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... to other things and places. I'll be over that Phil's site ( if anyone wants to get a hold of me. Everyone have a good season! Maybe we'll see some of you up at Whistler if I can get a couple days off.
Kook, no one here is advocating a 'wall sit only to the exclusion of all else' off season exercise regime. Speaking only for myself only, they're about the last thing on my to do list. And yes, roller blading and ice skating are great! I think I mentioned skating a few pages ago.
  Well Kook, that's because from about mid Nov to the end of April on snow, I'm intenesly curious about and down right helpful helping people of all ages and all abilities ski better 5-6 days a week.It's my job. In the shoulder season and one day a week during the season itself, I sell hardgoods and fit boots. This time of year, I start watching video again and reading new material/manuals, and re-reading the three or four sources that I find particularly helpful. I'm paid...
Kook, yes or no... do you coach or teach skiing? If so, where and what certifications do you hold?
Nope... I can't even recall, but chances are wall sits, weight lifting, cardio, etc... aren't going to resolve boot fit and ramp issues much other than helping the skier compensate a little longer. That said, as I've always said, exercise is good, even wall sits. So do you coach or teach intermediates to become better skiers? Yes or no? Sincerely curious.   To everyone else, it's great to hear what you've all been doing! 
Pedalling into a.nice headwind today... literally.And good one Kook! I've never once mentioned wall sits in this entire thread, and I have no special thoughts about them one way or the other. And Crystal Mt. might be many things... come out and see for yourself.
The 15-16 has two.
Interesting critique from someone who to the best of anyone's knowledge here doesn't teach or coach skiing. And again, no one is saying that skiers can't/don't benefit from cardio training, both aerobic, anaerobic, and at threshold. The ability to recover is golden.
So all track cyclists are steriod users, and this is why weight training is irrelevant. To that one might add all elite road cyclists blood dope and and shoot epo for breakfast, so aerobic training is irrelevant to skiing. There you go. Very 'plato', horses, zebras and all.
I wasnt really trying to point out the squat per say, just that weight training seems to have a place even in cycling, at least as demostrated by an elite track cyclist. Most rec skiers would benefit hugely from just being able to do planks and plank varients, no gym required. Cardio, strength, flexibility, mobility, range of motion tailored to the desired outcome/need of the individual... Thats the message Im really sorry I've gotten involved in this thread. Im feeling...
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