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Just finished Andre Dubus 'Townie'... 
... and at 140#, he might not even be at the min din setting.
Yes, 95 would be fine.
Yes, you'll be fine with 90.
We're kind of blessed with spectacular views in the PNW/Coast Range. Love'em all!
Griffon. Better yet, look for a Rossi/Look FKS/Pivot 12 or 14. The Squire is really an awful design that should go away.... IMHO of course. Sorry Marker.
Niseko is a pretty fantastic place for someone new to powder... lot's of lower angle stuff to dip one's toes in up the learning curve, and there's a good bit of easy/moderate piste to just ski and get things dialed in. 
Fitters often use the ultra thin bridgedale socks for the first round when the liners are brand new. After that, a nice thin sock, not necessarily the uber thin ones, are a good way to go. Not that what I like should dictate your choices, but my favorite socks are the Smartwool race socks. The one issue I have with smartwool though is the heels seem more fragile than other brands like bridgedale, fox river, etc...
 I think Jonathan would make pretty much the same turn in those conditions without poles...  Yer pick'in nits, Rich. 
Higher... minimum 90-100.
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