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My general teaching ski is a Head Rev 85 pro... I've skied a fair amount on the Titan and passed my PSIA L3 on them and still teach on them from time to time. My choice of the Titan is because of my size and the general off piste condtions we ski around here (PNW). The rally is a great all around carver that works really well for guys your size.FWIW, next season I'll ski on a Head Monster 88 (184) and most likely a Rebels iSpeed (180). I'll still have the Titans, and the...
Doesn't really matter what works for us, only what the OP needs. Chances are you're heavier than she is as well, and your BSL is still considerably longer than hers.
Head Rally would be near the top of the list.
Bogz, I think you're a bit, possibly quite a bit, disconnected from the realities of the ski industry as a whole, and the differences regional situations to a good degree as well. Highly paid HR departments? Not so much. Other than owners and a few GM's, very very few in N. America make anywhere near the money you're imagining. If you can afford to, spend a couple seasons full time in the area of your choice. I'm guessing you might go from zero to 60 pretty quickly.
  Chose the right length, and you'll be fine... probably 177/178 range for all of the above for your size and weight.
Like a broken record, monster 83 or 88, MX 89. RTM 84 or 86.
 Indeed, the stock power strap isn't very good. IMHO, the only stock strap that's worth keeping is the Head RS 140/B2/B3/Vector 130 strap that's in fact made/licensed by booster. 
  You think? 
 For you, they might be soft. For others, they might be stiff. There's a bit of leeway in the whole F=MA thing last I looked.
Long, slow, distance.
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