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I don't know any skis that are sold in 3cm increments, so there are bound to be some difference if we're talking different skis.
And another one...    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect
... and look where he's looking! Down the hill into the future.
Plenty of older 8-9 speed era cranksets out there floating around.
So a minimum of new shifters, cogset, chain, and rear derailleur. Might as well rebuild the wheelset while you're at it. :)   Just an example. I'm sure there are other deals out there:   https://www.coloradocyclist.com/shimano-ultegra-6800-5-piece-groupset
... or $6 Leki baskets.
At a certain point, it's a money question. Is the frame worth the effort? I'm in the same boat thinking about upgrading a classic frame (Tommasini El OS) from 8 to the latest. New shifters, dérailleurs, cogset, chain, possibly replacing crank chainrings... It's like souping up a classic car.
I've done a lot of that, particularly 3 and 4 seasons ago... Lots of clinicing with our SSD, and working with a highly recommended fitter. Had to get the feet/boots sorted out. I started alpine skiing again 5 seasons ago after 12 of telemarking exclusively as part of recovering from a serious illness. I worked a good deal in the gym over each summer to rebuild overall strength, fitness, and stamina. This also helped physical alignment. These were all willful choices, as...
I'm not sure... That radio article I linked seems even more important as it addresses the mental aspect of things. Where there's no will, there's no way.
I wouldn't pay it much mind. Oh, and here's a link to the Ted Talk..." In that moment, my view of success and creativity changed. I realized that success is a moment, but what we're always celebrating is creativity and mastery. But this is the thing: What gets us to convert success into mastery? This is a question I've long asked myself. I think it comes when we start to value the gift of a near win." http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_lewis_embrace_the_near_win
New Posts  All Forums: