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A Blaze of Glory
Comfortably ski double blacks at Big Sky.
No doubt a bad snow year. However I would guess you wouldn't of logged your most memorable trip at Jackson this year either. The only way I could possibly imagined gashing your skis last year would of been on something that is always wind blown.
The run is Silver Knife. I use Lone Mountain Sports. If you do your rentals there is coupon online at there web site. I enjoy The Cabin as well.
On the location Moonlight, Village etc. if parking you can be some distance from the village, there is a shuttle. Madison is a possibility, never done it not sure if there is ski rental there howevere the parking lot is right there small walk. If you have rentals and tickets bought I like the Pony Express. There are no services there, your very close to the lift, ride Pony Express ski down to Iron Horse and your off. fast lane to Village or ski the Moonlight side.
Your timing might be good. Snow in the forecast Sunday. I have done the Lone Mountain Sliegh dinner. It was fun.
MT got by pretty good in this thread Sibhusky.
For got to mention. It is not my thing but my grandkids were thrilled with all the terrain parks.
Had a family gathering at BS over the holidays 14/15. My home mountain so I am biased. We had a great time. If I remember correctly there was like 3500 acres open. Skied off the tram.It did get cold. So far the coldest of the year. We rented a house in Powder Ridge. I would recommend with a big group, upto 12. Ski in/out, once you figure out the right trails very convenient. They book early that time of year. I personally think possibly because of the size the snow gets...
Thanks for the reply's. I will put more focus on these things.
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