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Hey all, just wanted to say that I'm going to be logging out of epicski. Many reasons, but nothing worthy of elaboration as it's by and large small beers stuff on the big scheme of things. I will check PM's from time to time if anyone wants to contact me. Anyhow, cheers to all. Some of you I truly hope to have the pleasure to cross paths with in the big 1:1. Cheers, Mark
I think they work fine... Nothing is carved in stone, and there's nothing wrong with asking good questions about it... I'm more a 'wait and think about it' sort. Initially, it seems to provide a nice framework to speak more specifically about 'doing' where as BERPis a great framework for talking about 'seeing'.... I think...
I don't really. Skiing is skiing. You're always welcome to bring what you have to the table so long as it makes conceptual sense, is doable/teachable, and improves outcomes. I've yet to meet a good instructor that doesn't have a few of their own thoughts and opinions... I think one could make an argument that balance is still a skill, and I doubt that it would kill ones teaching ambitions.
Any organization is a only as good as the people in it. IMHO.
I agreed with Phil Ligget's take... It happened to a CG guy largely because he isn't a sprinter. Phil pointed out that he was looking to his left rather than straight down the road. The sprinters at that point are keeping their heads looking at their line of travel.
Balance is now being treated as a 'resultant' rather than it's own separate skill in the new scheme of things.
It's reasonable to expect some new snow most days during January. The upper mountain is above tree line, so you'll get wind affected snow at times. Personally, I don't know of anywhere I've ever skied that one could safely take just their powder boards/ bc touring boards and be fine. And ditto on the avy stuff, glide cracks (the whole mountain is covered with 'sasa' a type of bamboo ground cover that bonds relatively poorly with snow) and a few thermal vents. When I was...
Have to laugh, but when I took my L1 written, the grammar was so poor, I had to ask the proctor to confirm the meaning of 3 different questions... And the subject matter was very easy. I asked them to forgive me, my mom was a school teacher and general grammar nazi.
Would be better than the current exams.
While claiming you can ride as fast as they do.... Can't have both, Josh. You either are, or you aren't. My money's on the latter. And if you don't trust the riding of others, how do you deal with starts? And you said you were a cat 1 MTB guy... So which is it? Cyclocross or MTB? And believe me, everyone knows when there's a euro pro in the start. Even you. Anyhow, time to go... Wasting too much bandwidth on this one.
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