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What is your weight, height? That will effect choice.   Well, first off  if price is a major concern what price range are we looking at? Second, finding locals looking to sell their year or two lightly used skis is a good move. That and demoing as many skis as possible. I would suspect you'd enjoy blizzard magnum 8.1's in 179cm, head john skis in 181~187 or mojo94  stable at speed yet wide. Handling chop and variable conditions yet hold on ice seem good.   Also keep...
Hey, congrats on deciding to keep the mojo 94's around, good ski and understated graphics for all over the mtn. Those K2's do make  that head mojo 181cm? look a bit small heh.
Hello, I have to say the worst advice was to ski on the stiffest shortest skis,as all mtn one ski quiver skis. Sure they aren't bad for ice..very good actually, throw in some soft snow, some chop and piles of man made snow half melted and you risk getting hurt. Having a ski that suits your skiing style is my preference.
My first thoughts are the Head John 94, can be had cheap new..tho your best bet is demo everything in 84~90'smm or perhaps fatter. This will be your fat ski in your quiver or main one ski? Also, what  location do you usually ski east~west,Canada etc? Anyways, welcome to the forum :)
 Head mojo 90's $100? seems a steal if in decent condition.
 Happy Birthday Philpug, best of wishes to you and your family..and your new skis, may they ski in the deepest fluffy powder ever
Nope, not super-carving least he's not straight lining and crashing into someone else
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