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All drills all the time makes Jack ( or anyone else) a dull boy. 
I'm guessing a little more snow on the landing would have helped. The coefficient of friction on pavement is problematic.
@segbrown, you'll laugh. When I got back to N.A. from Japan, I couldn't believe how rough everything was at the local resorts off piste. Over there, it was like skiing velvet... incredibly easy, low calorie... just fast fast surfy cruising everywhere. Typically, after things got mildly tracked out, everyone just skied else where so things never really bumped up on ungroomed terrain that much. Nothing like compared to here, but that was all back before Japan was on the...
Bode is racing... trying to take the fastest sustainable line and make the turns required, nothing more. If we rec skiers want speed, it's much easier. Just don't turn.  
Skiing is anything but a sport of 'absolutes'. The more we look for them, the sillier we get.
I find it works well in off piste crud on my carving skis as well.
I figure I know as much German as he does, and I'm not a German speaker.
I came to that same conclusion as well.
Funny! I wonder how I'd adapt to the bike. Is it like sailing with a wheel vs. a tiller? Or driving a right hand drive car vs. a left? It seems like one could learn to adapt fairly seemlessly to both a 'normal' bike, and a counter steered bike. I have no idea though, but would love to try it! 
Smooth surface vs fresh over bumped out.
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