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  If this thread were on paper, I might be tempted to be an arsonist. 
Would you knock that crap off? Grow up. It's been covered and isn't constructive.
Cohorts? Kook, I'm very ecumenical about all this stuff. Let me repeat. If a skier needs to focus on what's happening with their inside half, fine. If not, that's fine too. Does that work for you?
[[SPOILER]] Now JASP, let's put up a video of Maher, Ingemar, or Gustavo for comparison. Alberto? Sure. Him too. How about Tamera McKinney and Mikaela?. I can find video or individual sequences of WC skiers doing about everything including skiing on one ski at 70 mph. That's the beauty of complete skill sets, strength, and great athleticism. I think you're picking nits just to pick. I'm guessing in reality we're probably not too far apart on what we think are good...
I haven't screamed about anything, Kook. I raced in Central Division. I've been on the hill with Eric Sailer and had friends from his program. I'm guessing I was one of maybe 2 or 3 who even knew Eric was her coach without looking it up. Mr. Sailer's track record is pretty unassailable as is LV's. my advice to you is the same as it was to Razie. Step away from the keyboard for awhile. Take the dog for a walk, make a great meal for friends, make sweet love to your...
Insomnia... sigh. Kook-man, the world isn't as black and white as you'd have me believe. Call me the champion of gray. Sometimes there's a need to focus on the inside ski, or foot, or ankle, or knee, or femur, or.... and sometimes there's not. If you recall, it was me who called Razie out on his Vonn nonsense, and he figured it out. Not that I care much about your obsession with some 'drill', but from what I see with my own eyes from the top of the WC world are two legs...
I only post in fear that someone will actually believe your out standing in you field SG BS... Its no longer 1990. No one other than racers training on a closed course ski SG skis out here. I mean no one. Very few even ski GS skis unless it's just crappy rock hard all day on week day (not weekend) piste, and even then, a cheater or carver is what you're likely to fine. There's just way too much terrain that an SG or even a GS ski isn't very suitable if one has an 85-100mm...
Honest or not, we're on page 58 here and nary a mind has changed. Folks have been talking past each other for about 52 of those. Some fun vids have been posted though.
Never go toe to toe with the Kook unless you have a load of time on your hands... or maybe you're  incarcerated.... and in a straight jacket with thumbs free for typing.
 You've got some great options! Yes, the long E-88 in the 188. In the 98-100mm ski category, the longest length of Mantra (193) and E-100 (190?)... and for the carver, that 184 Nordica Firearrow EDT. 
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