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Indeed. A brutal finish.  I'm going with 3 - 1 USA  in the final and a ball control blow out. Scoring monkey is off the USA's back, and there's a bone to pick. I hope they play angry and just kick Japan's butt.  乾杯!  
I honestly don't know amyone who skis the 196 Bodacious. Arne's dad skis one of his old pairs... 186. Id love to try em though. For $60? Why not?
Disciplined upper body, feet travelling a longer line than the CoM, keeping the BoS between the CoM and forces generated... Timing, rhythm, moving one's mass down the fall line in balance... it's all a variation of the same theme. :)  If you're ever out this way, come ski some steeps with us!  OK... work to do... I'm really out... promise.... I think. 
OK.. one very small post. BTS, speaking only for myself, when I look at ALL skiing, there are certain common movement patterns. The differences are more due to tactical considerations. Nothing I've posted regarding steep skiing is anything other than a look at objectively 'seeing' regardless of what our personal interests are  or about the typical terrain. Mine change by the day according to conditions, what I'm up for, or what I'm working on. Yes, I'm a 'relax and tip'...
 I agree... the general tone of things has hit it's summertime low early on this year. There's a caustic mix of personalities and egos that make reasonable/reasoned discourse difficult at best. Sort of like mixing all the colors and making a big batch of poop brown. Skiing is big. It comes in many forms and disciplines.  Last I looked, it's recreation. It's all for FUN and most certainly not a cure for cancer. Time for a break. Maybe we'll see everyone in the fall or early...
 Bogs, no ropes this season. The ski world in N. America is much bigger than Epicski. Have a look at ' http://www.turns-all-year.com "  This is a big part of the reality of skiing in our region as well. We area ski, we tour....  I spent several years skiing in the bc of the north alps of Japan. Lot's of steep stuff...   I suppose those years are by your definition of 'once in a lifetime'. I've also toured in Europe, and yes, skied steep cutes there, though geologically not...
Bogs, it's pretty clear you have a good piste background. That's great, but don't dump us all into the limits of what you image others do or enjoy. Why? Because it's silly. And if can't see the common foundations of great skiing across disciplines, I don't know what to say other than there's myopia in your utopia.
I think you have too much time on your hands. No one is going to spend two days in a car. They're going to carry their boots on the plane over their should without a bag. Don't over think this. Go tune some skis instead.(Just curious, who's going to pay for that 'top shelf replacement' that the airline shipped to ABQ? The airline won't unless they flat out lose them. )
And more really nice free skiing with accessable skills... only two or three cliffs. I've linked this before in other threads... sorry for the repeat, but it seemed appropriate.    
Bounce... for a good read by a female author, try 'The Orchardist' by Amanda Coplin. 
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