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Looked at these a tonLove'em! Much more useful than the PSIA giddy.
... and that's why they fail. I passed when I stopped thinking about what o thought ' they' wanted and focused on what I thought good skiing is/was. This also goes along with advice from nat'l team folks who talk about taking ownership of the process.
Experience 100. Done.
'Prescribe' is the word that I'm having trouble with.
So what about the commonalities between high end skiing (Harb, PSIA, CSIA, USSA, etc... etc.... )that you're not acknowledging, yet are in many of our conversations at work? This is what I look for. It's why I linked the 'Lorrainne' vid. Why am I encouraged locally by colleagues to do USSA coaching clinics if it might hurt my 'PSIA' final form? Why wasn't I given an earful for sharing a demo from a friend in Japan (that he had probably gotten in Norway)? Isn't insisting...
An yet he looks nothing like a WC skier free skiing. (Just poking the bear with a stick. )
And Dave Lyon? He has a race background and long involvement in race coaching, no? In the end, I see commonalities in most high end skiing even across national borders. Their are divergences as well. CSIA has some interesting vid of their guys skiing with the Koreans. The bigger question might be is PSIA pedogically outcome driven, i.e., teaching, or is it more ski driven as one might assume to be the case with associations that are more directly tied to their national...
Odd that the upper level PSIA guys and gals I know also look to a lot of different sources for information/inspiration as well. I don't know that some other associations would dig that all too much. And again, how do you define 'style' given that both Rogan and Eric Lipton offer such divergent images?
Well JASP, considering that my most valuable technical ski education came from USSA racing and the CSIA, I hardly consider myself a schill for PSIA. Matter of fact, I had to resolve exactly the same issues that TPJ talked about after skiing pretty much exclusively off piste and BC on telemark gear for 12+ seasons. I look at PSIA as just another perspective along the bigger, broader way.
OK... I'm going to post. If there's a singular PSIA 'style', why is it that I can look up the hill and clearly tell the difference and identify every DCL level instructor, L3 trainer, SSD, and TD at our mountain? Why can I see our region's tech team coach up the hill and know it's him? I don't buy the style thing, at least as PNW and even the nat'l team is concerned. Here are some vids of national demo team members. Why is it easy to identify Eric Lipton from Jonathan...
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