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  Could just be an uberkrappi season in much of the country for a 112 ski. Really nice skis for sure though. 
 I think you'd be better served by an SG or DH ski.
  ...and I'm pretty sure the WC racers wouldn't ski zipper line like the WC bumpers, not to mention the whole air thing.   But if you take any group of the 1%'ers, they're adaptable and highly trainable. Kit them out with the appropriate gear for the narrative, coach'em up some, and I'm guessing you'd see some very quick improvement. 
  No big deal, but I don't know that I haven't waxed a ski after 4-5 days on snow in my entire 15y.o. ~ current lifetime. I find it relaxing... meditative in fact.    Don't know what to tell you about the edges. I don't think any ski made in any catagory will meet your standards.  Beginners on skis... this happens occasionally, but I haven't had much damage done. So you have a pair of E88's... why not buy a new pair and use them for your training/testing skis, and your...
  Monsieur diablo.... having trouble with the heat, or is the pot simply bickering with the kettle? 
How are the top sheets being mutilated? By your skiing, or others? Edges every 4 days? Really? Unless your racing, something's wrong with your method. No offense here, but a good tune, while not rocket science, is a bit of an art. Tell us more about your procedure. Wax... Base structure's your friend. And aside from that, a fresh hit every 4-5 days on snow... I'm not seeing how that's an issue. Could you take a photo of your skis so we can see more specifically what...
What is it that your doing/teaching that's creating so many problems with ski durability?
Wat whiteroom sed. Neither. I'm hoping the enforcer tail migrates to the wider skis.
There's a trend there somewhere. 
A really underated ski.... another 'death by crappy graphics' candidate.
New Posts  All Forums: