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Code:As Drew said good skiing in March. The storms can vary as they can anytime I guess but if they are colder you can have deep and soft. Sometimes the later in the year storms can give you a little heavier snow. I have never skied there but I still don't think they qualify as Pacific cement.
I feel that groomed runs in the bowl stinks. When they would groom the bottom part it would really limit the desirable skiing for the no groomer crowd. You would then have to take the turkey traverse and the further you go the shorter your run is going to be.It would get more use of the six pack.
Just to get you a little more pumped Panda. I skied 60 days at BS last year. Favorite run is Marx (tram). Mid January was the best time to go there. The tram line was often non existent and the snow was just as good as the 1 hour waits in March. Enjoy
I have no idea about 400 inches. But what I can tell is the difference between that snow plot and up the mountain is a lot. Depending on the direction the storm comes from. If the storm comes from the west Marx run can be as much as double the depth.
^^^^^^^^^^^ Hopefully we have a banner year so you truly enjoy everything BS has to offer.
oThat would be a big addition. Laguna Beach Montage is top shelf. I will have to drive over and look the next time I am there.
Steve I heard last fall that the activity at the base of Lewis & Clark lift was preparation for the possibility of a hotel there, with a decision to be made this summer. Any word or rumors on that?
I would go with what Steve just said. As a season pass holder I am biased but has been confirmed to many times.
So is the plan to be able to ski next year Bob? Good luck with your recovery. I have a fusion in my neck and other than inability to ride a bike for very long have had great results.
Got over 60 days in,so far. The snow is still getting better. Very close to skiing the fall line on double blacks. A very good year.
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