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Don't forget east vs. west.
I'll see if I can get a hold of a friend who still has a pair of 170's... 
Quite heavy from what I recall.
My mistake about SSV
You could do much better in the BC interior... Big White, Sunshine Village, etc...
You might also need/want to change things up skiing 3k of nonstop verticle vs a few hundred feet. But I agree with your comment.
Hey, but dont believe.Greg... Those industry folks will get you... Hmmmm. Does Beyond take appointments?
I think what Jim is saying is that all things being equal, even if there has been some weight loss (the feet don't typically store much fatty tissue) it probably isn't enough to be the primary cause of the OP's boot fit problems. Liners will pack out a great deal more in total percentage than a person's foot is capable of changing through diet and exercise after a 20 lbs weight change. Now 200 lbs, or a pregnancy, and we're probably in different territory, but that's not...
Edge to edge quickness. 
These things aren't carving skis, Bogz. They're pretty soft and have less in the way of contact surface. 
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