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I would go with what Steve just said. As a season pass holder I am biased but has been confirmed to many times.
So is the plan to be able to ski next year Bob? Good luck with your recovery. I have a fusion in my neck and other than inability to ride a bike for very long have had great results.
Got over 60 days in,so far. The snow is still getting better. Very close to skiing the fall line on double blacks. A very good year.
I don't think so Sibhusky. I heard the same thing multiple times on the lift.
Thanks Steve. Good information. Could of used the bubble and heated seats this year when the triple took me 45 minutes due to wind.
http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/missing-skier-found-dead-near-big-sky/article_3a795316-2bff-51cb-8b2b-02a7f62f86c4.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share Add Big Sky to list of tragedy.
I hope the new snow is dense. I would love to ski Marx again, but refuse as long as the top is that rocky and Yeti traverse creates the most anxiety on the mountain.
If you ski BS regularly and pick the days to go up on the Tram you can minimize your damage a lot. But you have to give up some good days in order to do it. Marx and the Gullies has been good but getting to them has been the problem.
The lot at Moonlight Lodge is not open to the public until late in the afternoon. If you have tickets and skis, the least walking is from the pony express chair in Moonlight. I haven't been there this year but assume it is still available. Walk a couple hundred yards get on pony express from there you can ski down to Iron Horse and then take fast lane to the village or ski Moonlight side. Madison basin is another option. Six Shooter and off you go.
Curious. When you say you think the triple chair will be repositioned. Are meaning where you load onto the chair or unload?
New Posts  All Forums: