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Yes. That will solve everything. (Many manufactures/retailers already have this on the websites... FWIW)
And have a look at the Head Great Joy. 98 underfoot. Well mannered, nice on piste for a western skier... yes, I've skied them.
Ghost, you're talking to hear the sound of your own voice. Its not about YOUR cup of tea. Knock it off for pete's sake. You havent skied the new RTM. Phil has. I have. Hopefully the OP can parse the poop from the shinola.
Butt, have you skied the 15-16 rtm?
Just needs a time animation is all.
Isn't this sort of all covered in the 'skills blending' diagrams in the manuals? Guess I'm not very smart, but it seems we're trying to re-author the wheel. I suppose you could make a pretty cool animation of those diagrams to post next to slow motion clips of different turns by different skiers in different positions to diagram them in the 4th dimension. That'd be an interesting graphic worthy of Tufte.
I wouldn't accuse the F/A of being an amazingly versatile ski, that's for sure, and agree whole heartedly about the Monster vs. the Brahma. Try the 108's... It's a good one.
As usual, recommendations like those you mention are about what a particular person likes and has little to nothing to do with someone else's narrative. 'If it's good for me, it's good for you.' Yeah. Not so much, Stan. Sorry for the tough critique.
I suppose when the average male weighs 120-135 lbs.
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