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Us as well... Not many teley lessons going anywhere hot and fast, which is why I went for alpine certs first.
 For learning to telemark, you're better off picking up Paul Parker's 'Free Heel Skiing". For teaching, the PSIA manual... it's not bad... it's a guide. 
Seriously TC, you'll get more mileage from the elbow than the hand... You can have your hands in the 'right' place, but still accomplish very little change in your angulation around your core. Play with it one run when you have a chance.
SJ is demonstrating a masters class in sales! Nicely played!
TC, for giggles, instead of 'reaching' with your hand, try 'dropping' your outside elbow a bit during your pole swing... be careful, not across. The result isn't so much the appearance of 'dropping' the elbow, but leveling them to the snow surface. Rather than feeling the 'pinch' on the outside, this will help you feel the 'stretch' of a strong inside half. Watch this guy:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wop_Zc0x1Sc   And these guys and...
Why not contact our own Josh Matta?
^^^ indeed! ^^^.
Well, at least you're symmetrical. Some good coaching will get you sorted out pretty quickly.
Inclination vs angulation.... You appear to be inclining after the fall line... It's hard to get from 'there' to moving down' the fall line without some sort of body English; shoulder rotation, an 'up' move, etc... And contrary to popular thought, you're stance doesn't appear particularly narrow, but your tips appear to be diverging which tells us you're not effectively balancing on, or moving with, the outside ski. I'm guessing there's a bit of sequential movement in your...
 Except MSRP and MAP haven't changed. (and the Soul Rider, Patron, Helldorado, Fire Arrow 84 EDT, etc...)
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