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Dialed in now... Chips fallen, favors called in, wheels and deals done... A 185 Nrgy 100 will be the 98-100mm ski this season.
Ahhh! Didn't catch that.
  Sounds like someone's passing along their shop deal to someone at a profit.
Phil, do you have Vagabond for him?
Yes, and I'm sure you could coach a Super Bowl team as well.Let's not mistake fantasy leagues for reality. In fact, most of us are bush.
You're light, but relatively tall, so you have a long lever arm working in your favor. There are a bunch of skis out there that will work for you in the right length, men's or women's. You're too heavy for jr skis. Off piste, look at the Fischer Ranger series. Piste and mixed use, look at the Head Rev skis or something like a Dynastar Powertrack 89, the Salomon Q85,90,98,105, and some of the atomic skis. Piste skis, the Head Supershape Rally. All mountain twin, a 177...
I've coached a number of kids on the jr. goats... Nice little sticks and well made. Again, there are some (what appear to be) great jr ski offerings this year. I think many commenting in this thread aren't up to date on current product.
This is NOT PSIA, it's USSA. There isn't a list of 'how to's' because the assumption is that each athlete has there own particular issues, both physical and cognitive, and how to work through them with their individual coaches to achieve their performance goals.. Yeah, Sasha Rearick is a shitty coach and we could all do better. .
No love for the Ethan Too or the new Blizzard/Nordica ski? Just curious. I thought this year was kind of a breakthrough for jr. skis. Seriously, I'd love to hear your thoughts. It'd even be worth an article.
With respect, you're not one who seems to be full of much cheer for others' ideas and thoughts about skiing. While we know much about what you dont like, I'm trying to get a bead on any individual/coach/writing etc... that you do.
New Posts  All Forums: