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Again, the video isn't of me or mine, just one from youtube that shows something we ski. And again, ill happily ski this when softer, but no desire to ski it in those conditions.
No one carves extremely steep off piste terrain. one might generally ski it tip to tail vs. skidding, but come on out. Bring whatever ski you want and 'carve it up'. Here's where I'll take you. No idea who this, but it gives you a good idea of the local hill when the conditions are pretty crappy. Honestly, I have no interest in skiing the King on refrozen crap days.
great ski. I'm ending up on an Nrgy 100 for my middle ski, but the E100 is still my favorite of the 98/100 lot.... except for the MX 98, but that's not going to happen unless the economics of the choice become more favorable.
I know people who post on TGR. About half can actually make a trench. The other half thinks they can.
I'm all for fat skis, but saying the whole system and 'style' and older school skis is silly. None of the 80-88mm skis used where 'old school'. The sweet spot for versatility and precision for the exam seems to be 85-88 underfoot and about a 15-16m turn radius. A FIS GS wouldn't be the tool of choice either. Everyone I know who passed also own new fangled 'new school' phat skis, an yes, we even teach on them when appropriate. The exam is not all tip and rip by any means. I...
No, because I know what it takes to be an excellent teacher. Many teachers get Ed degrees, etc.... Bbut aren't particularly talented. But I do know that a fabulous design teacher might not make the most effect chemistry prof, pin or not. A great teacher in any case, knows very well what they don't know. Put me in front of a bunch of college undergrads or even HS students in my field, and I'm fine. A room full of kindergarteners, not so much.
If I have time and schedules align, I'd love to do L100 and maybe even 200 in the future. I have no doubt that having done the PSIA thing, TAJ, and USSA long ago, will all certainly help. It's all just more tools in the box.
I don't know really. I don't know the athletes and their backgrounds vis a vis any and all teaching/public speaking/other relevant experience they might have (or not). I do know there are some L3 passes that one might consider marginal, or the proverbial not to standard grizzled oldster, and yes, maybe that should make me feel like my pin is worth less, but they don't . In the end, I know what I know about doing the job at hand. No more, no less. From my perspective, I...
I have no doubt Mikaela's are as good if not better than pretty much anyone on the planet. Every drill I've seen her doing on video is the definition of superlative. I looked at them a lot prepping for L3.
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