at the factory mount and the E100 last spring, again on the factory mount. No trouble. Yes, there's a lot of tail, but it skis well.
Whats the edge bevel? I actually does matter.... There, that should be worth 5 pages.
CV, im not disagreeong with you. My ski work ethic was instilled as a kid who wanted to be fastest on the hill through the gates. If I'd started skiing later or at a large western resort, I'd certainly have less drive to ski better and would want just enough to access the terrain i wanted to ski. I've also been a 'teacher' for a living and really love helping folks improve. All the better when they surpass me.
I cedTwo ski quiver for me at your place. 100 and 118. One point instructional bit. You don't throw anything into 'angulation'. It's a resultant. Form follows function, not the other way around.
Your sacasm isnt doing the ski area you are an ambassador for any good. Diplomacy is your friend. I'm also guessing you don't teach skiing, but i dont have time to tease apart your thoughts about ski width and instruction.
"Your girlfriend is checking out my telebutt of steel.." ... or boyfriend as the case may be.
New Posts  All Forums: