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Jimmy, you don't ski at our area. They don't form on our green terrain. It gets rolled daily.
In the end, the best point that the thread brings up is the dearth of beginner bumps on relatively low angle terrain. It's certainly true at our mountain.
I got some skis and boots from a manufacturer this season. It was largely about the boots. Everyone makes a pretty decent ski these days, but I've only got a a couple of boot options.
Lady_S, I read the same and thought it odd. I've made a bunch of posts, but I think there's a big and clear difference between posting frequency and trolling.
You CAN find a 105 somewhere via the Internet. A ski that is too short isn't saving you a penny. Here's my 10 second search result:http://www.alpinesportinggoods.com/line-influence-105-skis-2013.html?gclid=CKP-37_59r0CFU5ufgodeHsAmA#.U1ffo8u9KSM
If the shoe fits...http://psychcentral.com/disorders/narcissistic-personality-disorder-symptoms/
Josh, what's your problem? Did your daddy make you feel bad when you were little? Did the other kids bully you because you were chubby? Relax man. It's ONLY skiing. You're NOT curing cancer.
Josh, what I can't for the life of me figure out is why in hell you have the incessent need to be 'right' and 'best' all the time. Grow up, bud. The world spins just fine without all your narcissistic 'win'. Bottom line, if someone doesn't want to do something, why do you care? Its their choice even if its largely mental rather than physical. Its about them.. not you. Imagine that.
I know one of the ski mag testers. Former USST member.. said she'd be mighty happy to find a pair on her doorstep. :)
And the answer to your powder ski question for me is 'no'... my fat skis are taller than I am. Only my piste ski is shorter, and my all mountain ski is an inch shy of the top of my head. Teley ride, AT ride, and GS skis are all longer.
New Posts  All Forums: