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Mike, the CSIA interski 2011 video was very interesting in its analysis of the different national nuances. PSIA had no equivalent.
The CSIA vids were much more useful to me to pass L3 than any of the PSIA video material. That alone speaks volumes.
 Probably the same reason the manuals are now $34.95* .   * 44.95 for the print/electronic bundle... no electronic only option **.  ** 
 Another 'yep' to the boots. Eastern skier... hmmm... You're too heavy for a Titan and not really quite there yet skill wise even if you were lighter. I'd think a Head Monster 83 would be pretty dandy for what you need. The Fire Arrow mentioned might be a good choice, and if you had a bunch of money to burn, you could do a Kastle MX 83 sort of ski (which leads us back to the Monster 83).
Better yet, I'll just talk to Ed.
Talk go your coach(es) first. Until you do, nothing said here will matter much.
Believe it or not, I'm in 100% agreement with you. I'm starting to think none will be forthcoming from PSIA. I wonder if there's a check box to send half my dues to CSIA. I'm still confident they'll come through.
This is a good idea as well! Hopefully K2 gets their supply chain issues sorted soon.
... and his Rev 85 is a superb exam and clinicing ski for both L2 and L3.
Yeah, whatever. . I look at this stuff with an eye toward what I think is applicable to my interests. There's other stuff that doesn't really do anything for me, but I don't focus on it, nor am I going to argue the merits (or dismerits). I'm going to focus on what I think is worthwhile. I don't expect any opinions to be in lockstep with mine. I ski for fun. Sometimes I ski for money. When I'm paid to help, I will. When I'm not, by and large, I'll keep most of my thoughts...
New Posts  All Forums: