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One can chose a still from nearly any wc run and 'prove' nearly anything.
LF, rather than 'forward' along the length of the ski, its mass moving 'down' the fall line. Sometimes that's commensurate with 'forward', and just as often, not. In the photo though, make no mistake. There's dorsiflexion and shin contact happening. 'Where' is the arrow in the force vector diagram. But you know this already.
I ski the Vulcans.. No trouble driving most anything. The weight of the BMX would be more of an issue IMHO, but other than Yotei, bc laps don't involve loads of verticle unless youre doing a lot of them. Not many hard snow surfaces in Hokkaido in a typical season, and have toured there in teley gear on a 98 width ski. Getting a pair of one day used tx 97's shortley. If its not totally off limits, take your avy kit and knowledgable partners and hit the valley to the skiers...
Had this discussion a bit the other day for a friend going to Hokkaido. If I could only take one ski to area ski, tour, etc... and deal with every possible condtions I've experienced there myself, I'd think really hard about a Kastle BMX 105 with a tech binding. Two pairs? Maybe a Bodacious mounted alpine and the same touring set up mentioned above. Domestic travel? No new snow in the forecast, Head Titan and/or maybe something more frontside all mountain. Snow? A...
The only people I know who ski on the 193 are a former World Cup DH'er, and a US ski team development team member. As great a ski as the EL Capo was, it's not the right tool for you. At all. Period.
I find the 186 and 182 WRC to be different creatures. And im sure Daniella Carccerelli bends her WRC's better than we bend anything in our closets. No doubt a proper GS ski would be better for gates, but we severely digress.
I had a girlfriend long ago who's mom was a Nazi love child by program and design. Pop was SS, mom deemed genetically 'pure'... the foundations of a 'super aryan' race for the Fuhrer's new world order. My girlfriend seemed quite content with my mutt status. Her mom was a nutter though, always telling about all the good things Hitler did... asking about my heritage, etc.., I'm quite content to be an indiscriminate genetic mess. Nothing above or below a certain latitude,...
Whichever WRC comes with the piston plate.
  Jeeeezez no. Don't pass go, don't collect $200 if you keep frequenting this shop.
Myself, I'm at the far ends of the Blizzard spectrum... WRC and Bodacious.  
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