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Hope your choice was Big Sky. Great Year.
Ok Jim. Where is the garden of Eden?
Oh by the way. Telluride is unbelievable pretty. In the evening on the gondola coming from Mt. Village to Telluride reminds me of Mary Popens above town. Great memories. You would love it.
I would do the Telluride option. Telluride's snow is not this good this time of year very often.
I am looking for a boot fitter recommendation in SW Montana. Missoula or Bozeman. I would like to try Salamon as from what I have read people with similar feet have had good results. My previous boots were Salamon as well. Thanks
Pete. I am sorry this happened to you. However seize the moment. You surely have thought what it would be like living where you could enjoy the area. Now is your chance. Whether you set up the opportunity to do it after your sons graduation or do it now. Just do it. I have recently moved from Omaha to Butte,MT. It took us 10 years to get it set up the way we wanted it. When I drive around town or up to the mountains to check out a trailhead. I have to pinch myself. You...
Marznc. The high end clinics you referred to. Is Bumps For Boomers a clinic you would recommmend?
Thanks for all the pointers. I wasn't aware on the local programs. Big Sky, Bridger and Discovery all have them, great idea. I have already talked to Ski In Jackson about boots. My skis from before we're the early shaped skis. Have skis become a lot more forgiving since then?
So I have been 12 years without skiing. Next year I am going to start down the path to being the best I can. I am 58 and in reasonably good shape. Ok I know how to get in good shape. I will be able to dedicate the entire season to getting better. No obligations. I will be living 1 hour from Discovery ski, and 2 hours to Big Sky. Will have 2 weeks at Telluride. I had always thought to do about 30 minutes a day of coach Rick's skiing exercises. And possibly a instruction...
Hey Sibhusky. Is climbing that much in Glacier called high intensity interval training? Considering the bear encounters. LOL
New Posts  All Forums: