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Imagine a life on a mountain where 2/3-3/4 of the skiers search out and happily ski anything and everything off piste.... You'll find that middle ground you're claiming doesn't exist. Turn tactics are as variable as the terrain, conditions, and ability of the skier.
Then i guess people should just quit and write stuff on the internet about skiing?
  The Ritual is excellent on hard pack... the Soul Rider is your ski though...
It's all about the aspect and elevation. 32-37 at the base, or up top? Even if it's up top, anything north, n.e. facing (which is pretty much all of it if I recall correctly) will probably not see enough sun exposure to go though a freeze thaw cycle. Wind and moisture content also play a roll, so hopefully some local s will chime in shortly. I wouldn't worry about it and just get up there.
Everything listed is MSRP... You could go in many shops today and half the bill now that things are on sale.
Haven't skied the LT, but it has a lighter race plate (making it feel a bit softer), and 20m rather than 21m. Per our local Rossi guy
Ah! That's right! Seems the 182 would be great fun then.
Interesting... Height? weight? I thought the 182 was a great 'tech ski' length for my size, and imagined the 186(?) would probably make a better race ski of skiing a little longer set than a small hill beer league panel slalom. Nothing rhetorical or anything, just always interested in how others respond to a ski and curious how F,M, and A effect our experiences.
If you're a lighter guy, ski them in the 176. It shouldnt really feel like a big stiff hard to turn ski, but they will let you know if your skills aren't making the grade. The Master has the full on race plate which is why it's so much heavier. Lovely lovely ski. Skied the 182 in all sorts of stuff and it just ripped any turn radius.
No, there aren't. And none that ive seen are on SG skis. The point you make is that YOU ski on SG skis. Don't get me wrong as its all good fun amd great by me, but you're a proud stastical outlier.
New Posts  All Forums: